Neon slots – stylish, futuristic machines with an interesting distinctive design. They have a particular style of performance: usually a dark background and bright colours with electric light. These stylish, futuristic machines with an interesting distinctive design. On our site, you will find all the best Neon reel slots that can be found on the Internet.

Neon – it is not just a design style, it's a recognition sign of gambling venues. Neon is a key element of signboards and interior elements of a casino. Therefore, players like these colours and are attracted by them.

What is neon

Neon – it is an inert gas which is used as a cooler and medium for lasers. If you pass a current through the tube with a mixture of neon and nitrogen, it will glow red-orange. The first thought about neon belongs to the scientist chemist Hauksbee in the early 18th century. Lamps themselves were created in 1858 by glassblower Geisler and physicist Pulker.

These early lamps gave the name to “neon lights”. Now this is the name of all luminaires that have a distinctive glow. Helium gives a white and blue, argon – lilac, krypton – blue and white, mercury vapor – bluish-green. Those who has ever seen the neon lights do not confuse it with any other.

This is the light and the colour we see in neon slots signs. As a rule, such a design is found in more modern studios such as NetEnt, NextGen, Microgaming. Companies with a long history and tradition as Novomatic specialise in slot machines with classic plots and style: Egypt, pyramids, fruits jewellery.

How to play Neon slots

Like all slot machines, Neon Slots operate in a fairly simple way. The interface may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer, but in any case, there is always the biggest button on the panel – Spin or circular arrow button that allows you to start the reels. The panel with buttons is usually at the bottom of the game screen.

Before the game, the user can configure three parameters: the size of the bet, the value of coins or credits, the number of paylines. Not all of these options are available for the regulation. For example, some slots have a fixed number of paylines. And others can skip the “value of a coin”, offering to bet in currency units.

To find out whether there are any unusual bonuses in the selected Neon reel slot, you can read the review on any informational website. The second option – if you have already launched the gaming machine, find the Paytable button to scroll the opened table of payments. It the symbols and their cost, bonuses, conditions of counting successful combinations and other details.

Where to play Neon slots

Due to the fact that modern manufacturers are involved in neon theme, Neon slots are available on online portals. They also can be found in mobile and social casinos.

If you want to play at any time convenient to you, you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Download is free, as this is the policy of these services. Slot machines are available in free mode and with the possibility to deposit real money.

In addition, most online casinos offer mobile versions. Links to download an app is on the page of a website.

Most popular Neon Slots

Let us see what are the most popular Neon Slots among players:

  1. Big Bang from NetEnt;
  2. Starburst from NetEnt;
  3. Neon Staxx from NetEnt;
  4. Neon Reels from iSoftBet;
  5. Wisps from iSoftBet;
  6. Wild Neon from Push Gaming.

As you can see, the list contains three slots from the same manufacturer, and not by accident – NetEnt pays a special attention to new topics that were previously not seen in slots. The company tries to reveal unusual stories and enthral with an unusual design. Neon slots signs are one of the best solutions for this purpose.

  • Big Bang by NetEnt – space slot telling about the Big Bang when the universe was born. Neon colours and glowing images of planets add a special atmosphere. The machine has a scale of multipliers, each sequential successful combination increases the gain a few times. RTP is 96%.
  • Starburst by NetEnt – emulator dedicated to jewellery. Five reels and ten paylines, there are no bonus games. Pretty plain and simple gameplay. But successful combinations are formed from left to right and right to left. RTP is 96.1%.
  • Neon Staxx by NetEnt – five-reel and four-row slot with 40 paylines dedicated to predators. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the eighties: synth music and neon colours. Bonus games are absent, but here it is possible to choose the wild symbol. RTP – 96,90%.
  • Neon Reels from iSoftBet – it is a fruit machine with a progressive jackpot. Classic symbols are designed in an unusual neon style. There are five reels and 25 paylines, and the opportunity to get free spins and respins. RTP is 95.4%.
  • Wisps from iSoftBet slot creator – slot dedicated to the neon bundle of energy. There are no paylines, but 243 ways to win. There are free spins and three modes where combinations are counted with several methods. RTP is 97.1%.
  • Wild Neon from Push Gaming – another fruit machine with card suits and bells. As usual for video slots, it has 5 reels and 25 lines. Gameplay is diversified by several bonus games and relevant wild symbols.

Our site contains a collection of Neon reel slots, where you can find the best examples of the genre. You may like the closed space of nightclubs or boundless expanses of space – no matter, as neon colours and special atmosphere will certainly appeal.

Neon Slots features

Neon Slots, as we have said, have a particular design: dark blue or dark purple background, the distinctive shine of lines similar to the glow of the gas in the tube. This is a huge plus for those who like to play at night – this design is much more pleasant for the eyes.

The fact is that the computer monitor and paper books have different effects on vision. The light from the pages of the book is a reflection, but the monitor is lit by itself and the eyes get tired. Therefore, experts advise to choose dark backgrounds with light grey font for night work in programs and websites. So, you can choose Neon slots signs if you prefer to play at night.

The second distinguishing feature – such slot machines have an interesting and exciting gameplay: extraordinary bonus games or factors scale, interesting character animation. It is in every sense of the futuristic work. Often these slots have quite low volatility – give out small gains in short periods of time, sometimes after each spin.

Modern five-reel video slots

Neon slots are a subject of interest of the modern companies, so you can be sure of an excellent quality of graphics and colour matching. Minimalistic design, electronic ambient music – fans of a futuristic aesthetics would like the games.

For the same reason, among Neon slots, it is almost impossible to find a three-reel device. Slots with three wheels are usually devoted to fruit or jewellery. If you like slot games with Jewels, you can check out the article about them to learn more. Other themes are not common in them. Although five-reel games can be related to fruit. Plus, it is neon slots that can boast an extraordinary number of reels and paylines.

What kinds of Neon Slots do exist

Neon Slots can be divided into several types if you focus on their theme:

  • fruit;
  • space;
  • nightclubs and discos;
  • North Las Vegas;
  • computer;
  • others, such as Racer.

Fruit slots

Fruit Neon Slots offer traditional symbols remade in a futuristic style. A striking example is the mentioned before Neon Reels from Isoftbet. Such machines have 5 reels and near 20 paylines. The wheels themselves may work quite unusual, for example, accelerate or freeze if certain symbols drop on them – that is, the user gets additional re-spins. Learn more about Fruit slots and what is so special about them in the relevant section of the site.

Space Neon Slots

Space Neon Slots are dedicated to space in all its forms. It may be aliens or galactic marines like in the game Marines from a small Bulgarian studio Cayetano-gaming. Another option – bundles of cosmic energy which is shining neon colours – these can be seen in Sparks machine from NetEnt.

Club Neon Slots

When we think of neon lights, the most often we see colourful signboards in shops and entertainment centres. Nightclubs are almost intrinsically linked with the distinctive light and sparkling glitter. Neon nights slots about nightclubs and disco are usually accompanied by the rhythmic disco music.

An example of such a machine is Disco Slot by Gamescale. By the way, this is one of the rare cases of three-reel slot. It is exactly the same as the old one-armed bandit and is dedicated to cocktails, guitars, kisses – everything that is connected with the festive nightlife.

Club Neon reel slots can be divided into two subtypes: dedicated to jazz and Las Vegas. The first type games are a reminder not just of jazz but the initial use of neon lights as they were then. Emulators present famous singers, microphones, records and glittering letters of signboards. These slots are easy to find by the word “Jazz” in the title. Although, not all jazz machines are neon slots of cause.

The second subtype is Vegas slots. Here, we should also note that not all Vegas slots may be neon. We consider our games exclusively in terms of distinctive design. Among the Vegas slots, there are very few really neon, although almost all signboards in them are made like that. The filling is different in design. A good example of Neon slots signs dedicated to the gambling capital of the Western world is Vintage Vegas from Rival gaming. If you are interested in Vegas slots and would like to learn what exactly games are popular there, read the relevant article on the website.

Computer Neon Slots

Futurism is very often associated with the computer world. When we talk about neon style, we often recall the cult cyberpunk film of the franchise Tron, namely, Tron: Legacy. Its minimalistic atmosphere sets the tone for the style.

Computer themed Neon slots are dedicated to programs and circuits. In addition, they often have unusual gameplay. Six-reel slot Satoshi's Secret by Endorphina company not only surprises with its design but also provides a chance to play for bitcoins – modern cryptocurrency.

Manufacturers of Neon Slots

Before talking about the Neon Slots manufacturers, it is worth noting that you shouldn’t skip past small and not very well-known studios. They emerged relatively recently and that is why they pay attention to unusual subjects as they need to somehow attract the modern visitors. Neon slots help to resolve this issue. Therefore, the examples given in the above classification sometimes contain the name of not very well-known studios.


For example, Cyprus Studio Wazdan is small, it has slightly more than 50 slot machines to its credit and is located in Cyprus. But the company's portfolio has four Neon reel slots:

  • Night Club 81;
  • Vegas Hot;
  • Vegas Hot 81;
  • Vegas Reels II.

For a small studio, it is quite a lot and not usual. As a rule, not very well-known developers try to make games sticking to traditions: fruits, jewellery, Egypt, Irish, various fantasy queens and vampires. Wazdan Studio performed slots in these areas as well, however, it did not miss neon slots too.

Blueprint Gaming

British company Blueprint Gaming also paid attention to Neon Slots. They have developed a little less than 50 emulators, four of them are Neon slots. The studio is trying to innovate their products – transforming pictures or mini-games that are not related to gambling. An example of their Neon reel slots is Vegas Slots: Pay It Again.

Push Gaming

Push Gaming is a small London studio founded in 2010. It is engaged in supply of games for online and mobile casinos. Its employees have work experience in NextGen, Barcrest and Cryptologic. Portfolio is still small, about a dozen slot machines, but they all have interesting stories and very high-quality graphics.

Cayetano Gaming

Cayetano Gaming is a subsidiary of the Paddy Power PLC founded in 2009. It is based in Bulgaria. Company’s portfolio includes 70 slots with various adventure plots.


NetEnt is a company founded in Sweden in 1996 and specialising in the production of software for online casinos. They were the first to use Java to work with gambling websites. NetEnt tries to remain in the forefront of technology, developing HTML5 slots for mobile, live casinos and jackpot slots networks.


iSoftBet is a British company offering about 400 different games, including more than 250 slots. It was founded around 2010. The studio produces mainly usual video slots. They have introduced an interesting improvement in three-reel machines, which can obtain additional two wheels during the game.


Gamescale originated in 2010 and now has offices in Malta, Moldova and Israel. The studio mainly develops software for casino managers, but also makes the games. There are not many of them – more than 30 emulators by this company on the market.

Rival Gaming

The studio was founded in 2006 and developed more than 150 slot machines. The company usually creates slots with a plot where users can unlock bonuses and prizes for progress through the story. Also, they have a lot of iSlots – we can say that this is one of their specialties.


Endorphina is a small studio which has been working on the market since 2010. Based in Prague, it specialises in online casinos and has a great sense of humour when developing slot games. The company tries to make innovative slots with unusual gameplay. Look through the section with Slots Developers to get more information on them and their products.