Details of free spin in slots

Quite often the term “free” is not taken seriously when it comes to casinos. We all know that everything has a fee in casinos. In fact, everything is not like that as you can really get free spin while playing on almost any mechanical or online slot machine.

What is a free spin

Free spins, no deposit, no wager, free rotation, free spun – these are terms for the same bonus. With free spins on the account, the player does not spend personal funds when presses “Play” button on the slot machine. As a rule, free spins have additional properties and features that help the player to “get drawn” into the game and boost the score. Description of additional features during spin for free and ways of receiving them within the gaming session are usually provided in the game rules or “Info”/” Paytable” sections.

How to get free spins

There are two ways to get free spins in online slots: as a reward for signing up or first deposit and to collect a certain combination of symbols during the game. You can learn whether a casino accrues users free bonus spins on the corresponding page of the site. As a rule, the full list of conditions for obtaining free rotations is mentioned there, as well as additional opportunities to get them during the game session.

If we are talking about free spin in slots that is obtained directly while playing the slot machine, there are several ways to get them. They vary from game to game, so you need to look at the payment table in the game to know what do you exactly need to get the bonus.

  • The combination of three or more scatters. Conditions for collecting free spins with the help of scatters can be different. In some games, it’s simply enough to collect three scatters on the reels. In others, they must consistently appear on the first three reels or on one single line.
  • The combination of three or more bonus symbols. In the case of appearing three “Bonus” pictures on the reels, the player gets an access to the additional game or just free spin on slot machines and a special bonus. Often, online slots have no strict requirements to the place of occurrence of such symbols. Their presence on the playfield is just fine.
  • The combination of scatter symbols and bonus symbols. Not all games provide this kind of receiving free spins no deposit mobile casino. While free spins are accrued for combinations of scatters in the main game, in “Free spins” mode, combinations of “Bonus” symbols can increase the amount of free rotations on the player’s account. However, there are games which do not allow gaining additional bonuses during the free spins.

Bonuses during free spins

The presence or absence of additional bonuses when using free spin on slots is not a common feature for all slot machines. Sometimes, the player is simply accrued free rotations and that's it. Sometimes payouts for winning lines are multiplied during free spins. Often the player not only is accrued free spins and multiplied rewards but also have the opportunity to receive additional bonus rotations. By contrast, some manufacturers give for example 50 free spins no deposit casino and multiplied payouts, but does not allow earning additional rotations during Free Spins round. Multiplication can be fixed, random or accumulative depending on the rules of the game.

As mentioned before, features of bonuses and changes in the behaviour of wild symbols, scatters and spin free casino are covered in the game rules and are always available in the paytable in the game (“Paytable” or “Info” button). Before the start of the game, it is recommended to familiarise with these sections to fully understand where to look for and how to collect free spins. Eventually, all the player can do is to use the free opportunity to increase the amount of money on the balance.