How to play casino games for real money

Playing casino games for real money is one of the most entertaining activities in the whole world, that can bring tons of adrenaline and joy. At the same time, it’s a responsible task. You have to choose casino and games carefully and think about your strategy. This allows to increase your chances for a win and have as much fun from the gaming process as possible.

How to choose the online casino

Nowadays there are many online casinos on the Internet. It’s a market of great popularity, even though it’s not very legal. The choice is so big you can lose yourself, so why not use our help to find real money casino play? Let’s see what you have to consider when choosing a reliable and honest resource.

Firstly, read the reviews of various casinos on information portals. There are many resources and forums, where you can see objective ratings and opinions of players. It’s easy to understand the objectivity of the feedback post – the text has to have information both on advantages and disadvantages of this casino. If there’s nothing wrong with this site, according to the review, then this review might have been ordered by not very honest casino owners.

Secondly, pay attention to website’s design. The gamehas to load fast, and its interface has to be pleasant for the eyes. Easy understanding and convenient navigation are signs of a qualitative resource. If you’re playing in day time, then you’ll like websites with bright design. Black design is perfect for you if you play at night. So the convenience of the gaming process depends on website’s design.

Thirdly: The casino’s interface has to have a version on your native language. This will help you to navigate the site without much effort and understand all the important information, starting from license and ending with responsible gaming information.

And finally: see what information does the online casino website has, aside from play for money in casino games. A good and reliable resource must contain the next data:

  • license;
  • owners or operators of the casino;
  • contacts;
  • support team;
  • rules and conditions;
  • privacy and responsible gaming;
  • FAQ.

The most reliable licenses are those that were given by Antigua, Isle of Man, Malta or Great Britain.

Ready for playing for real money? Go and choose yourself a casino from the best casino sites list.

How to choose a game

The correct choice of the game will bring you more fun while you’re spending your time playing in online casino. The good thing about Internet casinos is that they allow to try out many various games in the free mode.

Free mode will allow you to understand the game rules or slot machine features better and then to start play for money in online casino. You can understand if the game suits you or not by playing the free version of the game; also it allows you to get a certain set of skills and increase your chances for a win.

So, all casino games can be divided into several main categories. Some of those games are part of more than one category at the same time, but it’s no mistake: there are many variations of games, and each allows you to win a great prize.

There are four main categories of casino games:

  • games with low casino win percentage
  • games with big prizes and jackpots
  • games that require a skill
  • easy-to-understand games.

Games with low casino win percentage

In theory it means that money will stay in your bankroll for longer time, since the casino wins rarer than in other games. Bankroll is the amount of money that has entered the game and which you use for the gaem.

List of games, where casino advantage can be lowered down to 1%:

  • blackjack;
  • videopoker;
  • European roulette;
  • craps;
  • baccarat.

This 1% can only be reached if you know the game rules well enough and use a reliable strategy.

Games with big prizes and jackpots

Those games are really risky, but the chances for winning a great prize in them are quite high. The money you can win in such games are usually bigger than your bet in many times.

Some of those games do not require any skills; others, however, can bring you a good prize when you play on real money casino only if you’re an experienced player and understand the rules, strategies and other features well enough. Games which don’t require special skills:

  • Slot machines;
  • Roulette;
  • Caribbean Stud Poker;
  • Hold’em Poker;
  • Let It Ride Poker;
  • Video Poker;
  • Sic-Bo;
  • Keno.

Games that require skills

This list contains several most popular casino games. Some of them are pretty easy to understand, but this won’t guarantee an easy win. To casino play for real money, you have to possess a certain skill set, that can be achieved only after practice and meticulous study of the game.

  • Blackjack;
  • videopoker;
  • Caribbean Stud Poker;
  • Hold’em Poker;
  • Let It Ride Poker;
  • Pai Gow Poker.

Easy-to-understand games

Most of the gambling games have pretty easy for understanding rules. Here is the list of the easiest ones to understand games:

  • slot machines;
  • blackjack;
  • roulette;
  • baccarat;
  • keno;
  • three card poker.

How to choose the slot machine

Slot machine are the separate topic. It’s one of the most popular entertainments in the casino. Slots can bring their owners more than 70% of revenue. The slot machine can bring a great prize and it doesn’t require any skill for playing it. Despite that, the process of choosing the slot has its own nuances, too.

Nowadays gambling market is blooming with great products. The players are offered a great choice of various slots. They can seem the same from visual impression, but in truth each one of them has its own features.

Online slot machines can be divided into several types, depending on different criteria. If the factor of playing with real money in casino is what’s important for you, then the categories are as follows:

  • progressive slots – slots with progressive jackpots;
  • slots with high volatility or variance;
  • slots with low volatility;
  • slots with high RTP percent;
  • slots with low RTP percent.

To choose a slot that will definitely fit your preferences, you should read reviews on information portals and feedback from players. Just as when you’re choosing a casino, pay attention to objectivity and details of such reviews. A good text will give you detailed characteristics of slots, allowing to understand its advantages and disadvantages.

There are short characteristics of slot machines categories:

Progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpot grows thanks to percent received from each bet of the player. For some time, it keeps progressing – and sometimes it takes quite a while. Famous Lion's Share slot kept jackpot growing for 20 years before giving it out to lucky winners. The most popular progressive online slotы Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune, which you can play for money casino can give jackpots of several millions quite often.


Volatility or variance is a slot’s characteristic that shows a level of risk. There are high, middle and low volatility:

  • low variance – frequent and small wins, stable bankroll;
  • high variance – long loss periods between great prizes.

Good examples of slots with high variance are those that were made by Novomatic slot developer. Slots from Net Ent, on the contrary, have a low volatility.

Slots with low variance should be used when you don’t have much money, or you want to enjoy the gaming process more than you want to win. And, accordingly, emulators with high volatility are good for those who prefers to risk a big bankroll for a bigger prize.

Return to player (RTP) percent is different from volatility. This parameter shows how much play money from casino slots the player gets back when he wins. For example, RTP 97% means that player gets back 97 game coins from 100 wasted. Net Ent slots are known for having high RTP percentages.

Deposits and withdrawals of money

An important moment of playing in casino for real money is the system of monetary operations. Each casino has its own nuances. Good and reliable resources provide their clients with:

  • several dozens of payment systems;
  • protection of finance bills;
  • protection of personal and financial information.
  • honest payments.
  • the process of registration, deposit and withdrawal of the cash is described in the casino rules.

Pay attention to next features:

  • presence of casino bonuses. Casinos can offer 100-200% of bonus for first deposits, and the system of bonuses for all following regular deposits. Also there are cashback bonuses, when the players can get some of their online play money casino back, if they have too little money on their account;
  • bonus conditions. Bonuses are usually given on the certain conditions, called wager. Wager asks to make a certain amount of bets with the use of bonus money. Read the bonus conditions, located in the information section of casino website carefully.
  • characteristics of money withdrawal. Some casinos only allow to get the money out via the same payment system that the deposit was made through.


A good and responsible game means meticulous approach. Read reviews and feedback at reliable information portals. Choose a game wisely, depending on your skills and preferences. Put limits on time and money to be wasted. Then and only then the gambling activities will bring you joy. Good luck!

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