Burning Hot Sevens
Burning Hot Sevens

The game is played on five reels with five winning lines. The online slot is devoted to the fruit theme. With each rotation the fruit aim in your hands and promise a considerable gain. Free online slot Burning Hot Sevens made by EGT Company.

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Burning Hot Sevens free online slot

With what to begin

Free online slot games Burning Hot should be chosen among many other slots. Bright pictures adorn the drums. The buttons are of different colours, so it is difficult to mix up them. All the symbols and images are clear and stick in the memory.

Five reels locate a lot of ripe fruit and special symbols that make various combinations at each rotation.

There are 7 significant symbols, they are:

  1. Mandarins;
  2. Cherries;
  3. Bunches of grapes;
  4. Sevens;
  5. Bells;
  6. Quatrefoil;
  7. The dollar symbol.

When they lie, it is determined whether sink or swim. The value of the bet is equally important. If you are lucky in hitting a solid pile of coins, the elation will be provided for the whole evening.

There is a row of buttons in the lower part of the screen:

  • Credit;
  • The button with “5” symbol;
  • “10” button;
  • “25” button;
  • “50” button;
  • “100” button.

Firstly, you should define the rate. Figure symbols indicate the bet. At the beginning press the “Credit” button, then choose one of the figures. The credit sum is 50 thousand coins.

After the rate is chosen, you should decide whether you rotate the reel by hand, or turn on the automatic spin. It is simply to rely on the automatic rotation because the game becomes faster and winning combinations fall more quickly.

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You can win when the next combinations fall:

  1. Three cherries in a row, or tangerines, or grapes;
  2. Three dollar signs in a row or bells;
  3. The “Seven” symbol and any of the fruit;
  4. The “Quatrefoil” symbol and one of the fruit.

In the latter case the winning is doubled or tripled depending on the match of winning fruit. Rain of coins occurs because the quatrefoil is a wild symbol. The more matcher happens, the more solid jackpot is.

The dollar sign and bell are scatters. Combinations of bell symbols are winning on condition that bells fall on the first, third and fourth reels. The dollar sign is winning on any reel. When three scatters fall, the winning is doubled. How to win on the slot machine, follow the instructions. It will help to achieve results.

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Frequent jackpots resulting from multiple winning combinations is the peculiarity of the Burning Hot slot. The wild symbol “quatrefoil” falls often, especially when combined with fruit. Increasing of the gain occurs even when one quatrefoil falls. Imagine what happens when two or three ones fall. At such moments of double and triple success, you will feel endless rapture.

The most appropriate way to play is playing at the “25” rate. Since the gaming machine requires frequent jackpots, you will only win from setting that rate.

It is better to choose an automatic game mode. The minutes flow faster and you do not have to worry waiting for a miracle. After the first or second spin, the winning combination or two of them will not take long. And the rain of coins will shower you.

Even if you are not an old bird in the slot games, do not be timid near the Burning Hot slot. Each spin brings you closer to the victory. Make another rotation and jackpots will shower like hotcakes.

Free slot machines with free spins and bonus Burning Hot appeal to both novice and experienced gamblers. A lot of the winning combinations, the wild symbol and scatter promise substantial win.

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Game Specs
  • Scatter Symbol Yes
  • Automatic bonus Yes
  • Gamble Game Yes