Roulette – is gambling table game that won reputation of “Casino`s Queen”. Simplicity and complexity, dynamic and static, math component and absolute unpredictability – qualities, which at first sight cannot exist together, harmoniously live in one game and attract large audience of admires. No wonder, that with development of gambling industry in the Internet, roulette slots became basic part of every honourable online casino.

Nowadays, roulette slots are developed by majority leading producers. From tech point of view, they are simple slots that work on RNG base. But graphic images in detail simulate famous board game. Pictures of the field, wheel and tokens – is visual design of roulette slot machines and it doesn`t differ from appearance of real models. Together with classical versions, European and American roulette wheel, producers offer the most unusual types of alike machines: Premium, 3D, mini, multi wheel, multi ball and fruit roulette slots. However specific variant keep standard roulette table rules.

Structural features of roulette

In the literal translation from the French term roulette means "small wheel". In fact, structure as land-based, as well as online roulette game include:

  1. Roulette wheel. In land-based venues it is performed in shape of a cup, made of valuable wood and set on the axis of the table. Along top border of inner circle are small recesses – “pockets” with numbers, where the ball falls after rotation and determines winning position. Traditionally they alternate in black and red colours, except numbers 0 and 00 (Zero and Double Zero), which have green colour in the roulette. Amount of roulette wheel numbers depends on the game: 37 cells in European and French versions and 38 pieces has American model.
  2. Roulette table. Surface of the table is divided into two basic zones of bets. Inner field includes 3 vertical columns with 12 numbers in each of them and 12 horizontal rows with 3 sectors. In red-black cells situate all numbers, which are presented on the wheel. Along the edges of the outer roulette table odds situate several separate sectors allowing place bets at specific characteristics of numbers.

Rules of play – bets on inner field

Under the rules of the game, each zone is intended for making particular types of bets. On inner field gamer can play on:

  • Straight Up – bet per number. Gamer can choose any number including Zero and Double Zero (in American roulette). Correlation of pay-outs 1:35 (1:36). Saying another words, if player guesses fallen number at bet 1$, he will get pay-out 35$ (36$);
  • Split Bet – bet per two numbers. In current variant token is set on a line that divides any two numbers, including 0 and 00. Rules permit location of a token as on horizontal, as well as on vertical lines. In general, there are 57 variant of this type of bet. Pay-out coefficient 1:17;
  • Street – on 3 numbers. Token lies on outer line of any column. Bet wins at ball`s fall on a number, which situates in chosen sector. Size of roulette payouts is calculated from ratio 1:11;
  • Corner Bet – square, four numbers. Coins are placed in the centre of crossing of 4 cells. Victory of any determined numbers provides winning. There are 22 available examples of this bet. Coefficient equals 1:8;
  • Five Number Bet – bet on three numbers. The only combination that exists exclusively in American roulette wheel. Token situates at crossing of lines, which cover sector with numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, 3;
  • Line Bet – bet on 6 numbers. Coins are set on outer line, at the point of contact 2 rows. Players are provided with choice among 11 variants of current rate. Pay-out is done in relation 1:5.

Feature of inner bets is high pay-out coefficient. However, the higher is size of possible winning, the more difficult becomes task to guess final result. Experienced gamers advice in such cases use roulette wheel strategies, based on analysis of not fall of numbers. They think, that the longer certain number hasn`t appeared, the higher is probability of its fall while next rotation.

Planning to play on roulette slots, pay attention on chance of making “empty” rotations. At existence of this function, player is able to do about 30-50 wheel`s spins with a purpose to determine “rare” numbers. After this option, game for real bets has increased chanced for winning.

Rules of play – Outside bets

This category includes:

  • Column Bet – bet on 12 numbers, united by one column. Coin locates at any of cells, which situate in right part of the playfield. Totally, there are 3 variant of this bet. Pay-out coefficient equals 1:2;
  • Red or Black, Even or Odd, Low or High – variety of bets in game`s format “on the chance”. Appropriate cells situate in lower part of outside field. Winning is 1:1.

Described types of bets don`t allow involving 0 or 00. Multiplier`s coefficients are low, but probability of making lucky prediction is much higher, The most popular strategy of game. Including bets “on the chance” is Martingale`s system.

Features of placing bets

At first sight, roulette`s rules seem being complicated enough. However, practice roulette will let easily understand its specialties. Try to taste different models, and you will quickly realize specific of the entertainment.

It is worth noticing that there are no limits in choice of type and amount of bets, in fact. For example, it is possible to place bet on number, colour, column or dozen. Player, who guesses row of characteristics, will receive summed pay-out. However, general size of investment increases adequately.

Players use different methods for “combining” a bet:

  1. Choosing characteristics of certain number. For example: №17, black, odd, 2nd 12. In fact, player makes bet for one number, just a little bit expanding description of its parameters. Match at least two indicators allow compensate the cost of spin. Fall of number itself will bring valid pay-out;
  2. Choosing parameters that allow cover wider circle of potential winning. For instance – Zero, Red, Even. At this strategy, it is impossible to win at all bets, but probability of happy guess raises.

Also, exist one extra secret. Online casino doesn`t welcome situation, when bets cover more than 2/3 of available numbers. You should more carefully learn rules of the venue and make sure that game`s strategy of covering greater part of cells, doesn`t contradict policy of the casino.

How to manage roulette simulator

Direct management of online roulette free doesn`t cause difficulties even for a novice. In general, it has something alike with setting of simple slot machine.

Size of bet is determined by click on token`s picture with numerical sign. In most cases, range of spins` value in free roulette varies in limits 1-1000 credits.

Mouse`s click at particular zone of table will determine type of bet. In order to start the wheel in play roulette online player has to push button Spin.

On the scoreboard of digital roulette you can meet several additional buttons:

  • Repeat (bet);
  • Double (size of last investment);
  • Clear (remove all token from the table).

Among consumer settings is provided possibility of following options regulations:

  • Sound – turn on/off sound;
  • Quick spin – fast rotation.  Choice of this mode excludes animation effects that imitates wheel`s movement.

Results of some latest spins are shown in tablet History. To clarify rules, look at section Help.

Classical variants of roulette

Today there are several versions of slots on a roulette wheel, related to the category of classical board games:

  1. European roulette (Roulette Pro) – initial, base model. French mathematician Blaise Pascal considers being developer of this amusement. Roulette became a kind of “by-product” of his search in sphere creation of “perpetual motion machine”. Anyway, it is official version. Together with it people talk about some another quite trustworthy versions of game`s appearance. Howbeit, modern version of European roulette contains 1-36 numbers plus Zero. At fall section 0, unaccounted by rate, credits burn;
  2. French roulette – is modified version of European game. It also includes one sector 0, but at ball`s fall on this section, user loses only a half of bet. Field`s design a little bit differs;
  3. American roulette. Its main feature is existence of two sections 0: Zero and Double Zero.

Important distinction among types of roulette is indicator of casino advantages, which allow determine the odds of winning at roulette. If in European version this parameter is 2,7%, American wheel increases number to 5,25%.

Answer to the question, how to win at roulette, by increasing chances for winning, serves choice of roulette slots, whose structure provides action of additional positions:

  • En Prison. It sometimes is used in European version. If player has placed bet “for chances”, but the ball has fallen at zero, token remains at its place and acts while the next rotation. Second Zero`s fall leads to the loss of credits. With a favorable outcome, user returns investment, although without additional winnings. Casino that offers such a scheme, provides gamers with increased chances for winning. At this variant venue`s profit equals just 1,35%;
  • La Partage. Rule that works at French roulette. At Zero`s fall gamer get back a half of a bet;
  • Surrender – analogue of La Partage, which acts at American roulette. It decreases benefit of casino to 2,63%.

Don`t forget clarify rules of the game in section Help.

Specific models of roulettes

It should be mentioned, that producers of modern gambling soft present wide range of varied unusual free roulette models. The most popular of them are:

  • Mini roulette – are analogue of European model, but with reduced sizes. Field has only 13 cells. As a result, in mini version player receives higher chance to guess lucky number. On the other hand, payouts are lower;
  • Roulette slot machine with several wheels. The most famous models of such format are following:
    • Multi-wheel Roulette from Microgaming. Construction of this slot includes traditional field and 8 wheels at once, which situate in upper part of the interface. Clicking button Spin user starts movement of each reel. Such an approach adds chances for winning. Keep in mind, that bet also increases eightfold. There is possibility to deactivate desirable amount of wheels;
    • 3 Wheel Roulette from IGT. This slot is equipped with one wheel, which includes three rows of numbers. All in all, calculating algorithm corresponds rules of European version. However, there is opportunity to make bets at additional bonus matches.
  • Free online roulette slots with bonuses. Examples of such models are:
    • Double Bonus Spin Roulette from IGT. Visually this slot reminds classical American roulette: 2 Zero, 36 cells. However, this model has possibility to make bet “Dragon” – red or black “zigzag” consequence of boxes and “bonus” numbers. At fall of yellow sector “B” at place of classical wheel appears its version with three rows and begin free respins;
    • Marvel Roulette from Playtech. Slot machine is presented in classical view of European roulette but with one extra field – Marvel Bonus. That player, who guesses fall of this section, gets access to bonus round. On the scoreboard appears picture of one-lined slot with icons, that depict Marvel heroes` portraits. User receives 3 free spins. Winning combination increases bet`s size in 5-100 times. When fall several chains, multipliers are summarized.
  • Thematic roulettes. This group unites free roulette slots with unusual design:
    • Astro Roulette – model 1x2 Gaming is dedicated to astrology. Familiar numbers in this version are replaced by Zodiac signs. Visitor can make bets on constellation, positive or negative astrological forecast, season that correspond to a sign;
    • Chinese Roulette – is almost complete clone of previous version. Zodiac signs are changed to symbols of a year, according to Chinese calendar;
    • Wheel of Riches from Microgaming and Spin a Win produced by PlayTech – models, which combine advantages of roulette and Wheel of Fortune.
  • Fruit roulette slot for PC. These online table game contains fruit symbols, but it is not an easy task to find such version. Feature of fruit roulettes is frequent presence of slot machines` risk and prize tours. After lucky spin on classical online slot, player can turn on round for “doubling” or get bonuses, which start movement of roulette`s wheel, in such a way they allow multiply amount of bet or receive additional credits.

Russian Roulette

There is one more type of roulette, which deserves detailed description, it is Russian Roulette. How to play Russian Roulette and what is this entertainment?

History of appearance of this exclusively dangerous and risky game starts in the XIX century. It was born and spread among Russian army officers. Roulette involved a revolver, which was charged with single bullet and then spun up. Participants of wager one by one carried the gun to temple and pressed the trigger.

People thought that playing at this dangerous game they prove their courage. However, sharp stuff reduction led to prohibition of “fun” by Imperial decree. Anuway, later on Russian roulette served both as game and as special method of conflicts` regulation among officers. Modern developers of soft didn`t pass by exciting theme of fatal game. Those users, who has caught bonus combination on slot New York Gungs, for example, can try their luck in virtual Russian roulette slot. At this variant, winning will present money prize and fail won`t hurt in any way.

Electronic roulettes from famous developers

Version of slots that imitates roulettes present in collection of majority top developers:

  • PlayTech. Collection of this developer contains as classical, as well as nonstandard roulette slots: American Roulette, Mini Roulette, already mentioned Roulette Marvel and Spin and Win;
  • Microgaming. There is the same situation. Collection combines classics and novelty: American French Roulette, Multi-Wee Roulette;
  • Novomatic – company, which offered some interesting variations on a par with traditional examples: Mystery Roulette 38, Multiball Roulette, Globe Roulette etc.

Especially unusual versions of roulettes are represented by such companies:

  1. IGT/Cryptologic;
  2.  NetEnt;
  3. BetSoft;
  4. Nextgen Gaming;
  5. Gaming1;
  6. Isoftbet4
  7.  Play’nGo;

Find suitable section in Internet service and you can learn wide range of different roulette`s versions.

Roulette slot machine strategy

Some people believe, that roulette of all versions, including electronic one, is game, which permits probability of making strategies based on mathematic analysis. It is hard to say, if it is true or not. Because roulette slot machines work on the basis of common Random Number Generator, which guarantees honesty and transparency of the game.

Nevertheless, considering rather low benefits of the casino, at this case player can check some techniques. Experienced gamblers point some roulette strategies allowing cheat a roulette, according to their opinion.

Martingale. System that presents on pages of majority recourses and thematic portals. Its popularity doesn`t allow skipping scheme`s description.

Strategy is known as best way of playing on roulette machines, its background is doubling of investments. It is used exclusively for outer bets “on chances”: Red/Black, Even/Odd, Less/more. Look at the example in conditional numbers, in order to completely realize this concept.

Let place 1$ at Back. In case of winning, move bet to Red. If you fail, choose Black again but placing 2$ this time. Winning – change colour, loss – double previous bet. Place at Black 4$. Process continues till the fall of proper colour. Short progression of bets looks in such s way: 1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128. You can prolong it.

It is assumed, that row of fails cannot last forever. In some moment, roulette will give necessary result. And not only refund all the sum, but will bring profit too. Although not a huge one.

Players should remember that don`t exist 100% guarantee of winning. Period of not fall frequently lasts to 30 times. In such a case, player can trivially waste balance.

Here are basic tips for playing roulette machine with Martingale strategy:

  • Play at truncated progression;
  • Before game for money taste method at free mode on online roulette simulator.

AntiMartingale. This system is based on directly opposite strategy. Play is held on outer bets “on chances”. When fall chosen colour, bet is increased in 1,5 times. At loss it returns to initial number. Supposed that player increases bet at receiving pay-out, in fact, visitor runs the game for casino`s money.

D'Alembert Strategy. One additional method that is based on management of bets` parameters. It combines features of both previous variants: increase bet in 1 token in case of winning or decrease investment in 1 bet at fail. On thematic forums you will meet about 80 different roulette strategies, which tell how to beat roulette machines, as users think. And this list is always filled by new theories. Our resource provides the most popular methods, advised by users. We made our own examination of strategies and selected the most effective of them. It is worth to remember, that no roulette slot tips or strategies won`t promise you obvious winning!

The loudest winnings in roulette

It is difficult to say, in what extent game`s strategies can help to reach the success. However, history knows quite impressive and loud winnings, which brought players fortune and fame:

  1. 1873. British Joseph Jaggers won 325 thousand dollars in casino Monte Carlo. Before such an enormous winning player conducted serious preparation. Jaggers`s strategy was based on the theory of difference among varied tables` mechanisms. During several weeks his team in amount of 6 persons was watching results of games in venues. As a result, they determined specific table, where Joseph managed successfully predict fall of numbers. Venue couldn`t dispute victory of British in the court;
  2. In 1891 Charles Wells won about $1 million by collecting all the tokens on the table several times in a row. He managed to repeat his luck already in November of the same year. Casino didn`t found evidence of fraudulent schemes, however, administration was certain in their presence;
  3. 2004. Again British Ashley Revell plaid for all. He sold all his property and went to casino of Las Vegas, where he placed all the money, 75 thousand founds, at Red. Hard to say, what made him do this. Anyway, bet worked and winning created about 243 thousand dollars.

 Is it possible to repeat success of famous winners? First of all try your luck at free roulette game!

Maybe, tasting of different strategies will let choose your own lucky system. Usage of roulette payout calculator will help to calculate relation bet and pay-out, allowing keep balance while session of rotations, which lead to success.