Halloween slot game is a multi-linear slot machine from the Euro Games Technology (EGT for short). This slot has standard, not very unique graphics, and simple music that won't distract you from the gaming process. To speak of the Halloween's technical characteristics, it has:

  • 20 active prize lines
  • 5 wheels
  • Wild symbol
  • Extra Wild symbol
  • Scatter multiplier, that launches the free spins sequence
  • Autoplay option
  • Risk game
  • Several fixed jackpots.
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Halloween slot game review

Short info about developer

Euro Games Technology was creating entertaining content and gaming equipment for offline casinos and websites since year 2002. The main office of EGT is located in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, but there are some more office branches in other European countries.

EGT products are functioning in more than 75 countries of Europe, Asia, USA and Africa. The company's portfolio includes more than 100 gambling interfaces, which include fixed slots with jackpots, half-electric tales for card games and table games, roulette, multiplayers and “smart” systems of casino management. EGT has about 110 units of usual video slots.

The idea and history of creating Halloween slot

The main subject of Halloween slot machine is Halloween. Developer used the attributes of the holiday as the parts of design and symbols of this slot. The slot’s graphics are simple, but well-drawn and clear. Musical accompaniment is minimal, and it’s turned on only during the spin and the reception of winning combinations.

Slot's main rules

Halloween slot is based on the principle of the random number generator (RNG for short). How does it work? The users press the start button and starts the spinning of the wheels. When they stop, on the prize lines there are random sequences of symbols (they are also called multipliers). They are forming combinations, either winning or empty ones. If you don't know how to play, read the main game rules in the corresponding section.

The player has to press the buttons and try to catch the maximum winning combination. Then the system transfers a prize sum on his account.

How to start the game

Internet version of the Halloween slot machine works in two modes:

  • Standard, which uses real-life money bets
  • Free to play mode

In the free mode system gives players a credit in the game currency, so they don't have to pay real money to play the slot. This version suits the beginners and the players with a little experience. By playing in this mode, one can understand the interface, learn the rules and the features of this slot, without wasting a penny.

One has to know, that the licensed online version of the Halloween slot doesn't require any additional registration to take place. Neither there's a need for downloading and setting up any client programs. This slot works directly in the browser, the game launches right after the page with the Halloween slot on the online casino resource has finished loading.

So, you entered the gambling website, found this exact slot and opened its page. Now you're to see the layout. It has 5 wheels with symbols, looking like 5 vertical columns. The overall number of active lines with prize combinations equals to 20. The player can choose 1, 5, 10, 15 or 20 lines to become active. They're located on three horizontal rows and one can see their exact location in the information table (described below).

There's a configuration menu below the gaming wheels. Get as much information as you can about this panel before starting the game.

Control panel

The configuration menu consists of information lines and control buttons. In the extreme left window, marked as BALANCE, there is a current balance of the user in the gaming currency (the currency of this game are diamonds). Read other reviews on slot machines, find out about bonuses and features of slot games on our website.

The long black line in the middle gives a hint saying «PLEASE PLACE YOUR BET». After each successful spin the prize combination will be shown here, naming the prize line, the number of symbols and the size of the win they brought.

The extreme right black window shows the last round win (with a text saying LAST WIN). If the last spin wasn't successful, this field stays empty.

The main buttons of the control panel (from left to right):

  • By pressing the speaker icon you can either turn on or turn off the sound accompaniment of this slot
  • The next button, depicting a green button with 4 arrow keys, open the game in the full screen, or changes it back into windowed mode.
  • Blue button “i” opens the information table of this slot. The player can see the description of symbols, combinations and their cost for round with the parameters set by him.
  • The fourth, orange button in the lower left corner starts the AUTOPLAY game mode. It's a series of continuous spins, and their number is only limited by player's balance. To stop endless spins and turn off this option press the same button again.
  • Blue CREDIT button shows the ratio between the gaming currency and real-life currency. It is inactive during the spin and the AUTOPLAY mode.
  • The next row of buttons, saying BET/START, is a row of buttons for a single spin, but with different bets. You can bet 20, 40, 100, 200 and 400 game coins and start the spin.
  • Home button, depicting a little house, ends the game and transfers player to the navigation page, for him to choose another gambling entertainment.

There are no buttons on the control panel for regulating the number of the active prize lines. You can change it next to the wheels: there are vertical columns on both right and left sides, showing the numbers 1, 5, 10, 15, 20. Press on any of them to choose the number of the active prize lines for the next rounds.

Under the left lines column there's a HELP option. Press it to open the separate window with the Halloween slot's full description. In the Help section you can find the rules of the game, the description of bets, symbols, buttons, risk game and other features of this slot.


Press the blue “i” button in the bottom left corner. The information table will pop up. It has the information about symbols and prize combinations for spins on the conditions set by you.

There are 10 simple multipliers in the Halloween video slot. It's a portrait of a man, a picture of woman, black cat, full moon, spider, a basket full of sweets, ace, king, queen and jack.

Aside from that, there are three special symbols in this slot:

  • Normal Wild (a witch hat and a broom). It replaces any of other symbols in the prize combinations, except for Scatter and Extra Wild symbols. It can appear on any of five wheels.
  • Extra Wild (a picture of a pumpkin — the main Halloween attribute). It can only appear on the extreme right wheel. It turns A, K, Q and J into Wilds and replaces other symbols in prize combinations to complete them (except for Scatter)
  • Scatter. Three and more of those at the same prize line can launch the round of 10 free spins. They won't launch automatically though, the player has to press the Start button, or, if he wishes to, skip the bonus game. During the free spins the multiplier is being turned on, so each prize you get is being multiplied by two. Scatters can only appear on the wheels 2, 3 and 4. If you'll get the three scatter combination again during the free spins, you'll get 10 more. Free spins are happening on your conditions (the number of lines and the bet size), you cannot edit or change them during the free spins.

Winning combinations

The slot only reads the combinations from left to right. To win you have to collect the combination of three and more identical pictures on the same prize line. In the case when there is more than one prize combination on the active lines, video slot reads all of them, and player gets prizes for all of them.

After each win the system gives gambling fans a chance to double their prize during the risk game.

Risk game

A possibility to play the additional bonus round appears after each lucky spin. In the bottom right corner, under the window showing your prize, the GAMBLE button starts to blink. Press it to start the risk game.

After you press it, the new gaming layout with a card deck appears. Slot offers you to guess the colour of the card. If you guess it right, your win is being doubled and the next round of the risk game starts. Risk game goes on, and if you guess the colour of the card again, your win is being doubled again. This goes on until you lose the risk game. To go back to the normal game mode and take back all the money you've already won you have to press the COLLECT button, or at the any of the start buttons on the control panel.

And if you didn't guess the card's colour in the risk game, you're losing your prize from the last round and you're going back to the wheels.

The risk game cannot be player during the AUTOPLAY mode.


At the Halloween slot the players can get one of the four jackpots. It isn't up for players what jackpot are they getting: it depends on the system only. If you'll get Clubs, it means that the size of the jackpot will be minimal, first level. Diamonds are the second level jackpot. Hearts — third level. The maximal, fourth level jackpot is brought by Spades.

The level and the size of the jackpot is shown at the right side of the card suit.

How to win at the Halloween slot

Advanced gamblers and experienced users are giving newbies some advices for raising their chances for a win on the Halloween slot machine:

  • Avoid playing too short and too long round series. It's better to choose something in between for this slot. Use the AUTOPLAY button after choosing the bet and the number of lines. You cannot edit this data during the free spins.
  • Play with the maximal number of the active prize lines. It will raise your chances for collecting the prize combinations.
  • Even in the demo-version of the game it's better to choose the average bet size. It's better to start spinning with the second level bets and to slowly raise them after some wins instead of setting the maximum sum from the start.
  • Take a short break after winning a lot. You can get too excited after winning and lose everything.
  • Don't play the risk game too often. The chance of winning it is only 50/50. The chances of winning in the normal game mode is higher.

As the developer states, the possibility of win at the Halloween slot is over 90%. Maybe the recommendations given above will raise your chances for the win even more.

And one more advice: choose the online casino with the Halloween slot carefully. This Internet webpage has to be trustworthy and checked, without any negative feedback and with a high percent of paying. Also this online casino shouldn't have any troubles with converting the currency and it has to work with different payment systems.

The myths about slot machines

There are some common misconceptions about the slot machines that you shouldn't trust at all. Those are groundless opinions followed by no one:

  • The possibility of winning IRL is higher than the possibility of winning at the online slot. It' wrong: the chances are equal.
  • Slots can be “hot” and “cold”. No one has won at the first ones for a long time, so it has a lot of coins and the next player obviously should get them. Cold ones are the machines without money, left without any because the last player left with a huge prize.
  • There are lucky hours for playing the online casino. The chances of the win actually do not depend on the day time, weather, month and other circumstances.
  • The RNG principle can be calculated. Sadly, it's also just a myth. There's no way for guessing what symbols and combinations the RNG will give out. It's just a computer, which is programmed for random drop of multipliers, combinations and prizes.
  • If you didn't win, the owners of the casino are to blame. Actually, you shouldn't blame the casino workers for your lack of luck. If you want to blame them for unfair gambling activity, you should remember that not every IT specialist can re-program slot machines. It's quite an expensive and hard process. No solid casino will risk their reputation, good feedback and license for easy money. The casino owners are getting money anyway. But it doesn't mean that you should trust everyone. Both IRL-casinos and online gambling resources have cases of unfair activities. So before choosing an online or offline casino, read the feedback on it. This establishment has to have a clear reputation and high percent of paying.

Carefully read different myths about slot machines to avoid the common mistakes.

Game Specs
  • Scatter Symbol Yes
  • Freespins Yes (10)
  • Gamble Game Yes