Slot machine strategy - how to win

Slot machines are one of the simplest and most popular gambling games both in land-based and online casinos. Player doesn't need to have special skills to play slot machines games. All you need to do is to spin reels and collect combinations of pictures. If it isn't difficult to play, does it mean that it won't be difficult to win?

How to play on video slots to increase your chance of success? Is there a single slot machine strategy, which guarantees victory or there are various strategies of video slot machine games? Are myths about slots truthful? You will find answers for these questions in this article about various strategies of video slots.

Is there one hundred percent of success

“Can I win the game?” – is the major question that player makes. “Is there secret strategy, which can guarantee me 100% victory?” Fortunately, or unfortunately, there is no such strategy. That is why gambling games are interesting, it is only luck, which determines your victory.

Slot machines aren't exceptions. They are developed in such way, that you cannot guess the frequency, order or occurrence of winning combinations. All of slot machine games free play are generated in a random way.

Of course, there are some general regularities in the game: for example, those who frequently played on the same pokie for a long time can see that simple symbols fall out and make combinations more frequently than others. It is true, but we cannot say for sure how many winning combinations will drop out on the reeland. Each spin may or may not be successful. Every spin may also bring none prizes.

The most widespread myths

It is obvious players all over the world are trying to invent their own way to catch the luck. They thoroughly trace regularities, collect statistics and rumours, play old slot machines for free and invent own secrets of the game. Thought, these methods and strategies are myths. Of course, it would be easier to win if there was a grain of truth in them, but, unfortunately, myths remain being myths. Let's have a look at the most popular ones:

  1. There are “generous” and “stingy” slots. You should choose the first one. Fact: all slot machines are generous for prizes to the same extent. The result of the game depends only on random number generator. The concept of “generous” slots faded in XX century, since developers refused to give access to the internal slots system to casino operators.
  2. “Heated” slots in land-based casinos will give you money. Fact: temperature of slot machine bears no relation to possible winnings. If the corpus of slot machines is hot, it only means that slot is working for a long time.
  3. E games on slot machines give more prizes on week-ends. Fact: slots give equal prizes regardless of the week day. Operators of online and land-based casinos cannot change the principle of slots work in any way.
  4. If you sit in front of the slot machine, on which no one won for a long time, you will definitely win. Fact: there are no “generous and “stingy” times. Player has equal chances to win or lose any time. That is why there is no reason to expect guaranteed victories after loss of previous player.
  5. If you place maximum bets you will certainly hit jackpot. Fact: despite the fact, that jackpot depends on bets during free games session, there is no guarantee that high rates will help you to become a winner. You should be very careful with bets: of course, payments for high rates are bigger, but if random number generator isn’t on your side today you will quickly lose your money.

Carefully read different myths about slot machines to avoid the common mistakes.

It is important to understand all these myths not as guide, but to perceive them with a little bit of scepticism. Those, who know how video slots work will never put their bankroll on the line, relying on unconfirmed, lots of times disposed and illogical information. If these methods don’t work on free slot machines games, is there any other way to increase your chances to win?

How to blandish the luck

How can you outgame slot machines? To be honest, there is no guarantee that you’ll manage to do it. Though, there are secrets, which increase players’ chances to win. In general, these chances simply mean that player should be well-informed, cold-minded and earnest. They are easy to remember and to use in real life:

  • Always determine your expenses. In the first place you should set the amount, which you are ready to place, with a view to the possible loss. How much are you ready to spend on these slot machines for money? Have you done it? You should stop on this number. Don’t increase this amount during the game session.
  • Get acquainted with slot before starting game on real money. There is a possibility to play demo-version of the game in the most of online casinos. Understand how symbols work, make experiments with bets, study bonus offers and table of coefficients. Have a look at percent of payments, set by developer. Play for some time and decide whether you are ready to risk and play on real money.
  • Increase your chances. The best online slots casinos offer players the possibility to change game settings – to choose the number of lines, set the game piece value, change the rate size. Don’t lose the possibility to create comfortable conditions for yourself. Activate all lines, in order to increase the probability of winning combination to drop out. Place those bets, which allow to make the biggest number of spins.
  • If game doesn’t bring prizes, it is better to change slot and try your luck somewhere else.

In general, from all these advices it may be deduced that you should control your bankroll and study game’s mechanism. If you find slot machines with bonus, which have a lot of advantages and possibilities, use your money in such way, that you can make the biggest number of spins; in this case there will be a high possibility to get money prizes. At least in this way you can make yourself safe from unwanted losses.


Playing on video slots is interesting process, which can bring you pleasure and big prizes. It is important to understand the principle of slot’s work, how do winning combinations fall out and what can you expect from this slot. Lead sensible game, try various variants and speeds, use all offered advantages and may the luck be on your side.

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