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Every slot machine has its own characteristics and for successful game user should know how to find a way around a particular slot. This is why we created slots reviews section, where anyone can find out all the secrets and rules of the slot machine of choice.

All slots review

The first slots in the business were all quite simple, however, eventually with the gained popularity and wide spread of slot machines on the Internet, the number of functions and bonus features began to grow rapidly. but, in our free slot machine reviews you will learn all the possible characteristics of slot machines.

The major characteristics are:  

  • The number of reels and lines.
  • Specifics of symbols and combinations.
  • Is there a bonus or risk game and additional rounds.
  • Restrictions connected with countries (available or not) and slots rating.
  • Jackpot payouts.

For your convenience we divided all online slots reviews on several sub-sections that shows the most interesting details about the rules and the history of slots. Among these sections there are:

  1. How to play – rules of the game, how to handle the slot machine (start, reel spins, major options and parameters). 
  2. How to win over – methods of successful gameplay, that can bring the biggest winnings.
  3. Secrets – hidden trademarks and functions, which will help to get good game profits. Sometimes slots can even have hidden ‘Easter Eggs’ which will open after some specific actions.  
  4. Myths about slot machines – misconceptions and old ideas which only do players all harm and no good.
  5. History – it can be very interesting and sometimes even fascinating to find out about the development of some slots series or what influenced the provider’s choice.
  6. Themes – shows the details of the theme and topic of the slot machine. It is very interesting that some main characters of slots are taken from popular movies, comics while others are originally authentic. 

If you don't know how to play, read the main slot rules in the corresponding section.

Review of online slots – this is how you get more!

The unprecedented advantage of slot machines reviews is – better understanding of the game and info on how to get skills; that will help to hit more winnings. Among the number of instructions on the game there will be presented online slots real money reviews, which will give users more options of on how to handle the website. It is no secret that playing on the free slot machines – is a good way to practice, while the main task is still –  to win the maximum sum of money.

If you want to know:

  • How fruit theme gained such worldwide popularity?
  • When did the first bonus games appeared?
  • From where do come the myths about slot machines?
  • How many lines should you activate to have a successful game?
  • Is there any slots’ secrets and trademarks? And if there are, where you can find them?

Of course, you want to know! Read our slots reviews and learn about most topical and useful info!

System of the slot

Each slot machine has a reeland where the drums are rotating with symbols on them and the control panel. On different models of slots, you can meet the blocks that are responsible for various parameters. Basically the control panel has a lot of buttons, among which we will single out a few basic:

  • Buttons for reels rotations (Start, Spin) and start of the game.
  • Line selection buttons (Lines), determine the number of paylines.
  • Autoplay – a button that starts the automatic spins, that are executed without player.
  • Bet, Bet / Line, Coins – keys that determine bet rates. Many things in the game depend on the bet size, so you should give it a considerable amount of attention.
  • Information block (options: View pays, Paytable, Info) – show the details about the game, by clicking on this button, you can learn about the rules of the game, simple and special symbols, as well as the specific features of the slot. All of this information will also be provided in the casino slots review.

There much more different keys that are peculiar to more exotic models.

Reels and paylines

Although, now there are a lot of slots variations and all of them are described in our reviews on online slots, there are two types of slot machines, more usual for gamblers:

  • Three-reel slot machines, the classic format.
  • Modern slots with five reels, with button interface.

Why slots manufacturers have chosen 3 and 5 reels? It happened not randomly at all, but was based on the popular game – the poker itself. The first machines were using different symbols (stars, horseshoes) and people did not associate it with gambling, but after the appearance of card suits the situation changed dramatically, and the players got into the theme. A little bit later, the number increased to five reels, as in usual poker.

Themes and symbols

On the many of slots review sites, you can get acquainted with the amazing themes – from classic fruit to the superhero theme and space adventures.

What is the origin of fruit symbols on the slot machines?

The origins of stories and themes for the slots are very interesting, some of them became classic and some even legendary. One of these early authentic themes is the fruit one. In the United States, business owners in order to avoid penalties and charges for the gambling game started using “fruit characters” on the slot. The first company to do that was Bell-Fruit Gum, they ordered the slot with the images of fruit on the play field. The buyer had to throw a few coins to make a combination. Famous «Bar» symbol used to be a logo of the company, and for the combo with it would be given the most unpopular chewing gum. Later, the Bell-Fruit Gum company started the slot machines business. The paying system was like this: the player would win the chewing gum and then trade it with the bartender for money or drink - and that is like a vending machine what does not violate the law.

Based on the card theme and adopting poker style, most of the developers are putting on their slots basic card characters “10”, “J”, “Q”, “A” and “K”, even in spite of the fact that slot machines for a long time now have overtaken the Card Games in popularity.

In addition to simple characters, which are the basis of the game on the machine, there is some very important pictures present:

  • Scatters.
  • Wild symbols.
  • Bonus symbols.

What is a scatter on the slot machine?

Scatter symbol – is a unique symbol that often triggers the bonus game, and also allows you to win prizes, regardless of the position it appeared on the reeland. Plus, the scatter symbol can provide a generous amount of free spins.

Wild symbol – is a unique helper that allows player to replace the images they lack in order to produce a combination.

Bonus symbol – is more rarely used, sometimes it replaces the scatter. It usually starts the bonus rounds.

Bonus games

After many years of monotonous rotations on the 3 or 5 reels in 1996 finally appeared a machine that was able to offer players something more.
It had a bonus game, which was launched after collecting a specific combination. This game was Reel'Em, and was created by WMS Industries. Once the bonus game combination was collected, game moved to the additional screen. Thanks to this, new producers and developers have mastered one more secret of success and started applying additional games, and using more images.

Now a lot of different slot machines are available on the mini-devices, and you can verify this info by reading ipad slot games review. But the bonus rounds became a real eye-opener. To start the bonus games, you need to find special characters for example – scatter.

Generally, all the bonus games can be divided into two types: automatic and with a plot. In the second option, the players themselves are involved in the bonus round and number of prize credits depends on it, and in the first option, the game does everything automatically. 

If you want to get more information about bonuses, visit the our bonuses page

Risk game – is an amazing option for gamblers

Another bonus game is the risk round, to which is given a lot of attention on the slots review. This game gives you an opportunity to multiply the prizes received during the ordinary spins by several times. Often in such a game for double, users will see a simple choice of two alternatives, for example, card suit or colors.

Basically in this game you will encounter five steps that can significantly enrich your balance.

Free spins and re-spins – are a great chance to get more!

Although, in addition to the bonus games, even more commonly you will see the free spins - bonus rotations of the reels during which you can acquire a very good amount of credits. Basically, they run after the drop of a few special characters.

Progressive jackpots –  the dream of every gambler

The most delicious thing that player can get on the slot is the jackpot. Developers of the online slot machines add to their machines so-called progressive jackpots. This is a prize, money for which are collected from many slots, and can be won on one of them. For the first time such an option was applied in 1986. At that time, the International Game Technology made the network of Megabucks slots, which collected an additional prize pool. In 2003 was won the progressive jackpot, which amounted to $ 39 million.

Now the system of jackpots is used throughout the land-based and online casinos.

Game strategy on slots

In the sections “How win over the slot machine" and "Secrets of the game" there will be revealed many fascinating features about how to interact with the slot.

The strategy would always differ depending on the volatility of the machine, variations and the number of bonuses, as well as bet rates. Also, the mathematicians believe that the size of winnings does not depend on the number of active lines.

In general, it is very difficult to outwit the slot, but gamblers believe that there are algorithms to maximize the winnings. However, in the probability theory have found some regularity, which is expressed in two positions:

  • If there a small number of lines - winnings will be very rare, but they will bring a large amount of credits.
  • A large number of lines ensures frequent but small payments.

From this we can conclude that if you have plenty of time it is better to play on several lines.

Some important secrets of slot machines

Not all reviews of online slots disclose the details of true trademarks of the games, which allow win more. Here you will find some of them. For example, many large manufacturers are favor he gameplay with the big bets. This situation is typical for the Igrosoft company, and a series of Mega Jack slots allow you to make a claim for the jackpot, when the player choses the maximum number of paylines.

Another interesting secret, is that if you click on the specific character on the reeland you will see the multiplier.

When you should change a slot machine?

Experienced players can share some important tactics for changing the slot machine. These rules can be formulated like these:

Experienced players can share some important tactics for changing the slot machine. These rules can be formulated like these:

  1. If the size of your winnings is by several times exceeds than the original deposit.
  2. After three consecutive wins on the slot.
  3. If, even after ten spins you did not to win any prizes.

The last rule is often discussed, and there is no single precise number of rotations, but generally it would be referred to as from 10 to 20 spins.

Also, experienced players will recommend to practice on free slots before proceeding to the real game and read the online slots review as well.

What is volatility and how much the slot machines pay?

Although, over time the part of the player’s balance does to the slot machine, the good share of it is payed back as prize money. In many countries, these game factors about the payouts are regulated at the legislative level. Each developer has its own figures, but the majority of the machines receive from 2 to 5% of profit. So, 96 - 98% are returned to the players – this is the volatility of the slot. Moreover, you need to play for quite a long time at the slot to verify this info.

What is autoplay and why it is needed?

To apply a complex system of calculations, you should spin the reels hundreds of times, so the game process can become quite boring. Therefore, on one of the stages of development of the online slots, the automatic game mode was introduced; it allows you to run the slot’s spins automatically. And some games even have the autoplay settings, the number of "lazy rotations" can be set on the slots by NetEnt.

Myths about slots

In many slots review you will find a whole tangles of delusions, which are very common in gaming communities. Such myths appeared not by accident, they often originate from stories from experienced players.

All these myths are very easy to destroy, and every player even a newcomer would understand that the idea is wrong.

Theme of the slot machines

You will see a great variety of themes and plots in the bonus and other rounds. You will come across the cartoon characters, supervillains, mutants and many other. But the most popular themes for the slot machines are: fruits, ocean and sea adventure, exotic countries, and comic books.

Sometimes slots will have the existing themes, and sometimes will use absolutely unique stories.

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