On our website, you will find the most comprehensive collection of license slots demos devoted to the subject of ancient Egypt. Among the diverse games with a story presented on one-armed bandits, Egyptian slot machines are pretty popular.

The ancient culture formed the basis of numerous slot machines for a reason – the wealth of the Pharaohs, mysterious pyramids, a variety of symbols and some adventurous spirit seem to have been created to attract fans of gambling. The colour scheme and a mysterious greatness create peculiar atmosphere, a foretaste of a big win.

To feel like a treasure hunter or join the colourful Egyptian mythology, fans of free casino slots can rotate the reels of popular slot machines:

  • Book of Ra Deluxe (Novomatic) – the legendary slot adventure belonging to the “books” category. Rotating reels, look for the most valuable character – a mysterious tome, Which acts as a wild and activator of free spins at the same time.
  • Cleopatra (IGT) – one of the most popular among dedicated to the ruler of ancient Egypt slots casino machines. Queen's image not only supplements combinations but also doubles the payouts for prize sequences. A sphinx image triggers the bonus game with free turns.
  • Egypt Sky (EGT) – one-armed bandit dedicated to the greatness of ancient Egypt, pharaohs, monumental architecture and troops. Switching pictures in columns, you can not only get a nice bonus but also participate in the four-stage drawing of a jackpot at a randomly-activated prize level.
  • River of Riches (Microgaming) – atmospheric slot machine that offers additional benefits. By activating free spins, the user gets not only the opportunity to rotate the reels at no cost but also increases the odds of success when a fixed wild symbol on 2nd and 4th reels.
  • Egyptian Heroes (NetEnt) – dedicated to the gods and heroes of ancient Egypt slot machine. Besides being able to complement a combination of using an expanding wild card and getting a series of free spins, the user can receive winnings with the multiplier by collecting a combination on the gold payline.
  • Pyramid: Quest for Immortality (NetEnt) – an unusual slot, the playfield of which is designed in the shape of a pyramid – three rows with 5 cells, a line of three cells and one cell in the last row. Despite the fact that the gameplay does not provide free spins and other bonus rounds, each spin can bring a few winning sequences in a row. If you could make a combo three times in a round, a random multiplier activated for the total win per spin.

Learn more about the ancient Egypt themed slot machines by studying the articles.

Who produces Egyptian themed slot machines

Among the manufacturers of slots with ancient Egyptian motifs, Novomatic and IGT companies deserve special attention. These developers have released two slots for land-based casinos, which became the prototype for many other one-armed bandits and have gained popularity not only in the land-based casinos but also on online gambling platforms.

The most famous Novomatic slot about Egypt civilization is Book of Ra, which still holds a leading position not only in the tops of the genre but also among the slots that have won the worldwide recognition. Also, the slot machine was the basis for the emergence of many similar free slots for fun, supplemented and modified, but existing within the already given concept.

Among the many slot machines dedicated to the ancient rulers, the development of IGT Cleopatra is very popular. Following this slot, a plenty of analogues with advanced principles and benefits of the game appeared. However, none of the new machines cannot yet compete with the company's product in its appeal to players.

Today, the portfolio of almost any studio includes a few free slots games about Egypt. So, you will find slot machines of this genre designed by:

  1. NetEnt
  2. Novomatic
  3. Zeus Games
  4. Play'N Go
  5. BetSoft
  6. SkillOnNet and many other companies.

Find more Developers and information on them in the relevant section of the website.

What kinds of Egyptian slots do exist

Selecting the general category of Egyptian gold slots and studying the catalogue, you will find that the genre is rich not only with offers but also with variations. Video slots of this category offer similar and, at the same time, diverse subjects, develop the narrative around various aspects. Thus, by studying the range of Egyptian gambling games, you can find several categories, each of them is embodied in free slots machines of different manufacturers.

Popular kinds of the genre are:

  • slots dedicated to treasure hunt;
  • slot machines that tell about the rulers of Egypt;
  • slots where pyramids are the central symbol;
  • one-armed bandits involving the mythology and beliefs of the ancient Egyptians.

Each of the areas has its own characteristics and has a lot of representatives causing users be interested in it. Despite some commonality, slots within each category have its own styled themes and bonuses available during the session.

Egyptian adventure slot machines

Players who find pleasure not only in the possibility to win a prize but in “adventurous” activities are likely to appreciate adventure Egyptian themed slots. Users can try themselves in place of Indiana Jones or Lara Croft in search of treasure by selecting an application in this category.

In games like this, wild symbols often depict the main characters of the adventure. However, in some slot machines, a key character is a simple senior symbol bringing major benefits. The rest of the pictures is quite typical for the genre – stylised eye of Ra, Osiris key, scarabs, sarcophaguses and card values as cheap pictures.

Among the slots of this type with a different of embodiment of the basic idea, we can note:

  1. Book of Dead (Play'N Go) – a typical representative of the “books” genre. The main picture of the game is an ancient tome, which acts as a wild symbol and a Scatter symbol at the same time as in the classic game by Novomatic – Book of Ra. Among the features of the slot, there is a particular advantage – expandable symbols. Images can be duplicated in random locations of the playfield replacing the other pictures. This increases the probability of a winning sequence.
  2. Egyptian Adventure (Spinomenal) – a slot machine which has no central character, but there are elements of classical Egyptian legends about the mummies, which can come to life. Spinning the reels, you will get not only the opportunity to complement combinations and activate free spins. During turnovers, you will discover how to fill in the scale above the reels. Every second cell of the row is corresponding to the factor. So, having made 8 spins which brought no benefit, a combination will bring immediate payment increased 16 times.
  3. Legends of Ra (Evoplay) – a 3D slot, the protagonist of which is the mummy that appears next to the playfield. Turning the wheels, you will be able to collect books and get bonus rounds with a special expanding symbol, which can take 12 random cells on the reels. Also, on the free slot machine provides you with a bonus round with the opportunity to receive additional credits.

Slots about Egyptian pharaohs

Often, the central character of the Egyptian themed slot machines is some ancient ruler. The special sympathy of players belongs to the Queen of the Nile valley – Cleopatra. She appears as character in the slots of many developers. One of the first manufacturers that successfully implemented the image to the game is IGT. Cleopatra slot by not only gained the company recognition in land-based casinos but also was added to the catalogues of gambling portals online, and then was continued and got an impressive number of analogues. There is a lot more slots games dedicated to Cleopatra, which you can check out in the relevant section of the site.

In addition to the Cleopatra, pharaohs of Egypt slots are:

  • Ramses II;
  • Nefertiti;
  • Pharaohs in general – often sarcophaguses and masks of rulers act as the key characters.

Slots about the pyramids

Egyptian pyramids are one of the world wonders. The enigmatic architectural structures attract not only by appearance and incredible complexity of realisation in the absence of the proper building techniques. The main attraction lies inside. If you want to learn more about Pyramid slots, you should definitely check out the section of the site dedicated to their subject.

Each of the pyramids keeps the wealth of the Pharaohs, the great treasures and objects of cultural and historical value. Inside, it is even more exciting than outside. Drawings on the walls, countless corridors and halls, ancient sculptures and mythological symbolism – all of this raises a number of associations that are used to create profitable slots. Who would not want to get the relics of ancient tombs treasure? Egyptian pyramid slots offer you the opportunity during the rotation of the wheels.

Slots and mythology

Quite a number of Egyptian themed slot machines addresses the topic of beliefs of the ancient Egyptians. Among the images of one-armed bandits, majestic anthropomorphic creatures with animal heads – the ancient gods – are frequent among online slots about Egypt. Besides the fact that such pictures are quite spectacular and their value is recognisable due to the complexity of the picture, each of the represented beings carries a certain message.

So, the main characters in the mythological Egyptian slots are:

  1. Ra – the supreme god of the Egyptian pantheon, it is depicted with a falcon's head. Often, mention of this deity is found not in its direct image but as a symbol depicting the god of the sun – the golden eye.
  2. Thoth – god of knowledge, the creature with the head of an ibis. The deity can be associated with books, papyrus scrolls, and writing tools.
  3. Bastet – goddess with the head of a cat, she patronises fun and good luck. Also, cats are considered sacred animals in Egypt. It was believed that these animals possessed mystical knowledge and were able to attract good luck. Of course, luck symbol could not be ignored by slot developers.
  4. Anubis – god with the head of a jackal. In ancient Egypt, it was considered the ruler of the kingdom of the dead. This image is linked to the mystical knowledge and the afterlife. Often a statue of the god was placed inside the pyramids. Not surprisingly, that the image of Anubis moved to Egyptian slots together with other artefacts from the tombs of the Pharaohs. Most often, it occurs in the bonus rounds: jackal god sits on a throne as if guarding the treasure.

Among the gods depicted in slot machines, there are other creatures or characters associated with them.

Special symbol of slot machines and their meaning

Rotating the reels of one-armed bandits, the theme of which involves ancient Egypt, you can see different pictures that represent a specific game and symbolic value. Thus, among the most common pictures, we can identify:

  • The book – a symbol of Thoth, the god of knowledge. The owner of this folio in the game gets rewards and benefits.
  • Osiris Key (ankh) – an image similar to the cross with a loop in place of the upper part. Osiris was worshipped in Egypt as the god of a happy afterlife and all possible resources provided for righteous living on earth. Getting ankh while playing some Egyptian slots games, users can discover special slot offers and receive large rewards.
  • Eye of Ra – a symbol of the sun god. All-seeing eye. This image is often found as a wild symbol or a bonus picture providing access to the bonus levels.
  • Scarab – this beetle has a certain mystical significance in the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians. So, the image was often depicted in tombs and appeared in slots as a well-known picture. In some games, it acts as a wild symbol.

Among other icons used in one-armed bandits of the selected topic, you can found sarcophaguses, gold masks, sceptres. All these pictures are associated with wealth and power, and set a certain atmosphere during a gaming session.

Where can you play slots with Egyptian motifs

To find the Egyptian slot game is not difficult, regardless of the selected playing method. Slots of this genre are presented:

  • in real casinos;
  • on online gambling sites;
  • on informational portals;
  • in stores for mobile platforms.

Thus, finding a favourite slot in the list, you can get access to entertainment at any time, wherever you are. The possibility to play online slot machines or use portable gadgets does not tie the user to any place, nor time.

For mobile visitors, online casino has developed several versions of access to gambling entertainment. You can download the website in a browser on your device and play it on the web page. Or, if you are not always online, there is the opportunity to download the catalogue application and install it on your phone. Some casinos allow the game to continue even without an internet connection.

Remember, that by downloading the mobile version of a slot, you should pay attention to the requirements specified in the description of the device. Make sure that your version of the software and the smartphone or tablet characteristics allow you to run the free casino slot.

Play for free or for money

Different players start a session on slots with a different purpose. Some are just interested in watching how pictures are changing, collect and activate a variety of benefits, enjoy the process itself. Someone is more interested in the capabilities of the machine and the probability of getting real rewards. Depending on which category of player you consider yourself, you can select one of the available options for Egyptian themed slots.

You can try best slots:

  1. Playing on the free demo platform. In this case, the user does not have to be registered and add money for a deposit. Free game is totally anonymous, it does not require investments and does not limit the possibilities of the client. Some slots, selected in the themed catalogue, can remain active for a long time even if you make a break in a session. Others require being updated after a certain period. However, even if you have to reload the page, you have nothing to lose – the number of demo credits refills before starting to play in each educational application.
  2. By signing up on an online casino portal. By creating a virtual account in a casino, you will get the opportunity to play on the Egyptian slots for free for learning purposes, as well as run a session with a chance to win real money and add it to the deposit. If you are interested in the opportunity to experience real gambling, putting at stake the real cash, read Reviews of online casinos on our website and find the one that seems the most credible to you.

It is worth noting, that even experienced gamblers often visit free resources to become familiar with the mechanics of certain slots, their features and benefits. Egyptian slot machines often offer a variety of benefits and bonuses, special terms of gameplay. Before moving to the game, be sure to familiarise yourself with the various games and study appealing on-armed bandits for free.


Free Egyptian slots games are a profile catalogue of gambling entertainment, which includes different types of slot machines and general kinds of the genre. The richness of the range is not only a collection of similar free slots for fun but also in various aspects that are involved during the rotation of the reels. Risk adventure, historical events, mystical phenomena and cultural heritage – all these elements in one way or another are manifested in each of the specialised slot machines.

The mysterious sands of time and treasures hidden in them attract players, create a certain atmosphere and set the mood of a session. The exciting pursuit of wealth of the pharaohs and the protection of ancient mystical gods allows Egyptian slots to firmly take a root among the best representatives of slot machines, holding the position in tops for decades.