European Roulette Gold
European Roulette Gold

The roulette is a popular gambling game all over the world, so its virtual form is a success. One of the online roulette games became the online slot from Microgaming Company called European Roulette Gold casino game.

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European Roulette Gold casino game

Elements of the gameplay

The management of the game in this casino slot video is simple for the beginners and convenient for the fans of the roulette. The user should start with the rates. To the left of the playfield are the chips with different face values. The value of chips starts from 0.10 for the green to 100 for black. In order to choose different options, the player should scroll the chips with the help of special arrows.

To properly place the bet on any number or a zone, the user needs to choose the size of the bet and click on any interested place on the playfield. The size of the rates is not limited, so the player can bet until there are no more credits, the balance of which is displayed in the lower left corner.

All chips that are at stake are displayed on the playfield. They can be recovered by pressing the circle button Reset, it will void the bet and the user has to do it again. If the player is satisfied, it is necessary to use the button "Spin". This button will start the rotation of the wheel and the white ball will determine how much the user will win.

The rates on the device European Roulette Gold

The bets on this slot game for free can be made by several principles. Firstly, the player can bet directly on a certain number. Secondly, it is possible to bet on the fallen number, which has a special parameter. These options are presented on the left and bottom of the cells with numbers and include the bet on:

  • The number of first, second or third dozen;
  • Odd or even number;
  • The value from one to 18 and from 19 to 36;
  • The number on the red and black cell;
  • The values in the three columns.

The croupier controls the game in the slot video roulette, so he can say the rate with voice messages. This feature is available in the "expert" mode which is selected next to the player's total balance. If you want to play online for real money visit the [[$whereToPlayLinks]] online casino. There are many variations of rates which can be selected in the left window.

The player can also set his own betting schemes. Clicking on the "Change scheme" allows editing in the window the user rate parameters. It is possible to set eight individual systems.

Another way to place the chips on the playfield is the button "Re-bet". It appears immediately after the end of the spin and allows betting a sum similar to the previous. As soon as the user starts to place his chips on the playfield, this function disappears.

Additional features

The slot machine game for home is supplemented by relevant features that are not usually available when you visit a real casino. The first feature is the possibility to play automatically. Its activation is available even at the low rate. To configure it, the player needs to click on the appropriate button, after this, a window will be opened where you can configure:

  • The number of auto spins;
  • The time interval between the rotations of the wheel;
  • The conditions of stopping the auto play.

The last point is determined by several parameters. For example, it is set the numbers, which play the role of the limit values of the winning or losing. Exceeding these parameters the spins stops automatically. The stop of the rotation can be associated with a single payment. However, the standard way to complete the game without the participation of the user is the fulfillment of all set spins. You can find out more about game types and roulette rules on our website

In the interface settings also are present the parameters that define comfort for the player. For example, you can specify the number of neighbours at the table. To see the statistics of your pastime at the roulette table, just click on the percent icon in the lower left corner. There is available an information about all the wins, the number of spins and the time spent in the European Roulette Gold.

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