Online Keno lottery game is entertainment for admires of gambling, who are not passionless to different kinds of lotteries. This is entertainment, where you can receive winning for numbers guessing. Gamer`s task is to call as many proper numbers from winning combination, as possible. Amount of prize payouts in online keno real money is proportional to the number of matched numbers.

How play in Keno

Successfully Keno online play is real even for a player without special experience. This game doesn`t demand usage of certain skills and abilities. The main things are intuition and luck. Basic object is to choose on the playfield those numbers, which may be winning, according to player`s thought. Online Keno for real money allows receiving the more prizes, the less available numbers are presented in general and the more of them matches.

In general, keno game rules are following:

  • Player gets analogue of lottery ticket. On it are presented 80 numbers, among which he can choose from 1 to 10 or 20 (in dependence on type of game);
  • Random Number Generator (or in some land-based versions – lottery wheel) determines winning numbers keno;
  • Result of winning matches with gamer`s bets and administration makes prize payouts.

As you see, structure of the game is quite simple and known to majority of players since childhood. Many of them plaid it or surely watched the process on the TV. Free online keno casino games are available on the Internet and this allows visually in detail learn its scheme. In this gambling entertainment principle is the same, and the only difference consists in ability to play in gambling venues, which have certain advantages.

Nowadays, there is no information that somebody has managed to guess all 20 numbers. Anyway, probability to receive profit while gameplay is quite high. For example, if player chooses 20 numbers in a ticket, their chances are 25%.

Advantages of Keno online

Playing live keno online, user gets an opportunity to value row of benefits before standard lotteries:

  1. There is no need to go to the ticket selling point;
  2. You don`t wait for lottery itself, in order to learn results of the game, what results for Keno today;
  3. Winning numbers are determined with the help of auto algorithm that provides absolute honesty of the play;
  4. Speed of gaming process is much more higher;
  5. There is possibility to try playing Keno free of charge, for detailed study of the rules before making real money bets;
  6. Player can usestrategies, in order to increase chances for winning.

Playing online keno for real money you can in any moment learn statistics, gamblers reviews, useful advice and other necessary information. Besides, gambling sites regularly held different shares and gift bonuses to players, with their help spending on the game can be decreased greatly.

History of the game

Keno game is one of ancient gambling entertainments. Yet, it was known in Ancient China in 2nd century BC. According to basic version of its origin, developer of the lottery was Emperor Cheng Lin. While the period of his rule, Empire was in long lasting military conflicts, which created a significant shortfall in the budget. No measures of improving economic situation didn`t make proper effect. Then, creative Emperor caught one idea – to fill treasury with the help of a game. Tablet with 120 hieroglyphs was used for this, part of them players could point in prototype of lottery ticket.

Results of using Keno in such aims turned to be impressive enough. Citizens loved such an entertainment so much, that finance payouts let not only fix budget`s hole. Thanks to profits from Keno, they managed to provide financing of army and took victory in the war, which had been lasting for many years. Besides, exactly money from lottery were used for building the great Wall of China. Wonder, that Keno results in those times were brought by carrier pigeons.

Exists one additional version of game`s appearance. It is believed, that it was used to quickly teach Chinese children hieroglyphs. Teaching method consisted in the thought that gaming form would allowed pupils quickly absorb necessary information. For this, they used poem of lines, that didn`t repeat.

In those times, structure of the game was following: on the tablet of 120 hieroglyphs were pointed some symbols. Ink drops were used for this. It was impossible to clear the spot after edition. In such a way appeared bets in Keno – spots. Emperor himself determined winning combinations.

Because of hieroglyphs, game for a long time remained Chinese entertainment. And only in second part of XIX century lottery traveled to the West together with immigrants from China. Then citizens of Europe and America received an opportunity to guess lucky numbers and get prize payouts. Despite name of the game sounds as Chinese word, its origin has Latin background. It goes back to the word “quini”, which means “every fifth”.

Mass distribution Keno game began from American continent, where while Gold Rush Chinese immigrants worked on building of the railroad. Exactly then hieroglyphs transformed into numbers, and their amount reduced from 120 to 80. Initially to determine results of Keno lottery were used 20 cardboard boxes, which contained 80 pages of paper with numbers. From each of them they took one list with numbers that made winning combination.

At the beginning of XX century lottery was optimized. While gameplay was used beg with balls, which depicted numbers. Beg became prototype of modern lottery wheel, giving lucky numbers. At the turn of the XIX and XX centuries majority of gambling entertainments came under ban. Then, as compromise enterprising Americans used, so to say, “race Kano”, where it was necessary to place bets on horses` numbers, who would come to finish first.

Gradually game distributed across Europe. It is not a secret, that there are states, where lottery is the only legal gambling amusement. In these countries Keno can be called real lifebuoy for citizens. Nowadays, it is the most popular type of gambling in the world, which stable expands its audience due to online casino.

Strategies for Keno

Keno game, as it has been mentioned, doesn`t demand special skills and knowledge. Opposite to, for example, card amusements, Gamer can play keno free and win real money however he has no space for creation his own tactics. Winning is determined randomly. Anyway, experienced users tell about keno strategies that let increase chances of receiving winning payouts.

The simplest tactic – place on those numbers, which didn`t fall during previous lotteries. For this strategy you need carefully follow statistics of the gameplay. Here logic is quite understandable: the longer number hasn`t fall, the higher probability of its appearance in prize combination. There is reverse strategy. Some players prefer betting on those numbers that fall more frequently than others. Quite risky strategy is catching up method. According to it, gamer chooses the same number, till it appears winning.

Names Martingale and D'Alembert are familiar for all gamers, who at least once has wondered niceties of strategies of gambling fun. Bets` algorithms, created by these men, are widely used in roulette and sometimes are tried on slot machines, and also in other types of gambling. Some users taste this strategy in order to increase their chances in free keno for real money.

According to D'Alembert`s algorithm, it is possible to increase amount of successful bets greatly even at limited bankroll. After every empty game it is necessary to increase amount of bet in one position. Thanks to this action each winning compensates previous loses.

One of best ways to win in online keno real money many gamers consider Martingale`s strategy. Of course, this claim is too loud, however, here is certain rational corn in usage of this method. Its sense consists in increasing bet in case of lose and coming back to initial nomination, when winning happens. This allows, as in system by D'Alembert, compensate investments not risking prize money.

For Keno game exists strategy that calls “row of numbers”. It has many alike moments with already mentioned methods, but it differs by larger flexibility. Under his method user initially determines desirable sum of winning and approximate term of its receiving. Then, after every winning edition, amount of numbers is decreased in 2. If gamer loses, he will place at one extra number.

Strategy – “block system” unlike already described ways has real examples of large payouts. Exactly it helped one of Ukrainian players receive notably worthy sum. Since that time many gamers, who prefer playing in free keno games no download and get worthy prizes, follow this method. Algorithm is next:

  1. Player chooses 20 numbers, which, according to his guess, will fall while next lottery with the highest chances;
  2. Chosen numbers are divided into three blocks, each of them has to contain 4 numbers;
  3. From numbers of every block are created couples, as a result we get new blocks with two as numbers and two empty cells;
  4. As a result, every row of 5 coupled blocks represents combination of 10 numbers, on which player has to bet;
  5. It is necessary to make 6 bets on combination of 10 received numbers.

Those, who wonder how to win real money no deposit keno, should remember that every system of bets can fail in the most unexpected moment.

Myths and legends about the game

As well as other gambling amusements, Keno is covered by a lot of myths. We will attempt to declassify the most popular of them. Many gamers keep to an opinion that win exclusively large bets. It is absolutely not current information, especially for online casino. Keno provides equal chances both for players with high bets and for people, who don`t want waste much. As an example stays Russian gambler, who placed 20 rubles and received winning in amount almost 13 million.

One more delusion based on the thought that it is impossible to get large payouts in Keno twice. Nevertheless, there are opposite examples. A very eloquent example of American player, who in 2010 received winnings 1 000 000 and 200 000 dollars with interval throughout a month. One additional interesting case happened in Arkansas in 2013. Steven Weaver bought lottery ticket, that made him owner of one million dollar, and his wife on the same day won 50 000$.

One of myths concerns not only Keno, but also lottery as such. There is stereotype that it is more like to die from lightning`s strike, than win great prize. To spite of the skeptics, this legend was shattered with a bang. Scientists have calculated, how many people in a year die from this natural phenomenon, and how many win worthy sums in lottery. Simple mathematic analysis has showed that winnings go to about 4500 men, and fatal injuries from lightning happen only with 90.

Myth that Keno and lottery in general are popular among people with low income. Nonsense of this claim is clearly demonstrated by the case, when a married couple from Israel won 74 million shekels. Prize investments had been lying ownerless for some months, because for winners that sum turned to be miserable.

Interesting facts

First of all, we should mention one of the most impressive facts about Keno. It is casino game, which provides the most worthy chances for winning in interest ratio. This indicator reaches 27,04%. Despite game being born in China, its the most faithful fans are Americans. Annually on the territory of the USA are sold lottery tickets for the sum higher than 3 milliard dollars. Their larger part made lottery Keno.

Building of the great Wall of China with the help of lottery is not the single similar event in history. The same way were built Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Columbia Universities and also The Sydney Opera House.

Barman-lady from Orenon named Aurora Kephart was lucky in 2013 to receive the highest tip in her life. Unknown visitor left her a ticket with winning almost 18 000 dollars. Aurora tried to give generous tip back, but he insisted that she wrote her name on the ticket.

Advice to gamblers

In order to receive pleasure from Keno game it is important carefully choose casino platform. You should prefer only tested virtual venues that have good reviews. This will guarantee usage of generator for selecting prize numbers, and results will be maximum clear.

While gameplay you can use different useful services – for example, calculator of Keno chances. With its help it is possible to calculate probability of fall those or that numbers. It is worth to remember, that its indicators will be quite conventional, because result is always random. Novices should firstly use free Keno games without download, which are provided by many online casino. Due to them any user gets possibility to learn interface, specialties of numbers` choice and other details. One important piece of advice. Never trust those, who for money offer varied tricks for Keno online, which allegedly influence on generator`s work making it give certain combination. In 100% such proposals come from scams. Also you have an opportunity to download free keno games for android and enjoy favourite entertainment on your gadget.