Adventure slots are dedicated to the adventures of all genres from the search for treasure in ancient Egypt to travelling in a fairy wonderland. Colourful slot machines carry you in extraordinary balloon flights, invite to stroll around the globe and, of course, find a glittering treasure along the way.

Our site offers a collection of the best adventure slots. You will find machines with jackpots, interesting bonus games and unusual stories. The spirit of adventure is calling to the road!

What is Adventure slots

Adventure - it's an exciting, extraordinary event. Typically, you run the risk and do not know what will happen next. Travel, research, unexplored mountains, the mysterious underwater world and even psychological and mythological motifs – all these you can find in fantasy slots, Adventure slots and games. The spirit of gambling is an adventure. Of course, the developers could not miss such a vast topic.

Adventure slot games make up a large part of the portfolio of companies that are engaged in slot machines. Some manufacturers pay more attention to the quest for treasures of bygone civilizations – for example, more than a dozen emulators from Novomatic about ancient Egypt and the Aztecs. Others reveal the theme of adventure in the fairy tales. NetEnt offers a complete selection of slots dedicated to the heroes of legends: Jack and the Bean Corn, Red Riding Hood, the Seven Dwarfs, and Robin Hood.

Adventure game – it's always a quest, the hero's journey in an unexplored world whether it’s a mystical pyramid, geographical discoveries or search for fantasy creatures. It has always fascinated people. Therefore online adventure slots offer detailed, eventful stories and often present unusual bonus games.

Most popular Adventure slots

There are a myriad of adventure slots, sometimes it's difficult to navigate in this large variety. You will not go wrong if you pay attention to exactly who created the chosen game. Recognised and well-known manufacturers, as a rule, produce very high quality games. And we will help you to sort it out.

Let's see what casino adventure slots are the most popular:

  • Adventures in Wonderland – Playtech;
  • Adventure Palace – Microgaming;
  • Columbus Classic – Novomatic;
  • Jack And The Beanstalk – NetEnt;
  • Great Adventure – Euro Games Technology;
  • Zorro – Aristocrat.

Our website contains the fullest collection of Free Slots which you can play absolutely for free and without registration. If you are interested in one of the mentioned games, you can check it out right now.

Adventures in Wonderland was created by Playtech. A colourful and bright machine is dedicated to Wonderland and adventures of the famous heroine of Lewis Carroll. It has 5 reels, 20 paylines and a bonus game Tea Party. Mad Hatter will help you to host it and you’ll have a chance to get a progressive jackpot.

Adventure Palace slot by Microgaming – it's an adventure in the jungle. The peacocks, elephants, tigers and ancient Indian city in the five-reel slot create the atmosphere of the unknown world and give a chance to win up to 100 000 coins. The risk game increases winnings twice or four times.

Columbus Deluxe, created by Novomatic, offers to make geographical discoveries together with Columbus. Five-reel slot machine with high volatility gives a large variety of bets and the opportunity to win up to 100 000 game credits. Also, there is a risk round for doubling the rewards.

Jack And The Beanstalk created by the famous company NetEnt tells about how cunning thief escapes from the blue troll. Along the way, the user gets acquainted with the heroes of fairy tales, wins more coins through walking wild symbols and three bonus games.

Great Adventure of Euro Games Technology is a five-reel adventure slots game about ancient Egypt. The player is invited to seek the treasures of the ancient pharaohs, win free spins using a pair of adventurers, and even choose own wild symbols. A traditional game for doubling the winnings and four types of jackpot diversify the gameplay.

Zorro, made by Aristocrat, is dedicated to the adventures of the legendary hero with a sword. This game has traditional for video slots 5 reels and 20 paylines. Three bonus games, free spins and a risk round makes the machine attractive and hold attention for a long time.

Features of Adventure slots

Casino Adventure slots have very diverse themes and bright multicoloured design. Egyptian games often have a sand colour scheme, neon slots look dark and minimalistic, but the adventures are always very bright. They are pleasant to the eye and have more detailed graphics.

Many machines offer impressive jackpots and sometimes not even one – this is also the secret of success. Usually, these are five-reel video slots. There is only one device with 3 wheels in such plot – Hunter of Seas from iSoftBet which is devoted to marine hunting.

Among Adventure slots online, there are high-volatile and low-volatile machines – it depends on the manufacturer. If you prefer big wins do not care how much time passes between the payouts, then try Novomatic games. But if you like the frequent taste of victory, you can pay attention to the slots of other more modern manufacturers. Often not so well-known recently appeared studios offer cool machines that payout almost with every spin – for example, Yggdrasil.

History of Adventure slots

The first adventure slots appeared around the fifties-sixties of the 20th century.

Gold Miner slot machine founded in 1951 by Character Manufacturing Co. was not an adventure in nature. The device proposed to turn the traditional reels with fruit, but it had an unusual appearance. The wheels were located in the torso of a tanned gold miner. The charismatic figure in a white stetson hat made it possible to hit a small jackpot.

By the way, it was a whole series of such machines embedded in lacquered wooden figures:

  • Cowboy Cocktail – a cowboy-steward in a red jacket. He was holding a “tray of drinks”;
  • Mills slot machine with Polk style – also with a cowboy but with a black Colt in hand-lever;
  • Polk Indian – the reels were in the torso of Indian in a white suit.

Such fruit slots stood at casinos with the interior of the Wild West. The figures, which contained the machines were made of wood, they were cut by hand, then painted and varnished. Therefore, they differed from each other in the details – some cowboy had his mouth covered with a scarf, and the Indians varied by facial expressions and views of the headdress of feathers.

Regarding the plot of the reels in the adventure slot, the Aztec Gold, produced in 1966 by Aristocrat Automatics (Sales) Ltd., just responded to this requirement. It was a three-reel one-armed bandit. A high vertical cabinet was devoted to a bygone civilisation – his body and wheels depicted gold portraits of the ancient Indians.

Adventure slots at the turn of the century

“The adventure buton” was passed to the slots of the nineties. The first machine which contained the word “adventure” in its title was Jungle Adventure, created in the mid-nineties by Konami. It was a five-wheel device that told about the exotic animals living in tropics.

Undersea Adventure – slot of the WMS Gaming company made in 1997. It was dedicated to the underwater world, namely – the treasures of Neptune, god of the sea depths.

IGT studio has made its contribution – at the same time, the company has released a Major Money & the Outback Adventure and Major Money and the Egyptian Adventure. The theme of adventures in ancient Egypt was popular even before the famous slot Book of Ra. Vertical cabinets with analogue television screens allowed changing bets, assign the number of lines – almost like modern games.

The most famous adventure slots game was, of course, the device by Novomatic which was released in 2005. Book of Ra is now widely spread on the Internet, and the number of its fans keeps growing every year. Its story offers to have an adventure together with the amateur archaeologist and explore the treasures of the ancient Egyptian pyramids. The second version of the machine came out in 2008 – Book of Ra Deluxe.

Kinds of Adventure slots

The significant part of the free adventure slot machines comprise pirate slots. Charismatic medieval rogues and robbers conquered ships at sea. The friendly flotilla of the machines are acting under a black flag with a smiling skull conquering the hearts of fans. Among the symbols, there are daggers, bottles of rum, guns and portraits of harsh one-eyed pirates – such a device cannot be confused with any other. An example – Sea Raider from Simbad.

Historical Adventure slots

To historical Adventure slots, we can attribute games which are devoted to the events of bygone times. Leonardo da Vinci, Napoleon, French kings and crusaders, the Gold Rush and prehistoric dinosaurs – all of them call for adventure.

A subtype of historical adventure slot games are Egyptian games as they also immerse you into the world of the unknown, into the world of ancient Egypt, pharaohs and gambling experience. This is one of the most common themes in slot machines which stands out as a separate genre. If you want to experience the adventure in the mysterious pyramids and golden sands, boldly look for Egyptian slots. Each manufacturer has at least one such machine in the portfolio.

If you like this kind of games, you can check out the relevant sections devoted to Egyptian slots or Pyramid slots.

Geographic Adventure slots

Exciting geographic Adventure slots tell about travelling around the world. The players discovers new lands with Columbus, travel to the Arctic and Antarctica, scout tropical island in the company of sailors. For example, Arctic Fortune from Quickfire offers to get acquainted with the Vikings, and feel the difficulties and conquer the rewards of harsh North with them.

Jungle in Adventure slots

No less common storyline in adventures is a jungle. King Kong: Island of Skull Mountain from the Quickspin manufacturer – that's a prime example. Rainforests invite under the canopy of the dense vegetation and offer to look for treasures hidden under the lianas. Often visitors are accompanied by predatory animals, unusual flowers, crocodiles and monkeys.

Underwater Adventure slots

Underwater world also contributes. Adventures deep on the seabed bring players marine treasures. Underwater Adventure slots can be divided into two subtypes: the stories of underwater explorers or the diverse underwater life. In the first case, we see the symbols of the sextant, compass and ships, as in Captain Nemo from CryptoLogic. In the second case, we see dolphins, mermaids, pearl oysters and other inhabitants of the ocean.

You can learn more about Marine or Underwater slots, their features and manufacturers in the relevant section of the website.

Fairy-tale and mythological Adventure slots

Fairy tales and myths do not yield to the adventures in geographic or historical slots. Arthur's Quest from Simbat or Odysseus from Playson – both adventure online slots are devoted to the legendary journeys, battles. Fairy-tale and mythological machines offer to feel yourself as fictional characters and thus give a chance to win a huge jackpot with a lot less trouble than heroes of legends.

Vacation Adventure slots

Speaking of sweet and easy life – Vacation Adventure slot games offer to relax on the famous tropical islands or visit the unusual country. These emulators tell about holidays, beaches, unusual cocktails and other pleasant adventures of tourists in the resort.

Space Adventure slots

Space Adventure free slots offer the participation in the extraordinary quest – to act as space marines, to war or to make friends with aliens, explore new planets.

These are the general trends of the genre development. Perhaps in the future, manufacturers will come up with a completely unprecedented adventure – for example, using virtual reality technology.

Now casino Adventure slots try to diversify the gameplay more combining elements of gambling, arcade games, games that require certain skills.

Manufacturers of Adventure slots

Modern manufacturers usually produce slots of similar subjects, but you can notice that some of them pay more attention to certain subjects. Let’s consider the most famous modern producers of Adventure slot games.


Novomatic company was founded in 1980 by Austrian businessman Johann Graf. The developer offers a wide range of different products for land-based and online casinos. Most of the activities cover offline sector. Novomatic has offices in 90 countries and is headquartered in Gumpoldskirchen – a small town in Lower Austria.


Playtech is a company founded in 1999. The company provides equipment for online casinos, poker rooms, sports betting and other areas of online gambling. It launched the first casino in 2001, since then, Playtech has evolved into one of the leading producers of online casinos and mobile gambling applications.


Microgaming company opened its first casino in 2004. It produces games using Flash and HTML5 for Internet and mobile sites. In May 2016, the studio launched a virtual reality helmet using technology Oculus Rift. The main focus is on VR roulette.


Net Ent company is known for its variety of slots with very high-quality graphics and fun gameplay. Founded in 1996, the company became one of the pioneers in the field of online gambling. The first casino from NetEnt began work in 2000. Since then, they are trying to be leaders in innovation constantly introducing new and unusual slots.

Euro Games Technology

Euro Games Technology is a Bulgarian company which started its activities in 2002. Now its products are available all over the world, from France to the Caribbean islands. Its portfolio consists of around 100 games, which include: video poker, jackpot systems, slots and electronic roulette etc.


Aristocrat is an Australian company based in Sydney. It’s engaged in the development of land-based and online gaming venues. Its brand is known in more than 200 jurisdictions around the world.