First slots - year of release and features of modern slot machines

More than a hundred years had passed since the appearance of first mechanical gambling machine. The creators of original slot were Sittman and Pitt in New York, year of release - 1891. The design of that represented device was of the 5 reel, 50 symbols were the cards’ picture. “Poker” combination fallen on the coils brought the winning amount.

Liberty Bell - the year of issue of first one-armed bandit

After a few years, another American, Charles Fey introduced a new slot-machine. The design of his model is 4-11-44 also included 5 wheels and card symbols. But the machine produced a unique feature - a function of receiving the money. Due to this fact, Fey was officially recognized as the first man to create gambling slot machines.

The famous machine’s called Liberty Bell had incredibly simple mechanism, year of manufacture 1898. The model was consisted of three reels and five types of images. In addition to cards there were:

  • Horseshoe - a symbol of good luck;
  • Bells - due to this picture slot has got its name

Game’s on by pressing the iron lever. By virtue of this feature, the device became known as one-armed bandit.

Online slot machines today

Since then, the gambling world has changed crucially. The difference between the first legendary gambling creature and modern slot is huge:

  1. Firstly, the striking variety of functions, which we can see in nowadays pockie;
  2. Secondly, most of the games managed to migrate from offline to online. Virtual slots of last years’ release do not differ from their real brothers, and even surpass them in many ways. In addition, a variety of pleasing popular models and their updating. For example, Book Of Ra.

Main slot-machines features of different years’ release

Experienced players will immediately feel difference between models of devices with the same name, but of different ages. And changes can be so inessential, but users with big experience see all.

On the other hand, there are notable differences, which are easily detected by inexperienced players. It's not just about design features. Units made in format of classic one-armed bandits, but of different year release, can have unique qualities.

Big number of slots includes bonuses, various options of risk games and unique ways of collecting bonus combinations. Moreover, every year the world of gambling machines is increasing in quality and quantity. To feel this dynamic, gambler needs to play the slots of different years of release.

Look at example:

  • Always Hot, Ultra Hot, Ultra Hot Deluxe - iconic machine by company Novomatic. The releases of these models were in 2000-2006 years. The slots are presented with 3 or 5 drums with fruit characters, but without additional functions. These were classic one-armed bandits, but on the Internet.
  • Cherry Trio - new slot machine of 2016 presented by iSoftBet. This model includes 5 reels, 5 lines and fruit characters. But there is a global difference - prize options. Re-spin and Sticky Stacked Wild Symbol are special features in device’ functional.

The choice of game machine by year of release

It’s hard to say that one slot is better than another. Classic one-armed bandits made by famous creators are in popularity among fans of simplicity and brevity. In addition, they allow you to play at lower rates and have high winning coefficients.

The improved models will have popularity among bonus features’ lovers. Stakes here are also low. But the multipliers level is slightly higher.

This way, example above only shows how to choose slot machines, which suit you more in criteria of release year.

Operational search of online casino slots will not cause difficulties. Visitors can use the filtering system, sort by year of release.

If you can’t find this feature, it’s enough to go to New Online Slots section. There are all the hottest new products by well-known companies.

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