Extremely Hot
Extremely Hot

The Extremely Hot slot machine online from EGT company has five reels and five paylines. The theme is the fruit picking. A hot time is a time to collect fruits. The abundance of fruit entails progressive jackpots. When other symbols appear, the profit increases several times. The Extremely Hot has a classic symbol system with major fruits icons and minor play cards pictures.

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Extremely Hot slot machine online

Possible rates in video machine by EGT

In a cash game for free online, you can choose the amount that will be put at stake. Also, you have the possibility to choose and determinate bets in the very beginning. The winning can be increased: 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 times. At the bottom of the panel, there are special keys with the similar values.

By the way, you can make a spin manually by clicking on one of the number keys on the gameplay screen (rates) and savour every moment during reels rotation at the same time. You can also spin wheels automatically and impartially observe the process. You are unlikely to stay calm for a long time. With so many winning symbols, indifference has no place in the free slot machines.

Symbols and their capabilities in Extremely Hot video slot

There are eight winning symbols on the reels of the fruit machine. When plum, lemon, tangerine appear, a winning combination is:

  • When there are three fruit in a row – 20 coins;
  • When four – 50 coins;
  • When five fruit – you win 200 coins.

The Cherry gives more combos:

  • If two berries – you get 5 coins;
  • Three – you will win 20 coins;
  • Four – you pick up 50 coins;
  • If five berries in a row – 200 coins.

But the biggest payouts are given by symbols BAR and 7. BAR icon winning combinations are:

  • When three BAR in a row – 50 coins;
  • Four – 400;
  • Five – 1000 coins.

Combinations of seven symbols give:

  • When three – 100 coins;
  • Four – 1 000;
  • When 5 sevens in a row – 5 000 coins.

Specials symbols in video slot machines

Could the game be so fun without special pictures and progressive jackpots? In the fruit machine online free Extremely Hot both are present.

So, the gold shining star is the scatter. If appears in a row:

  • When three stars – a winning grows ten times;
  • Four Star - 50;
  • Five gold stars increase the profits 250 times.

You can win the jackpot when are plentiful of fruit. If lemons, tangerines, plums or cherries appear on three reels, the winning is tripled. If same fruits appear on four reels, the payout is quadrupled, and five pictures increase the winning five times.  

How to win on the fruit game machine

Each player (beginner or experienced) wants to play and not lose. It’s impossible to gain nothing on the slot Extremely Hot game for free online. But you can become the owner of a big winning. Visit the Strategy page or How to win on the slot to know more on this topic. Do not be afraid to take risks. Lady Luck loves the risky ones. Place your bets at 50, but hundred is really quite cool.

With this bet, maybe at the beginning of the game, you will lose a little bit. But when symbol combinations begin to appear, you will get your money back. The star appears on the slot machine almost every two-three rotations of the reels. The jackpot can come very soon.

Play and win with Extremely Hot. Extremely hot combinations and jackpots at a high stake are the reward for the risk. Win the jackpot and become the owner of a big payout.  You may try to play this video slot in [[$whereToPlayLinks]] casinos. Collect free spins games and other bonus features to get a real money win.

Game Specs
  • Scatter Symbol Yes
  • Gamble Game Yes