Casinos with no Deposit Bonuses

Casino no deposit bonuses – play on slot machines of the online casino on the house! A welcome casino no deposit bonus is an advantageous offer from the casino for new and regular customers. They allow visitors to play free slots with no deposit and the possibility of receiving real winnings.

Lots of modern gaming platforms do their best to attract new clients and keep regular players on their web-portals. In relation to this the number of no deposit casino bonuses are increasing.  They give players money for use on their games without the need to place a deposit. These no deposit casino bonuses can be given for registration, attracting a new user or performing certain actions. Let’s consider each of them in detail.

No deposit bonuses of the casino

One of the main strategies to attract customers to an online casino, is to give no deposit casino bonuses. The no deposit bonus is a nice gift from the casino without any initial requirements to deposit funds. It should be noted that the development of such offers was primarily for the benefit of the casino. However, any player who uses the right approach, can get a good profit from the free bonus with no deposit.

Conditions for obtaining no deposit bonuses

An advantage of free gifts is that the conditions are fairly easy to comply with. The most important thing is to pass the registration process on the website of the online casino. Then you can easily get no deposit casino bonuses. The form of sending your personal data is so simple that the whole procedure takes less than a minute. In most cases, the player must specify a nickname, password, e-mail address and click on the button "Register".

In rare cases, it is necessary to provide additional information such as: name and phone number. In 60 seconds the new visitor of the casino can be rewarded and play for free on all slots.

Basically, no deposit bonuses are usually given for the creation of a personal profile or for performing other actions, they are also awarded for use when playing specific games.

Online casinos with the help of these promotions try to attract the interest of users and encourage them to place deposits. Another reason why similar offers are available on resources with gambling games is the formation of a customer database with a list of active players.

However, this isn’t just the possibility for casinos to attract new users, it is also a chance to test the quality of software with a small opportunity to get prizes in real money.

Unfortunately, participants of such offers get a relatively small number of winning funds and the wager is rather big. That is why before you accept a no deposit bonus you should read the rules and conditions thoroughly, including the peculiarities of withdrawing any winnings. 

No deposit bonuses for new players

Most bonuses are part of a welcome package. In other words, online no deposit casino bonuses are only awarded to new participants who have undergone the registration process.

The casinos can offer a few basic types of no deposit bonuses:

  • A cash accumulation - the player's bonus account receives a transfer of a certain sum of funds. The average amount is €5 to €20. In some cases, the payments may reach up to €50.
  • Free spins. This option implies the possibility to get free spins on the slot machine. The number of spins is determined by the terms of the casino's welcome offer and varies between 5 and 50 rotations of the drums. The specific slot games that are participating in no deposit free casino bonuses are shown in the description of the offer from the casino.
  • A combined prize. This provides cash and free spins.

A proposal to receive a no deposit bonus and the conditions for the rewards are placed directly on the main page of the casino web site.

No deposit bonuses for regular players

  1. Regular customers of casinos have less possibilities to receive free money. However, they may still find good offers. The main ways to replenish your balance at the casino’s cost are:

    1. Casino no deposit bonuses in 2017 - to celebrate special holidays, these may include New Year's Day, Christmas, the anniversary of the casino or the birthday of the player.

    2. A reward for registration - promotional "tickets" are distributed through partner sites or forums on gaming themes. The casino has signed an agreement with the most popular blogs with high traffic and the owners of these resources distribute special coupons with alphabetic or numeric codes. Both sides benefit from this procedure. The casino attracts the interest of customers and the blogger receives payment. Gamers can play for free on the slot machines and may get some no deposit casino bonuses.

    3. Promotional offers - the licensed casino regularly makes small gifts to regular gamers. Their size rarely exceeds €10.

    4. Bonus "for referring a friend" is a special variant - if a new user was registered following a referral from a friend and made a deposit, the player who "referred" them receives a cash reward. Although the basis of this option follows the original rules of the partner program, a reward itself is granted with no requirements for the account to be replenished.

The concepts of wager – the conditions of the bonus wagering

There are no special conditions about playing in an online casino with no deposit bonuses, but to withdraw money from the account you should meet specific requirements. These can be defined in one word “wager” this is a term which is used to describe the amount of times a bonus sum must be multiplied before you can withdraw any funds.

Traditionally, the size is determined with multipliers – x2, for example. So, if the player is awarded €10 with a wager of x2, they must make a number of spins that equals (10 x 2 = ) €20, before any money can be withdrawn. Accordingly, for the wagers of x3, x5 and x10, players have to spin the reels enough times to equal the wagers, €30, €50 and €100 euros, after playing in the casino with no deposit bonuses.

The amount of the deposits for winnings in a free spins session is calculated in a similar way.

Even when you get a no deposit casino bonus, you should pay attention to awards for balance replenishment.

Is it possible to get bonus which you can cash out

It is possible to withdraw a prize received when using no deposit bonus funds, but it is very hard. In order to do this, you should win back the bonus money and:

  • Place a minimal deposit on the website to verify your profile

  • Add scans of documents, which confirm your identity and place of registration, if it is required by the casino

  • Be attentive! If you are asked to verify your information, the process of money withdrawal may be longer

  • If you want to accelerate this process, choose payment systems which ensure quick transactions. It is also important to note that deposits and withdrawal of money should be done using the same methods.

How to play free slots with no deposit

Before creating a profile with a casino that promises users bonuses for playing free slots with no deposit, it is strongly recommended that you check the honesty and reliability of their website. Here websites with honest feedback and objective reviews of resources with gambling services will help you. You should also make sure that the casino is reliable by checking whether there is any information on licenses from specific institutions, if they have much experience and if a detailed policy of responsibility and security is available.

Don’t be lazy, make sure you check all the information about the casino´s operations. A naive choice of no deposit bonuses from online casinos with gambling games, may end up with fraud, loss of money and frustration.

If, after checking the information, you are satisfied and register with a certain casino and are offered no deposit bonus money, we advise you not to accept this bonus right away. At first pay attention to the following aspects:

  • No deposit bonus is as a rule given for use in certain games

  • The speed of getting back winnings can depend on the chosen type of entertainment

  • The maximum amount of winnings, which you can withdraw after playing a game with a no deposit bonus, is often small. In order to get more, you’ll have to make a minimal deposit

  • If you’re not sure about the rules of how a no deposit bonus code works, please contact a representative of the technical support team. However, take into account that on the pages of a reliable website, there should be detailed rules about no deposit bonus usage.

Basic techniques of the implementation of wager

Experienced gamers claim that it is possible to conform to even the hardest conditions of wagering. But the choice of strategy depends on the ultimate objectives of the user.

Players wishing to achieve real benefits should give preference to the lowest rates and try to get all casino bonuses with no deposit. This decision does not bring great wins but it will increase the duration of the game and the stable balance state.

For members, who get pleasure from the entertainment itself, higher rates are a better choice. The length of the session, is noticeably shorter and it is less likely the balance will remain as it is.

However, the game is played free of charge, at the expense of the casino, so as a result, even if you lose, you won’t actually lose your personal funds. If your game is successful, and you get big combinations, you will be awarded with very decent prizes.