Live dealer casinos

Online games gradually crowd out standard gaming venues from the market. Nowadays players can appear in a casino through online portals, and the most attracting are live dealer casinos online, where your game is served by real staff.

In best live dealer casinos croupier consults clients during the whole game through video broadcast, he informs gamer about bets and winnings. Dealers lay out cards on the classic green table that is integral part of any casino. Thereby, casinos with live dealers is identical object relative to initial gambling venue. In best online live dealer casinos are presented all popular games: poker, roulette, Black Jack etc. Read about what kinds of roulette there are, as well as the rules and the probability of return.

How to play in casino with live dealers

No matter, where you stay, you always has an opportunity to enter live dealer online casino. It is equipped with several gambling halls, where situate two traditional casino tables. At each table stays real dealer, who invites you to play. When you accept invitation and go to the table, remained places are occupied by a couple of other users, your opponents. Their appearance is hidden from you.

Player can watch the process of game in neighboring halls, switching set webcams.

In live online casino for real money gamer`s bets depend on throw of live dealer in order to avoid fraud from the side of video casino. Read our instructions to know how to play for real money.

Currency of casino with live dealers

Initially appeared live dealer casinos USA, however with time they left boards of the United States and came to Europe, Canada and Great Britain. Then in video casinos was determined Multicurrency.

Today players place bets in American and Canadian dollars, euro and British pounds. In several European and Asian countries, which are not members of EU, acts national currency.

Currency in video casinos doesn`t convert into another, that allow not waste money for percent from finance winnings.

Administration doesn`t recommend change chosen currency into another while the gameplay. Otherwise, user has to ask Consumer Support with the request to change currency. Then client has to spend all bonuses of previous money currency, and also withdraw all the money from the account. After that specialist from support will change currency into the variant requested by player. Now user is able to import credits in new currency.

Live dealer casinos review

Below is presented the list of casinos with live dealers. Video casinos provide varied games of table and card types:

  • Europe;
  • Gambleplay;
  • Lotus;
  • Bellini;
  • Winner;
  • Tropez;
  • Eurogrand;
  • William Hill;
  • 21 Nova;
  • Jaland;
  • Titanium;
  • Winner club.

While gaming process user is following all actions of live dealer, and ball`s throws and movements too. Play happens on air. Player can communicate with real dealer through video chat.

Online live casino has raw of advantages, which make these games ones of the most demanded on gambling market.

In accordance with social poll, Internet casinos attract clients by an opportunity to communicate with live dealers through the screen of a gadget. Wherein there is no need to move anywhere in order to play. And talks of other users don`t distract from gameplay in any way.

This is still new kind of entertainment, see for youself!

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