Lotto is a gambling activity that gave birth to lotteries. This game was founded back in XVI century, and haven’t changed much since then, it is still staying popular. At least one gambler out of ten who is entertaining in casino, prefers a lotto or a lottery.

How to play this game? What are the lotto rules? What are the chances to get lotto prize breakdown? Everything will be pretty easy, if luck is on your side. Lotto is a simple and interesting game that doesn’t require any special skills or abilities. You only need to be attentive and lucky, understand the game and react fast.

What do you need to play lotto

To start playing you need: a bag with plastic or wooden barrels, depicting numbers from 1 to 90 and a card with random numbers. Also, you need other players and a game master. Of course, you can study lotto rules and regulations and play this game by yourself, but it isn’t as interesting, and competition is an important part of this game. But if you have all the equipment, you can try playing alone to train.

In the real game quite a big amount of players is needed. Small halls for lotto (or bingo) can contain up to 200, or even 300 people. Each one of them has their own unique card and own set of barrels to cover the numbers, named by the game master.

So, for the simplest version of lotto you need:

  • non-transparent bag with numbered barrels;
  • special cards with numbers (classical game has 24 cards, in modern versions there can be an infinite amount of various cards);
  • lotto rules for winning also require chips for covering the numbers on the card.

You’ll also need to have some luck on your side, but since it isn’t something material, it isn’t listed in the items list.

So, if you have everything listed above you’re good to start!

Kinds of lotto

Each set of gaming equipment can be used in different ways. Just as you can play various kinds of poker with one classical card deck, you can play different kinds of lotto using the same set of items. Among the most popular versions of lotto there are:

  • Normal lotto;
  • Abbreviated lotto;
  • 3x3 lotto.

Each one of those kinds has its own specifics and some differences of the lotto betting rules, even though the main principle of the game and the gaming process are always the same.

Normal lotto

This version of lotto is the simplest one. In this version the player gets three cards. To win, the player has to fill all numbers on his gaming card with chips. The player who finishes filling the card first is the winner and he gets all the money. You can also fill 2 numbers and bonus ball on national lottery.

Abbreviated lotto

In this type of lotto, the winner is the one who is first to fill the line. For this kind of game only one card is used, and the rounds are quick. This type of lotto can be called “express game”, since lotto rules and prizes allow to play the biggest amount of rounds in the smallest amount of time.

3x3 lotto

In this game the speed of filling the card isn’t the only thing that matters; the location of those lines also does. If the player fills the first line on his gaming field, his bet will be doubled. The filled bottom line will end the game: the player wins and gets all money.

How to play lotto

Playing lotto is really simple. If you’re playing a table-top version at home, you have to choose the game master, first. In clubs with lotto and bingo there are establishment workers to play the role of game master. Before the beginning of bets, according lotto max rules and regulations all players get cards and barrels for covering the numbers.

When the eyes down (the game start) is announced, the game master starts to take out barrels and declare the numbers on them. The player searches for this number on his card, and if it’s present - covers it with a barrel. If this number is absent, the player waits for next number.

One may ask how many lotto numbers needed to win? We have an answer to this question. The one who covers the whole card (or a certain line, depending on the game rules) first, takes the prize.

Lotto’s popularity

Lotto is played all around the world with the same passion. In countries where gambling activities are outlawed there are clubs for lotto and bingo, or separate stands, or just establishments, holding lotteries. All lotteries have lotto raffle draw rules and work on altered principle of the lotto. The players have to buy cards, where the numbers are already marked, or cards without numbers, where you can place them by yourself. After that the players have to wait for a raffle, where machines are used to determine the random numbers. If the row of numbers of your card fully corresponds to random numbers given by machines – you’re getting a lottery jackpot.

Also, there are instant lotteries, where the player can find out lotto rules and use bonus ball to get a prize right after buying a ticket. To do this, you need to erase the protective layer, or deploy a ticket to see your prize. The prizes of those lotteries are minimal, but the pleasure caused by win is still there. That’s why lotteries are one of the most popular kinds of gambling activities all around the world.