Pai Gow Poker
Pai Gow Poker

The Pai Gow Poker casino card game table top game started as a Chinese variation of domino. Later it was upgraded to a card game by Americans, that combined the rules of classical Chinese Pai Gow and the simplest variation of American Poker. The reeland of modern online video slot Pai Gow Poker game depicts a dragon – that’s a reference to Chinese roots of the original game. The game able is half-roundish and is colored blue. To find out poker rules visit special page. 

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Pai Gow Poker casino card game

Mechanics of game process

Firstly, the player has to place a bet. To do that, they have to choose the chip nominal from 7 offered options. The maximal bet for one round is 300 euros, the minimal is 1 euro. The bets are to be placed at the “Bet” field of the reeland, and then the player starts the round.

To take off the bets before the beginning of the round, the player can used the “take  off” button. If the player wishes to use the same bet for the next round, there is a “Repeat Bet” button for this case. Also these all slots free games have a randomizer, that automatically distributes the cards.

The main goal of this game is to form two combinations of cards to beat the combinations formed by virtual free slots games opponent. In this case the player gets tips; or he can try to do it by himself. In this game a standard card deck is used, that has 52 cards and one joker. This card deck is being shuffled after each round. Maybe you would like other card game like baccarat

To win a round the player has to defeat the virtual opponent by two combinations called “hands” - older and younger ones. Both players use seven cards from the card deck to form combinations. The “older” hand has five cards, and the “younger” one – only two. By the rules of Pai Gow Poker, one of all slots online casino free games, the “older” one has to dominate over the younger one.

Pai Go Poker Rules

The Pai Gow Poker uses card combinations similar to classical poker. Joker card can only be a part of combinations “street-flush”, “flush” and “street”; if the joker gets into other combinations, it becomes equal to Ace. To choose cards for a younger hand the player has to click those cards, and they automatically will get into the special position. After making the decision, the player has to press the “Ready” button, and then the virtual opponent opens his cards for game to compare their results of casino slot machines game and declare the winner.

Pai Gow Poker lacks such details like jackpot or bonus rounds, so it’s not one of the free slot machines with bonus rounds. If both hands have won the round, the player gets a prize in 1 to 1 ratio. If only one combination is a winning one, it means a draw. If the virtual opponent wins the game, the player loses his bet.

Many ancient games came back to life thanks to companies engaged in development of gaming software. Born in ancient times and mixed with American gambling games, Pai Gow became a unique entertainment with a numerous audience, thanks to non-standard features received from poker. Even those players who don’t find card games interesting might like the Pai Gow Poker slot machines.

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