Poker casino is the most popular card game in the world. It is known to almost every person at an early age, but very few people know about the history. Disputes regarding the origin of poker will continue indefinitely, but there are two versions that are universally recognised: the game originates around 1500 year in Italy and Germany. Poker has reached the peak of development 500 years later and now any adult player can try his luck in poker in every German or Italian gambling venue.

As for casino poker rules players use different decks for the game, but usually it is a standard deck with 54 cards. Up to 10 people can sit at the gaming table at the same time.

It is worth noting, that in each country, the principle of the game (not just poker but other casino games) can be different, and before sitting at the game table, you should carefully learn the rules.

Card Combinations

As any other game, poker has its own combinations of cards. Before the game, it would be helpful to carefully examine all the details and rules, and if you are a beginner and play poker for the first time, be sure to ask the dealer to conduct a trial game to understand the essence faster. There are such combinations of cards in poker:

  • Royal Flush;
  • Straight Flush;
  • Square;
  • Full house;
  • Flush;
  • Strip Seth;
  • Two pairs;
  • One pair;
  • High Card.

The dealer will describe each of the above combinations before the game.

Poker for beginners

Those users, that want to get to know this card game better, have to do as follows:

  1. Learn main combinations;
  2. Understand the game rules;
  3. Remember the positions behind the playing table;
  4. Learn the terms from a poker vocabulary.

There are manу poker types. One of the most popular ones is Texas Hold’em. It’ll be better for a beginner if they choose this game as their first step into the world of poker.

Rules of Texas Hold’em

This kind of poker is almost the very popular one. Aside from that, it’s pretty easy to learn the rules of Texas Hold’em.

The main goal of the game is to get a big combination of 5 cards. Two of those are on player’s hands, and three more the player gets from the special set at the table (there are five of those).

Texas Hold’em consists of several stages:

  • Each player gets two cards (Hole cards, pocket cards) turned upside down. Those individual cards the player will use with other, main ones, to form combinations. After the first card distribution the first betting stage begins.

The first stage is called preflop. The player has next options:

  1. Follow the bet;
  2. Increase the bet (call);
  3. Fold (fold).

The latter situation is relevant in case of player having small cards from the start. At this point the player can get a minimal combination of two identical cards.

  • The dealer puts three opened cards at the table, that can create a good combination when combined with cards owned by players. For example, the player has a Jack and Ten, and during the flop there are 7, 8 and 9 at the table. This means that the player managed to get a Street. After first distribution of cards the players can take part in betting once again. The player can, once again, use a fold, call or follow the bet.
  • At this stage (Turn) the fourth card gets to the table. Then the players will bet again, just like for the first two times.
  • The last stage of card distribution is called river. The fifth card gets to the table. Then the last betting takes place. Those players who didn’t fold the cards are opening their cards. The winner is determined by the combination of cards, which means that the one who have managed to get the biggest combination of all gets the bank.

Mandatory bets of poker card game

Each card distribution has two mandatory bets. It’s one of the main conditions of this game. The thing is, the Texas Hold’em uses a dealer button. This coin moves clockwise from one player to another. If the dealer stops by some player, this player will be the one to put the last bet. This situation is quite lucky, since before betting the player can track the actions of other players.

The first two players are sitting to the left from dealer. They have to make two mandatory “blind bets”:

  1. small blind (a half of the minimal bet size) from the closest to the dealer player;
  2. big blind (minimal poker rates bet) by the second player.

After finishing the gaming party the dealer’s gaming coins moves to the next player. This way all players will have to use blind bets. This algorithm is required for stopping players from keeping their banks by folding.

Now you know the basic rules of poker. But to learn the art of Texas Hold’em you have to practice. If you’re a beginner, we can offer you to try the poker online or offline free tournaments. Only then you should try playing for real money.

The development of poker in Germany

In Germany, offline poker wasn’t popular for a long time, but this has changed over the years. Now, this is a game of millions. Moreover, first tournaments on the channel Sports appeared, which made poker more popular. Germany began to follow world trends and gaming tables were installed in the most famous casinos. Pioneers are Hamburg and Berlin. The final breakthrough of poker in Germany is closely related to the TV show “TV Total Poker Night”. In this show, entertainer Stefan Raab invited guests from show business, sports and politics to a poker duel.

A poker table can be found in every casino in Germany. This is one of the most popular gambling activities among Germans. Most casinos offer several variations of casino poker games. Omaha and Texas Hold'em are quite popular. But we must not forget that the rules are different, though games and similar to each other.

Poker is popular in every casino of Germany, of course, but the favourite version is Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. Every year, there are tournaments on national and international level. It became possible due to the location of the largest online poker room, which occupies an entire floor of a gambling venue. Thanks to theatre “Sternberg” located in the same complex, up to 500 players can test their luck simultaneously as theatre halls are used as a playing area during the tournament.

Spielbank on the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin is considered to be a luxury gambling institution when it comes to poker in Germany. Here, exciting live cash games are held daily with up to 16 tables. There are ambitious beginners and pros, celebrities and tourists at these tables. In November 2015, this casino hosted a World offline poker tournament, which was the first one on German land.

In 2011, the first German young Pius Heinz won at the World Cup of Poker. After that, a real poker boom has covered the whole country and poker free slots began to gain more and more popularity among the inhabitants of Germany. Everyone wanted to try their hand in poker tournaments and most casinos have expanded gambling halls. Now, the game is available in each gambling venue of the country.

According to casino poker rules and etiquette at the entrance, you need to show identification card as only adults can play legally. To do this, you must buy chips in a casino and then select one of the poker tables. Working with chip takes some practice, but do not worry, there always are players visiting a casino for the first time.

Casinos in Germany has a wide range of bets. Buy-ins start at low double digits and then rise above.

Cash game tournaments with widely known variant of Texas Hold'em and Omaha are often organised there.

Poker clubs in Germany – tournaments and rewards

Outside a casino, there are many tournament organisers. One of the most famous and biggest poker clubs in Germany are:

  1. The German Poker Days has been existing for about 7 years, it is placed in the north, west and centre of Germany at 20 fixed locations, mainly in cities with a population of 25,000 residents. Casino gamesorganisers offer participation in small tournaments with 50 participants and in major events with 125 players. Buy-ins range from 10 to 20 euros, and winners of the tournament are awarded gift vouchers and prizes, such as systems Hi-Fi, Blu-Ray players, digital cameras and navigators;
  2. Poker Bundesliga calls itself Germany's largest amateur poker league for beginners and experienced players. The “Association of German poker operators” is the organiser. Since 2008, the Bundesliga poker participates in championships and live events all over Germany every year. All participants must pay a small entry fee to compete with other gamblers and play video poker casino. In these championships, it is not about money but about specially made bracelets, which mainly have a sentimental value. The final nine players of the Bundesliga will fight for victory in the German competition “Gold bracelet”, where the winner will receive his decoration with four diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

Inveterate gamblers from Europe, America and CIS countries book their game on poker tournaments for half a year before.

In Germany, poker slots games for money is permitted only in casinos with state licenses. Outside gambling venues, only low buy-ins can spread, and an organiser can offer only adjustable prizes.

Poker in Italian casinos

Casino games in Italy are available to all players, whose age has reached 18 years. Of course, poker is popular here. The game is a kind of a traditional poker in Italy with a jackpot.

Jackpot is electronically controlled; the sum can be easily checked on the display above the gaming table. At the time when a player places his bet, the overall number is automatically updated and increased.

Gamestake place at the table for 7-10 people. The variation of Texas Hold'em is also available in the “cash” mode, which is a variation of the classic poker with a deck of 54 cards. Tables in the poker slots, as a rule, have no restrictions from the perspective of buy-ins: the minimum is from 1 to 50 euros and the maximum is from 2 to 100 euros. The biggest bet in Texas Hold'em of Italy is 15,000 euros.

On the January 13, 2016, there was the event dedicated to the opening of a new casino poker online: Russian Poker. It is a new product in Western Europe. From the first minutes of the existence, it became popular in Italian casinos among both locals and guests from around the world. The rules give the opportunity to play “open” or “blind” by choice. The maximum number of players at the table is four.

Poker Rooms in Italy – 4 main gambling rooms

Italian poker rooms are offered in all casinos of the country. There are a wide variety and range of poker games. But first, you must start with choosing the best one. Top poker rooms are located in 4 largest casinos of Italy:

  • San Remo house offers Texas Hold'em – a game with a deck consisting of 52 French cards. After the deal, each participant makes his bet. The goal is to achieve the highest score with five cards (two in hands, three on the table). If Texas Hold'em is held as a tournament, then the poker room must contain at least 10 participating players. Prior to the beginning of the game, total size of bets is specified to be given to the winners afterwards. The room certainly has video surveillance.
  • Casino Campione in Italy offers a new regulation of Poker Jackpot from August 2015. The opportunity to participate in a further progressive jackpot on free game poker machine is given during a weekly tournament. It works as follows: players make a stable and a one-time fee of 5 euros during the registration in the poker room. Reserving a game is possible up to Level 2 of the tournament, and the draw takes place in the final.
  • Italian poker room at the Casino of Venice is located in an elegant historical palace on the third floor, where local tournaments are held every weekend and world – twice a month. Classic Poker and Texas Hold'em are available to all adult guests daily.
  • Poker room in Italy Casino Saint Vincent is a type of a traditional poker and jackpot due to the high chance of winning in free casino games. The game is played at a semi-circular table with up to 7 players. There are two positions “Ante” and “Bet”. You must enter a bet in the slot on the front, which is the closest to the dealer before the game.

Italian poker rooms: rewarding winners

Award ceremony takes place on the last Sunday of the month. It is necessary to have a document confirming the identity and always meet the dress code.

Italian poker rooms, in addition to classic poker slot machine game, also offer to take a break between games or celebrate the victory in a bar or a lounge. A restaurant provides a menu with a wide selection of local dishes and Italian authorial desserts from worldwide known pastry chefs. Some gambling venues contain a special room reserved for smoking.

Junket tours to Italy: a targeted casino trip

Entertaining tours to Italian casinos became popular 5 years ago with the emergence of a new industry in world tourism, which was called “junket tour”. The main task is to prepare a perfect package of proposals given wishes, capabilities and preferences of each guest individually. Usually, making a plan begins with the selection of the best casinos in Italy: San Remo casino of Venice, Campione D'italia and Saint Vincent. Worldwide poker tournaments are held annually in several seasons. Tables, schedules and games of each casino are different and you need to be very careful when choosing.

Poker Tour to Italy – an individual travel package for every player

During Italy poker tour, players are provided with housing and meals. Almost all gambling houses offer a hotel on site, if it is absent, a guest can choose a room in the best hotel near the city. Modest standards and luxurious suites with views of mountains or a lake are designed for a single person or a couple, as well as the whole family with children. Rooms with all amenities and the best conditions will please guests and make a vacation as comfortable as possible during the breaks between poker machine games.

Italy poker tour also provides a discount on the restaurant menu with a high global cuisine and a lounge bar. If the guest arrives with children, the children's room with a nanny is available. And for the ladies, there is a special surprise prepared: discounts in fashion boutiques and shops.

Italy casino tours are usually intended for 7 days and 8 nights. Administration books a plane ticket and provides free transfer to the hotel on arrival, and then to the gambling club. For variety, in addition to poker tournaments, you can try your luck in classic games: blackjack, baccarat, roulette. Also, the latest models of online slots with updated graphics and musical accompaniment are waiting for players up to the closure of a casino. All participants will receive special poker tour discounts and unique offers.

Award ceremony takes place on the last Sunday of a month. You must abide by a strict dress code at the ceremony: tie and jacket for men and elegant evening dress for ladies. All participants receive a Club Card, which allows not to spend time on the registration.

New Poker Channel in Italy with top commentators

Poker Channel 24tv in Italy enjoys a crazy popularity. A well-known game has conquered hundreds of thousands of players and recently appeared on TV screens and monitors.

Poker 24 is a pack of shows, which include topics revealing the concept, history and innovative game formats. Connecting it is elementary and takes a few minutes. It was founded on February 26, 2010, so today it is already 6 years old.

A poker machine game gets its own space on “Poker Italia 24” channel – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week completely dedicated to games: interviews, events, tournaments and everything that surrounds it.

After a fabulous launch of the new TV channel, an exclusive invitational tournament with 30 best Italian players was organised. This event has added even more popularity.

Channel “Poker Italia 24tv”is broadcasted online and via satellite and terrestrial television. Commentators are well-known personalities, starting with radio host James Valenti known as “Ciccio Valenti”, as well as the brothers Fabio and Maurizio Caressa (the latter is the manager of the channel) and Alberto Russo – the official voice.

“Poker Italia 24tv” with the main show “Night Poker” in the evening and night-time gather the largest audience because of tournaments with strong and well-known players. Gianni Giaroni, Fabrizio Baldassari, Salvatore Pengue, Alessandro Pastura and Francis Nguyen compete each other every second Saturday of the month.

On the channel “Poker Italia 24 TV online”, which is available on the Internet, there are broadcasts of the World Cup – the most famous heads-up, held annually in Las Vegas since 2006. It is led by commentators Pucci, comic Eldorado and Superbaldas Baldassari.

Strategies and the organisation of games on the Italian channel “Poker Italia 24tv”

Casino tournaments on “Poker Italia 24 frequency hotbird” are not the only program on the channel, there are special services offered: online questions for great poker players to enhance technical skills and learn the most common tricks and strategies for playing on poker slots machine.

The channel specializes in organising events in gambling halls and book is available in any land-based casino in Italy. Also, there is an exclusive tournament Poker Night – the first brand in the gaming industry on the TV. A “Challenge” tournament organisers initial games for new teams in collaboration with the leading operators in the country.