Classic slots machine - why players choose them

Slot machines is one of the most popular gambling entertainment. And oddly enough, casino classic slots still remain in lists of best gambling slots. Free old slot games cover not the last places in tops, attracting both experienced gamblers and novices. And the thing is not only, that slot is presented free of charge – free 3 reel slots has quite strong competition in form of the same available modern one-armed bandits with five wheels and pile of advantages, embedded into gaming process.

What is the secret of classic 7 slots? What can contrast simple three-wheeled slots to bright and various novelties of gambling industry? Let`s consider all secrets of classic slots app in this article.

What mean “classical slot machine”

Casino classic slots – slot machines with three wheels, where act 1, 3 or 5 lines. Playfield of such a slot consists of 3 columns and 3 lines, which form the field with 9 cells. User has to start the wheels rotation in such a way that spins finished by combination of three symbols in a row:

  • In slots with one active line picture`s combinations are accepted only on central line in second row;
  • In slots with three paying curves lines winning bring all three playing rows;
  • One-armed bandit, in which work five lines, are admitted consequences on three rows and two diagonals, running from one corner to the other corner of playing field.

Slot classic online – it is old fashioned slot games with characteristic features of the genre. Major feature of classic slot apps considers being collection of images, involved in the session, Rotating wheels of such a slot, player will meet:

  1. Fruit images;
  2. Sevens;
  3. Scripts BAR;
  4. Bells;
  5. Horseshoe;
  6. Pictures of joker.

Historical summary

Few people know the background of those or that symbols in casino games classic and why they have exactly this form. Appearance of every picture has its historical background.

So, for example, fruit appeared in slots in 1912, when slot machines were initially forbidden in the USA. From money slot, gambling machines became trade and used fruit`s images for lottery of gum with various tastes.

Script BAR is company` logo, which produced first fruit slots. It was called Bell-Fruit Gum. By the way, this name is partly connected with one symbol – Bell, and is a reference to the first commercial one-armed bandit Liberty Bell, developed by Charles Fay.

Sevens and horseshoe are traditional symbols of luck. Well, frequently sevens in classic 7 slots are the most valuable pictures, bringing large winnings.

Beside specific images, three-wheeled slots characterize by simplicity and clearness of gaming rules. Such slots rarely propose additional gaming functions, and the only their bonus proposition is risk game. This function allows doubling prizes for a lucky spin. More frequently lottery of prizes holds in following forms:

  • Coin toss. Player must guess, what side falls – heads or tail;
  • Guess of card`s nomination – player should guess suit`s colour of hidden card;
  • Finding card of higher nomination. Player is offered five cards, one of them is open (diller ’s card). You should randomly choose one of four remaining cards, that nominal of guessed card must be higher, than diller’s card has.

As you see, old fashioned slot games don`t differ by large variety of gameplay. However, such slots remains attracting thanks to specific of casino classic rewards. Despite the fact, that combinations in such slots fall rarely enough, they are valued at high coefficients.  That is why, they bring worthy prizes.

Classical slots inline

Besides real one-armed bandits in land-based casino today there is opportunity to win on slots classic online. They are full digital counterparts of real slot machines, and in some cases – original content, developed for Internet usage in virtual gambling venues and entertaining platforms.

It is very easy to find classic 7 slots in catalogues. They are presented at two basic types of platforms:

  1. In online casino;
  2. On informative introductory sites.

In active gambling network venues slots are presented in two variants: in paid version and in type free classic vegas slots. In order to taste demo version of classic online slot, more often player shouldn`t register in a venue. Demo game is created for acquaintance with a slot machine and lies in free access.

However, some online institutions still demand creation of personal account on a site in order to start a game. In such a case, there are two ways to try slots without money investments: start study version or receive casino classic no deposit bonus, which are offered to taste real game free of charge, through prize payouts for registration.

If while playing on casino you are afraid to be seduced by gambling wish, you can play absolutely free and safe on entertaining platforms, where are presented free 3 reel slots. Licensed demo versions of play already contain credits on the account, and everything that player needs is to set options of the slot and start spins. If session fails, and credits on deposit have been spent, you have just restart the page with classic slots app, in order to recover funds and continue learning of the slot.

Is it possible to download classic slots

Besides free slots classic can be tasted directly on a site, favourite variants can be downloaded and installed at your PC or other gadget. Modern developers of handheld devices take into account audience, who prefer play on classic casino mobile version.

You can use such ways to download catalogue of slots at your device:

  1. Find online casino that offers downloading clients at your PC, tablet or smartphone;
  2. Find offered catalogues of slots in official apps stores, developed for those or that mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone).

Among advantages of such downloaded catalogues are:

  • Availability of old fashioned slot games in offline mode;
  • Ability to make catalogues of favourite apps in such a way, that interesting free slots classic always stay at hand;
  • Free download and installation. Some micro transactions can be done directly while gameplay, if there is wish to play for money.

Why players choose classic 7 slots

Classic 7 slots keep leading positions on gambling market not only due to simplicity of management. Greatly the interest is caused by payouts, which on three-wheeled slots are much higher, than on slots with five reels. Ration reels to lines in classical slots considers being optimal for study game and maximum safety of a session.

Bets on old fashioned slot games are low, such slot machines are not equipped with additional distracting functions, that is why session can last quite for a long time with minimum loses. And even if winnings come not very often at fall of prize combination, winnings pays some previous rotations.


Free casino classic slots it is popular gambling entertainment, which can be found on sites on the Internet and you can download them from mobile apps stores. Free slots classic are presented in several types – in form of demo version or casino classic no deposit bonus.

Study versions are represented in a site for entertainment and learning slot`s work. In order to get maximum pleasure from the game for interest, sit comfortable, turn on suitable music and start rotations. By the way, what concerns music, it is not recommendation for fun. Many experienced gamblers advice to choose individual musical accompaniment for gaming sessions. The say that it helps to concentrate and follow gaming process, controlling bankroll.

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