Review on progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpot and progressive system of forming the prize fund let to make attractive offer to the fans of gambling games. Their implementation in work of modern online casino provided a possibility to get really fantastic payments – up to several millions. In the relevant section of the site, you can find the useful information about playing slots for money.

Basic concept of work algorithm

The unexperienced players, who are just beginning to dive into gambling industry often ask where do such big amounts come from? Are there chances of winning a progressive jackpot or it is a fiction, created for advertising?

Nowhere near. The possibility to win jackpot is quite real, though not everyone can get it. It isn’t very hard to get desirable amount of money, as it might seem to be at the first sight. As we all know, all ingenious is simple.

The basis of progressive jackpot system became the union of dozens of specific slot machines, set in various casinos, into a single network. Around 10% from every bet, placed by players, are transferred to general prize fund. Taking into the consideration high indicators of casino visits and big number of players, who want to hit big prize, the amount of progressive jackpot increases very fast. In fact, the amount of probable payments on all slots for real money grows every second.

History of creation

The idea of forming single prize fund isn't new. This term comes from words jack and pot. First references of this concept appeared in card games, particularly in poker. According to initial rules, the absence of pair of jacks was the reason to increase rates.

Similar rules are also present now in modern version of card games. Particularly in Caribbean poker additional payments are made before every dealing of cards. Money are transferred to general bank. Player, who managed to get royal-flash gets it. The owner of straight-flash has 10% of amount.

Part of development and deployment of progressive jackpot system into slot machines was made by one of the leaders of online gambling industry – the Microgaming company. The classical Cash Splash slot machine, developed in 1997 became the first slot, which works on progressive prize fund scheme. Then this collection was filled by three-reel slots, such as Major Millions, Lotsaloot, Wowpot. By the time of King Cashalot was released, users could estimate the probability of receiving millions. They were looking forward to play another slot machine of a similar format.

Very soon, another famous developers presented their own "progressive" slots network.

Leading systems of progressive jackpot from famous developers

Today it is possible to allocate several similar developments, which are very popular among gamblers.

  • "progressive jackpot" from Microgaming. This company still has reputation of the leader in this sphere. It is the owner of the oldest network and it payed its first super prize in 1998. Its software brings the biggest prizes. This developer got title of “the most generous software producer” for numerous records.
  • progressive Marvel on Playtech system. Slot machines, devoted to comics’ heroes have this system. According to the conditions of their work, they are divided into four categories: Power, Extra Power, Super Power and Ultimate Power Jackpot. The activation of bonus rounds with progressive jackpot slots is made in a random way.
  • system of progressive prize fund from NetEnt. This company provides a possibility to win super prizes on slots and scratch cards. The list of games, which are connected to this system is in separate online casino sections, which use company's platform.

Peculiarities of slots with progressive jackpot

It isn't hard to distinguish progressive jackpot slots online from other ones, even by their interface. In the top of slot's table there are special indicators which show current information about prizes. Progressive slots have big tables, bright design and they attract attention at the first sight.

Less noticeable, but also important feature of progressive slots are indicators of payments. As a rule, such slots have less multipliers. According to that, before starting the game you should know your main aim. Gamblers, who would like to try their luck and win lots of money should choose variant with less multipliers in the course of the main game. Fans of stable prizes of a medium amount in slot casino for free should look for other slots.

Peculiarities of bonus jackpot round on online slots

Despite the general rules about formation of prize fund, algorithm of starting the jackpot round may vary. The main ways to activate it are:

  1. Symbol-driven jackpot. In this case payment receives player who "catches" a certain combination. For example, in Icy Wonders slot from NetEnt one of super prizes is given for 4 or 5 stars on the reels.
  2. Mystery jackpot. According to rules of this system, bonus round is activated randomly. Additional window may open on the table after any spin. The most frequent variant of slot's design is wheel of fortune. Progressive jackpot will transfer money to your account if wheel stops at a certain point. The bright example of such variant is The Dark Knight slot from Microgaming. It allows to win one of four super prizes. There are also other variants – the choice of identical pictures, guessing of cards, etc.
  3. Double Trigger – a two-level bonus game. You can start first round by collecting traditional scatters. On this level you cannot win jackpot, but there is an opportunity to go to the following level, where it is possible to win few types of Super prizes. The similar algorithm is available also on Cosmic Fortune slot from NetEnt.

The detailed description of rules and features of receiving jackpot is in the table of payments of the corresponding slot machines.

Super Prize in card games

Playing video slots isn't the only way to hit jackpot. You can get it, for example, in table entertainments. Caribbean stud poker – is a card game, which gives Super Prizes on a regular basis.

There is an opportunity to hit progressive jackpot in blackjack with available side-bet. One of the most popular video slots of this type is Triple Sevens Blackjack from Microgaming. To activate prize function, you'll need to place additional payments. Player, who gets three diamond sevens becomes a winner. Other combinations may also provide you with great, but considerably smaller prizes.

Modern poker-rooms offer their own systems of progressive bad beat jackpot. Similar programs can considerably change the structure and strategies of the game. Player can change whether they want to try hitting jackpot or not.

Winning strategies to get Super prize

The main question of gamblers is how to hit progressive jackpot. There is a thought that if the bet is high player gets more chances to activate desirable bonus round.

It is difficult to tell whether it is true, but according to the real facts it isn't right. Slot machines work with help of progressive system and on the basis of Random Number Generator. This program can't see the rate size or efforts player made. It just creates the random combination of numbers. The work of Random Number Generator prevents fraud actions, but is also excludes the possibility of creation 100% winning strategies.

Besides, there are a lot of cases when players, who placed small bets got enormous prizes. Anyone can see the biggest progressive jackpot YouTube videos.

The biggest victories for the last years

There are a lot of lucky people, who managed to win few millions of dollars. Here are the luckiest ones:

  • a prize in $5 556 753 in April, 2008. Such payment was received by Finland resident, who placed just 50 cents on one spin.
  • a prize in €6 374 434. It is received by the businessman from Greece in May, 2009.
  • £2 500 000 and 4 100 000 – two payments in 2010.
  • prize of £13 213 838. Johnathan Heywood, who was playing on Mega Moolah slot, became the owner of this amount in 2015
  • payment of more than 3 million dollars was received by the resident of Sweden – fan of Mega Fortune Dreams slot from NetEnt.

It is possible to list winners of jackpot games online for a long time. Real facts can be easily found in news sections of casino and special websites.

What are your chances to hit jackpot?

The analysis of probability indicators was made a lot of times by various experts. As a result, we can create certain statistics.

Someone hits jackpot once in 7-8 weeks. The amount of payouts varies between several hundreds of thousands to few million dollars. Such information was received on the basis of official data, given by licensed casinos.