Blackjack Mini
Blackjack Mini

The casino table game Blackjack Mini from Playtech Company is a card board game, based on the rules of the game of the classic blackjack. The game is called Mini because the interface is designed in a restrained style, without bright realistic 3D additions, and the playfield occupies a small part of the screen. If you want to play on your mobile device, see a list of available games on our website.

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Blackjack Mini table game

How to play on the device

The game is played with 6 decks of cards, and the main goal is to get 21 points or the number of points greater than that the dealer, but not more than 21.

On the screen of the slot online is presented a gaming table with 3 positions on which you can place the bets and the cards, and below is located the control panel.

On the control panel at the bottom left are located personal settings of the game, where you can:

  • Turn off all sounds in the game;
  • Expand the game in full screen;
  • Adjust the volume of sounds and music;
  • Disable the notifications in the game;
  • Open an info window, which describes the basic rules of the game.

Next is the button Login, designed to register or login to your account in order to start playing for real money. If the game takes place in the free demo version, the player's balance has 2000 credits. Anyway, you can find more free game on our site but if you want to play online for real money visit the [[$whereToPlayLinks]] casinos.

At the top of the screen of the slot game, there is a panel with arrows, where you can choose the chips values from 0.1 to 100 credits. Choosing one of them, you can make a bet on the field. By pressing the left mouse button again, the chips will be placed at the position of the desired result.

On each of the 3 positions on the table, you can bet different amounts. In the free mode, the minimum rate is 1 credits, and the maximum – 300.

If the player has changed his mind about the betting sum, he can click "Remove bets" and all chips will move back to their places. The "double" button – automatically increases the bet in 2 times.

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When all bets on the desired number of hands are made in the slot machine to play for fun free, press the Deal button. Alternately, from right to left will be given 2 cards for each hand, the dealer receives the latest. The first card of the opponent is open.

Then over the hand appears an arrow, offering one of the 3 events:

  1. Stop – if you no longer need to collect points;
  2. Take – if you want to take another card. You can take any number of times, as long as it doesn't overpass the number;
  3. Double – put another chip on the equal value on the same hand, and automatically receive another card. At this, the round is over, to take another card will be impossible.

Once these actions are committed on every hand, the dealer opens and the earned points are counted. Immediately it becomes evident, on what positions there was a victory and on what positions not.

After all payments on the screen will be displayed the "repeat bet" button and repeat the bet and deal – if none of these options satisfied the player, he can re-select the desired chip and manually make the bet on the table.


The insurance in the free slot machine online is offered to the player, if the dealer has got Ace to save part of the money in the case of blackjack. On the screen, a small window pops up, where you will note your answer. In the case of the consent, the player pays half the rate as insurance, and if the concerns are justified, it is paid at double rate, and if not, then just will be burned.

The cards' values and payments

The value of each card in the deck of 52 pieces corresponds to a certain number of points:

  • From 2 to 10 bring the same number of points;
  • All others give 10 points;
  • The Ace is worth 1 or 11 points.

The Blackjack – is a set of two cards, bringing a total of 21 points exactly. The first is always Ace, and the second from 10 to King. For such combination, the player receives a prize in the amount of 1.5 of the placed bet.

If the total of the points on the one hand is higher than the casino, but less than 21, then the player wins 1: 1 (e.g., he bets 1 chip, took 2).

If the dealer and the player have equal number of points wins the draw and the money go back to the player's balance.

The round is lost, in the case if the scored is more than 21 points, or if a player had accumulated fewer points than the casino.

The dealer always picks the cards up to 16 points, but has to stop at 17.


After the deal, the player may be in the hands two identical cards and on this hand will appear the proposal play a split. In this case, a pair can be divided into two hands. On each of them is given cards and is placed an additional bet of the same amount as the original. Get cards into the hands can be as much as needed, except in the case in which the Aces were split. Then to each is added just 1 card, if in one of the split hands scored 21 points, it is not counted as Blackjack.

The theoretical return in the machine Blackjack Mini is 99.58%

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