Bonuses in online casinos and slot machines

Bonuses in online casinos is one of the most interesting aspects in gambling industry, which attracts new players and keeps registered ones by offering new possibilities and new conditions for games, stakes and deposits. The possibility to play online slots with free bonus or to place a bet in card game at casino's cost increases player's interest in gambling offers of casino.

Bonuses in online casinos

On the one hand, bonus offer is the clever marketing step, it promises possibility to play and win for free. It is obviously pleasant and interesting for players; they spin the wheels or play poker without wasting a single cent. On the other hand, each bonus works differently, according to certain rules and specific conditions and it technically doesn't shift advantage towards player's side.

Nevertheless, you shouldn't think that the bonus isn't beneficial for the player or that it exists to deceive him. The advantage of bonus offer depends just on your luck and the game itself. For example, the bonus in online slot machines free with bonuses (when the player can play on the video slot at the expense of casino, making free rotations), may or may not bring essential prizes to your deposit. The bonus itself offers an opportunity. But the outcome of a game doesn't depend on availability or lack of this opportunity.

In our article we will make a review of all possible online slots bonuses, we will tell how they work and attract users of online casino.

Types of bonuses in online casino

All types of bonus offers in online casino can be divided into two types which, may be also divided into several subtypes. As to speak about the basic principle of bonuses division into groups, we can outline cash and game bonus.

Cash (difficult ones) are those which give the possibility to play free slot machines with bonuses online for the virtual money provided to the game account by casino. We can distinguish between:

  • Non deposit bonuses;
  • Deposit bonuses;
  • Game (simple) bonuses presuppose additional gaming possibilities which do not require any transactions from the player or casino. Such bonuses are relevant just to the gaming process itself. They are:
  • Free spins and free slot machine games with bonuses;
  • Gaming time extension;
  • Doubling of a prize for the first successful stake;
  • An opportunity to test a demo version without withdrawing money and prizes from the account (preview of the game).

Each of above-mentioned bonuses gives the opportunity to save player's deposit money and play game without risk. Some of them are capable to greatly increase the amount on player's balance. Some of them just help to get acquainted with the principles and mechanics of a game before beginning a real game on money. To deal with function of every bonus let's examine their principles and possibilities separately.

Simple bonuses

Why do we need simple bonuses? How do they work? What is the benefit for the player when casino offers him demo games, free spins or free games? You may not see the advantages from the first sight. But if you examine them in detail using free slot machines bonuses as an example in won’t be difficult to find out the profits of game bonuses.

  1. Free play

    Free play is the possibility to play video slot without money withdrawal limited amount of time. This offer is available for all slots online casino bonus, but also it may occur in other games. Casino provides players with game pieces and gambler may use them within particular time frames. When this time comes to an end "free" chips will be removed from balance. Nevertheless, the player can continue playing using already won credits.

    The main peculiarity of free plays is that during a game in free slot machines with bonuses you can win particular sum, which you may use later and play for free. There will be no money withdrawal but bonuses will be placed on your account.

  2. Free spins

    The system of the bonuses, which offers free spins is in a way similar to the free play system. But there is a list of differences. In the free game you have limits in time and money. Free spins do not have time limitations but do have quantity limitations. During free rotations in online slots free bonus stake is made at casino's cost and all winning combinations will give prizes to the player, which he can place on deposit or use to continue the game.

    You shouldn't confuse free spins in casino and in game mechanics of any video slot. If free rotations presuppose availability of multipliers or dropping out the additional symbols (depending on the slot machine and its rules), then player can use bonus rotations from casino in an ordinary game without activation of bonuses.

  3. Double win

    An opportunity to double a prize for a bet is available in online casino card games and roulette. Such possibility is offered for a particular stake (first, a few of the first stakes, tenth, fiftieth, 100-th). There is no guarantee to win here. When player wins here he gets double prize. If he loses he may want to win his money back, that motivates to bet one more time, in simple words to continue playing.

    The doubling of a prize on the particular rate also motivates players. Users continue playing, striving to get specific bonus; that is very profitable for casino. Anyway, this bonus can't also be considered as a trick. When player really manages to win on this bonus stake, he definitely gets his double payment.

  4. Access to demo versions

    A lot of players who visit casino for the first time have a vague idea of game process mechanics. For example, those, who never played video slots, or much more complicated games as poker or a blackjack before. The bonus offer gives an access to training versions of gambling games, for example all slots free bonus give the opportunity to get acquainted with main rules of the game without any risk.

    It is also possible to play online poker, roulette and other gambling games in such way. Player needs to understand the principles of the game, system of rates and their rules. Even if user has a certain theoretical background, an access to demo versions will allow him to use this knowledge in practice and have a look at the game itself.

Difficult bonuses

Cash bonuses in any way deal with player's account. They are divided into two groups, depending on the principle of placement:

  • Non deposit bonuses don't presuppose account replenishment or an expending money from player's account. Most often such bonuses are given for registration or friend invitation to casino.
  • Deposit bonuses are charged taking into account any manipulations with game balance of the user. They can be given for account replenishment, for a game on a certain amount and other actions with transactions. There are also cashback bonuses.

Further we will examine each group of bonuses. For what do players get offers? Are they profitable to players? Is there an opportunity to accept or refuse from any bonus?

Non deposit bonuses, how do they work

Non deposit bonuses are given to the player as virtual money or free spins for account registration in online casino. These bonuses, theoretically, give a chance to play free of charge and win real money without risks for player's budget. Initial bonuses allow to begin a game at casino's cost.

The main casino's aim here is to attract player to the games on the website. Operators of gambling companies think that player will place money on deposit after having used his bonuses. Besides, gamblers, who accepted a welcome bonus will receive mails with further offers in the future.

There are certainly hidden traps here. You can’t withdraw money that you won with the help of bonuses. You can withdraw only those prizes you got with the help of rates from deposit account. If you want to take bonus money from the account, you'll have to place a certain sum on it and win back this bonus taking wager into consideration.

Deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses are offered for account replenishment, and for the operations performed with deposit funds. It is that sum which is charged over the money placed on balance and is often viewed as a percentage. The more money you put to the account, the more the deposit bonus will be.

There are such deposit bonuses as:

  • a bonus for first deposit;
  • a bonus for the following deposits;
  • reload;
  • high roller;
  • additional free spins;
  • bonuses for the use of certain payment systems and others.

It is important to remember that after the first stake with bonus money it won't be possible to withdraw funds until they aren't won back with wages. 


Cashback may be the pleasant offer during the game in online casino. The name of this bonus explains its essence. Money spent on stakes are returned back to deposit. It is obvious that not the whole sum is returned, just a certain per cent. When player is active, places bets frequently, invests more money to the casino that means that the per cent of the returned money is bigger. It is considered to be a consolation prize.

On the one hand it is profitable to the player. The user feels protected, he understands that he'll get a part of lost money. On the other hand, casino also has its benefit, while aiming to raise a percentage indicator of a cashback, player places more bets, he becomes more active because he understands that in case of losing he'll receive a part of the sum back.

What is wager? Hidden traps of the bonuses

For more detailed examination of bonuses' work we should deal with basic notions which play an important role in formation and mechanics of bonuses. The main concept in this subject is wager. Let's take a close look at the notion of wager and in which way does it relate to bonuses, because it is always not understandable to beginners.

Wager is a word which stands for a stake. Though it isn't the stake in the ordinary sense. In this case we are talking about casino's money which are made from bonuses, shares, lotteries and prizes for free games. In general wager is represented by coefficient.  For example, wager multiplied in 10 times means that player has to place bets that are in 10 times bigger than the offered bonus. For a better understanding let's take a look at this situation: players registers on the website and get bonus 100 units of money. Wager in this case is multiplied in 10 times. For the money withdrawal from the account player needs to place bets in the amount of 100x10=1000 units of money. Only after this operation gambler may withdraw his prize.

Though it isn't necessary to win wager back. If player refuses from bonus and doesn't place any bet using bonus funds he won't need to win bonus amount back.

Things you need to keep in mind about cash bonuses

Bonuses aren't just pleasant possibilities, they are also benefits for online casino users. In the first place it is the opportunity for casino to attract new players and interest registered ones. Keep in mind you have every right to refuse from bonus. There are some advantages for those, who decide to refuse from bonuses. If player starts to play for bonus money it is impossible to withdraw them until the bonus is won back. That is why in case of refusal player can withdraw money from his account whenever he wants.

When you accept bonus, you should remember that:

  • You can’t withdraw bonus money from the account right away. First of all, you'll have to win them back according to wagers, as casino requires. You can win back your bonus by placing winning or losing bets, it doesn’t matter.
  • Money for the invited friend will be transferred after he registers, places money on deposit and indicated you as the person, who invited him.

Hints to the players

Online casinos constantly offer the bonus system to the users (or possible users). They are given for registration, account replenishment, for duration and frequency of games, etc. The majority of these offers are really attractive and can bring some benefits to the players. Nevertheless, you'll need to be careful when you accept bonuses and follow some advices if you want to have more benefits that losses.

If you decide to use bonus offers you should:

  • Examine casinos' conditions of bonus systems.
  • Do not agree on bonuses, where coefficient of wager is more than 40.
  • Do not to agree on cash bonus which you can't withdraw from the account even when it is already won back.
  • When you agree to accept a bonus use your deposit balance completely. Otherwise the bonus will be transferred to the following account replenishment, and restrictions on withdrawal of money will be prolonged. 

It doesn't matter whether you accept or don't accept bonus, note that success and security of your game depends mostly on quality of the casino and your ability to control the situation. However, if the online casino isn't checked, doesn't provide information on the license, doesn't explain rules about bonuses the management of the bank roll and players' skills won't change anything.

Use only legalized and the certified products. Study offers of gaming houses and nuances of bonus systems and shares. You shouldn't trust loud promises when there isn't much information about principles of casino's work. 

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