Short guide - how to play slots machines

In this section we will tell you what slot machine is, we will give you information about its mechanics, main terms on their control panels.

How to play on the slot machine

The principle of operation of a random number generator lies in the basis of modern slot machines. If you don’t know how to play slots machines, you’ll just need to press on start buttons, spin drums and collect winning combinations – these are all peculiarities of entertainment on such interfaces. Though, the control panel on the slot doesn’t have just start button. Learn more about slot machine game strategies on this page.

There are a lot of other, needed for the game settings and devices. Let's take a closer look at them.

Basic terms

Before examining the control panel let's study how to use a slot machine and the general terms, used on slot machines:

  • Reel is the vertical column on slot machine with symbols on it.
  • Line – payment line.
  • Bet – placed bet.
  • Raw is a horizontal line with symbols on the gaming field. It will also help you to understand how to play casino slots.
  • Wild is a multiplier. As a rule, this special symbol replaces other missing symbols and helps you to win.
  • Scatter is a special symbol, which starts bonus round or gives series of free spins to the players.
  • Free spins – series of free spins, during which wheels rotate at slot machine’s cost.
  • Respin – repeated spin of one of the wheels. The rest of them remain motionless.

The abovementioned notions are frequently used on each slot machine, because all developers are trying to stick to singe terminology.

Control panel

Control panels may vary, it depends on the developer, but still they have standard buttons with well-known names that will answer one of the questions of how to play slots machine.

Spin. It is the main start button, which starts single spin of reels.

Max Bet. It is the other start button, it starts round of maximally possible for the player and video slot number of spins (it is about the size rate and the number of active lines).

Autoplay. This interface starts series of continuous automatic spins. There may be the unlimited or limited number of them, for example 10, 25, 50, etc.

Line. While trying to find an answer how to play slots at casino, take into consideration that with the help of this option you can change the number of active prize lines on slots with not fixed number of lines.

Level / Bet / Bet Level. Here you can regulate the rate size.

Coin Value. This device sets the ratio between gaming currency and real money.

Win. Here you can see the amount of your prize.

Coins. In this window the current balance on player’s account is placed.

There are also buttons for setting the technical parameters of the slot: disabling or reducing the sound, regulation of spins speed, improvement of image quality. Apart from that, in order for each player to understand how to play free slots online almost every developer inserts informational buttons into his slot machine, where you can find description and rules of the game.

If you want to gain better understanding of how to play slots online in Pay Table and View Pays sections you may see the detailed description of symbols, winning combinations and amount of prizes for the particular round. It is advisable to take a look at these sections after changing the bet or the number of working winning lines.

How to start the game

You should find interesting for you slot, go to its page and start a game. Before spinning drums, we advise you to get acquainted with information about slot machine. The description of an issue how to play slots game and rules of slot machine developers place on Help, Info and on question mark buttons.

If it is your first game, it will be better to start acquaintance with free demo version. 

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