Types and features of risk game

Risk game or “round of doubling” is a special feature of some of the slots, which allows the player to increasing the prize for a successful spin. The risk game is started by pressing a special button on the control panel if any. The option of the game of chances is available only if a spin ends with winning combination.

Types of game for doubling

Risk game animation is made in different ways in games of different manufacturers, but the essence of the process remains the same. Users need to predict the round outcome. In the case of a correct answer, the win per spin is doubled and so on as long as the player gives the right answers. If the answer in game of risk is wrong, all points earned in the game of chances are burned. The winning for the spin also gets burned. That is why you should participate in risk rounds responsibly and be able to stop in time.

Most of the time these game risk require you to:

  • Guess the colour of the card suit that is face up.
  • Guess which side will a coin drop - heads or tails.
  • Find the highest card. In this case, the player is given five cards. One is face-up and another four are face-down. It is necessary during risk the game to guess which card will be higher that the opened one.
  • To stop the blinking of the unit so that it remained highlighted.

The customer success during the game for doubling completely depends on the chance, as well as in the main game. Some kinds of the risk-games offer statistics, but it is difficult to predict the result on the basis of these statistics as a suit of card and side of the coin are chosen randomly.

What to do to be safer in the risk game

Some slots offer advanced features during the high risk game. You can put off a part of the winning and play only for the rest. In case the answer is correct, the money will be multiplied. In case the answer is wrong, you will still have some money in reserve. It can be transferred to the player's account or taken for a second attempt to play for in the game of chance.

Is it possible to win in the risk game

The chance of winning in the round of doubling is 50/50. The player either guesses or not. There is no strategy in good risk game that would guarantee success in this game. So you need to decide whether to play this game or not.  You can learn more about real slot machine game strategies in this page.

It is hard to figure out how profitable participating in the risk game could be. It is necessary to evaluate how frequent are winning combinations in the main game in order to understand whether the possible loss would be covered. Some games provide the opportunity not to lose the entire sum of the payout in the risk game but only the half of it. In this case, the chances of winning during risk game play, of course, do not increase, but the loss also is not critical as a part of the reward will still remain on the balance of the player.

When participating in the risk game, you need to understand that winning or losing does not depend on how often prize combinations fall on the reels. However, if you take into account some of the nuances of the gameplay, you can protect yourself at risk game:

  • The frequency of high-score spins is high, that is the loss in the round of doubling will probably pay off during the future rotations;
  • Your account is short of money and you want to multiply the credits on the balance in order to continue the game with the help of risk game for computer;
  • Every second of successful spins brings rewards higher than the total bet, meaning some kind of airbag is created, which can be invested in the game for doubling.

Risk game can become a good opportunity for the player in a number of similar cases. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that this bonus is unpredictable, and the chance of multiplying winnings is equal to the chance of loss. Watch after your bankroll carefully, evaluate how well is the game going and whether you are willing to lose just won points.