How to play on slot machines - guide

Slots machine is one of the easiest kinds of casino entertainment, which can be found both in land-based and online casinos. These games do not require special skills and knowledge. The essence is about rotating the reels and collecting combinations of symbols so here is a slot machine guide which lets to find out about the advantages of playing free slots.

But to know where to look, what to watch and where the main game settings are displayed (wins, the rest of the money, etc.), at least one game and slots guide should be studied in detail as an example. It is also necessary to receive detailed explanations of each matter that appear during a gaming session. If you're going to play a slot for the first time, we will explain key moments of the game.

Basic concepts of slot machines

Before you start playing, you need to learn basic terms and concepts which you are to face during a session. If you know how a phenomenon is called and displayed, a game stops being just a flickering of pictures accompanied by sounds. Together with casino slots guide it becomes clear, therefore more manageable. A possibility to manage has a direct impact on the possibility to win.

So, let’s try to figure out terms that anyone who got to play on a slot machine is to face:

  • A combination is a sequential mix of identical symbols, a chain of similar pictures. Usually, they are counted from left to right, starting with the first reel, and are payable when drop out on an active payline.
  • Payment line is a curve on the screen, which connects boxes on the game's reels. If identical pictures appear in these cells, a combination is counted.
  • Reels are columns on which the game symbols are placed. These columns rotate and each time show new pictures on the playfield. Different slots have a different number of reels. Most often it is 3 or 5 columns.
  • Game balance is a number of game credits, which the player can spend in the current session. Users contribute real currency to balance and convert at the exchange rate into game coins. Some slots offer to choose your own course by changing the value of a credit in the Coin Value section.
  • According to the slots game guidea bet is an amount of money that is written off the balance for a rotation of the reels. The game offers two indicators associated with bets:
    • Line Bet is an amount of money that the user puts on a payment line, which is a basis for calculation of payout for a combination.
    • A bet per spin is the sum of all bets on active lines. This amount is deducted for each rotation of the reels.
  • A multiplier is a factor specified in the paytable. This number is multiplied by the line bet when a combination of identical pictures appears on the screen. The longer the sequence, the higher the ratio.
  • Special symbols are pictures that, besides forming combinations, can perform additional functions and offer users a number of advantages. Among these symbols, there are a wild symbol – a picture that complements any combination and replaces the missing symbol; Scatter – a picture that can activate free spins; Bonus symbol – a picture that triggers a bonus level if any.

Now that you know the terminology and online slots guide, you can proceed directly to the gameplay and game settings. Most manufacturers allow the player to change some characteristics and indicators in the game so that players could manage their bankroll and choose their own pace of play. 

How to play on a slot machine?

Thus, you are on the site and decide to try out a slot. First of all, you need to choose a game from the list and click on a title. The game will open in a current browser tab or in a new tab. As soon as the video slot is loaded to the end, you should find out what kind of game is this and how to manage it.

  1. Selected slot can be a three- or five-reel device and offer three, four or five gaming lines. The session will take place on 5, 9, 15, 20, 25 or more paylines. In some devices, the number of lines is changeable, in some – fixed. To find out if you can specify the number of active paylines, stick to guide to casino slots and look down on the control panel. There is a Lines section in games where the user can change their number.
  2. By assigning the number of lines, you can proceed to the specifying the bet per line. The rate is indicated in column Line Bet (Level, Bet per Line). Changing the value of a numeric index is possible by pressing buttons, arrows, or by moving the slider on the scale. Remember that the number of payment lines and bet per line form the total bet per spin. That is, after a rotation of the reels, the number of credits indicated in the Total Bet field (Bet) will be written off the balance, but not a sum that you specified in this column.
  3. Further, some games offer to specify the value of a coin. Adjusting this value possible using the buttons or the arrow slider in the Coin Value section. This value determines our gaming deposit.

After you have set all game parameters according to guide to playing casino slots, you can proceed directly to the game. To do this, you need to roll the reels – spin. This can be done using the Spin button (Play), or assign a series of automatic spins with the Autoplay button.

Symbols, combinations and payouts in the game

Symbols are pictures involved in forming paid combinations. In most games, these icons are divided into several semantic groups. Simple symbols are mainly made in the same visual style for all pictures. Valuable symbols are original, more complex pictures, which appear rarer and bring better prizes. Special symbols may bring payouts and may not, but regardless of this, they have special functions in the game and offer players some advantages.

To understand how a symbol operates and how much brings a combination of symbols, it is necessary to examine the payout table. Open it by pressing Paytable button. It opens an additional window, which describes the work of special symbols, a table of payments and describes guide to slots. 

Additional features of slot machines

Most modern slot machines offer players bonus games or rounds, that can increase winnings. Among them, the most common are:

  • Free spins. As American slots guide says, when 3 or more scatter symbols (special characters) appear on reels, they activate a series of spins, which is paid by a casino due to player's last bet. During these rotations, factors often work (values that multiply the gain of a combination).
  • Risk game – a game of chances. In most cases, you need to guess the colour of a card or the side of a coin, choose one of four cards or at random stop flickering block. If you correctly guess or fulfil the terms of a risk game, the win for this rotation is doubled. If wrong, the winning resets.
  • Bonus game – this is an additional mini-game, in which you need to flip closed symbols, break the vases, turn the roulette or find a number of similar pictures. As a result of simple actions, you get a reward – bonus credits (sometimes even a jackpot) or free spins.

It is worth remembering that outcomes of prize offers are random and depend on good luck. This is why there are no strategies necessary to study, that guarantee the win.


Playing slots is quite simple. It is important to have a look at online slots guide, because it takes the biggest part of studying how to play. The user will need quite a bit of time to figure out exactly how to play a game. It’s enough to spin the reels a few times and see, what changes on the screen and how in order to master basic principles of gameplay and bankroll management. Besides, each game shall issue a note explaining clearly how to play in a slot, and what options it offers.

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