Dice game – it’s a popular variety of one-armed bandit games which implies the legendary throwing dice. The user needs that the numeric value of thrown dice was equal to the declared number or a combination. Dice games for gambling are designed for adult online players who bet for the money and include such popular games like bitcoin and craps. Learn about all the features of our one-armed bandits - in this article.

Dice games instructions provide hexagonal dice to each player for a greater probability of winning. Each six-sided die is marked numerical values from 1 to 6. The sum of two values of adjacent sides must be equal to 7. Each player can have from one to five dice. The winner is the one with the highest total value of all dice.

Since the range of dice games is quite wide, dice games rules include additional parameters for each game.

How to play dice games

As a rule, dice games have a control panel of only a few buttons. To start, the player needs to bet on the possible game outcomes by clicking and dragging them on numeric values of the field. Then, throw the dice on the field by clicking the Roll key and wait for the result. If you want to play at the same stake in the next round, then click on Repeat. Udo key removes all bets.

Rules and variety of games

Dice game on a one-armed bandit is presented in different variations. One of the most popular games is Dice Game 10000 online with six dice:

  • It is necessary to score 10,000 points.
  • The game continues as long as the roll brings turns and prize values.
  • If it is a prize roll, the winning dice are reserved.
  • Other objects can be activated or approved by points.
  • Reserved dice do not participate in the following round.
  • If all dice are winning, the player gets a full house. He can spend points to restore all game objects.
  • If a round does not bring positive results, scores for prizes in previous rounds are burned.
  • To put the dice in the pool, click The die or Move on. To remove a die from the pool, simply drag it onto the playfield.

You can also play the game with two bones in dice games with 2 dice. Among them, the most popular are “High Dice”, “More-Less”, “Chicago” and “13” with an unlimited number of players. Dice games craps are considered the simplest games with two bones. The player must bet on a specific result and then make a throw. If the result of a roll matches with a bet, the player instantly receives a reward.

Dice games bunco consists of six rounds. During a round, players in turns roll 3 dice to find out the opponent's number. Users earn one point for each respective die. If a player gets three winning dice, he earns 21 points – the maximal gain. In Dice games with 6 dice, users play a six-sided die. Any of the 6 values occur with an equal probability of 16.67%. In dice games bitcoin, the player can earn 1-2% from prizes of other users. In Japanese dice games, the player is to make a bet on the numerical value of a die. He can remove all stakes or play at them on the next roll.

Dice games for adults – a series of games with thematic images and inscriptions for adults.

In 5 dice games rules player are proposed to use the following strategies for the effectiveness of the winning:

  1. Beat That. Roll five dice to create the greatest possible number. For example, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 can bring 54, 321 points.
  2. Run For It. Throw five dice on the field. You get 5 points for every bone, run 1-2-3 has three numbers in a sequence and is 15 points. Each roll of dice can include more than one run. The first player to score 100 points wins the round.
  3. Dice-1000. Start by rolling five dice at a time. Collect 100 points for each variation of a die and 50 points for each variation of five dice. If you throw three dice, multiply that number by 100 to calculate points (set of three fours brings 400 points).
  4. Stuck in the Mud. Roll 5 dice. Add all pips of all five dice but twos and fives. Take these dice until calculations of points. The next player gets a turn only when all of your dice are reserved. The winner is a player to get the most points after five rounds.

One-armed bandit rules in games with dice are difficult enough to grasp. Nevertheless, chosen strategies significantly increase the probability of winning. Learn more about the options in the game in the book dice games properly explained.

Most popular dice games

Dice games list is a list of the most popular games with bones:

  • Yahtzee. The player is given 5 dice and 3 throws. In each roll, the player throws whatever number of dice to produce a set. You are to make as many prize-winning combinations as possible to get the prize.
  • Farkle. A game with a 6-face dice. After each roll, the player is to make a set. If a player has collected successful combinations in all 6 rounds, he will be awarded a prize. The maximum gain is 10,000.
  • Boogle. Dice have letters instead of numbers on the sides. The player is to make a word of them.
  • Dungeons and Dragons. The basis of the game is the movement of dice on the playfield to the target. This game can use all sorts of different dice such as d4, d8, d10, d12 and d20.
  • Strat-O-Matic. Every player in the top league has its own map. With the roll of two dice, the result is taken either from the inside of the card or from the outside, depending on claimed numerical value.

There is a wide variety of games with dice because it is a very old game. Today, it is represented as dice games casino, dice games for money and dice games online.

History of one-armed bandit dice game

Dice have come to us from ancient Egypt and Rome. Previously, they served to ritualistic purposes and have been banned by the church. Later, dice were the subject of wealth in the privileged class. In the Age of Enlightenment, the game has lost the excitement surrounding it, but these days it is stirred up again. Today, one-armed bandits presented dice games on online sites and casinos to get both virtual and real prizes.

Download and play for free dice games on a one-armed bandit is now available to everyone. Winning strategies are pretty effective to allow playing for money. Among dice games gambling, especially popular are dice games 10,000 online and dice games bitcoin due to the greatest probability of winning. In many cases, to get the win, it is necessary to act to the contrary. For example, to lose first five rolls at the smallest stakes. After five losses, you can try to make a big bet, because the probability of winning, in this case, will be 95%. If there is an option of doubling the bet, it is best to use it. In the case of a draw, the player will receive more than he staked.