Bingo is a relatively new game, played in USA since the times of Great Depression. In casino bingo the game master gets random orbs with numbers, and players have to cross the corresponding numbers on their cards. The first player to cross all the numbers on bingo slots, following the game rules, shouts “Bingo!” and wins the game. Bingo has many different variations: both gambling and entertaining ones. In USA for the longest time bingo was considered to be a game for old people, but nowadays many young people are joining bingo clubs and play mobile bingo slots.

Bingo is a great choice of gambler

Main advantages and features of Bingo:

  • big RTP percent;
  • great amount of various versions, there is always something new to find about this game;
  • possibility to get to know the gaming process without betting money on it;
  • big speed of the gaming process (electronic versions).

History and background

The bingo game was born back in XV century. Back then the new participants of Great Coalition of Genoa were chosen by people pulling out random orbs with numbers. Two hundred years later this ritual has gained an entertaining character and became a game for people to enjoy.

In the end of XVII Bingo has appeared in France. The rules were unique and fresh back then. The game was called “Le Lotto”, and only French intellectuals were playing it. The cards were given to all the participants; each one of those had three rows of numbers; overall there was 90 numbers on the card. Themaster was pulling gaming chips out of special bag and announcing the result. The first player to cross all the numbers from his card was the winner.

A bit later, in XIX century, the educational games became popular, and people have paid attention to Bingo once again. In Germany, for example, the game rules were altered, and the game was used to teach kids the multiplication table. In this period there was quite a lot of Bingo variations in Europe, and all of those were directed to studies and self-development.

But the slots bingo games we’re used to was created by Edwin Lowe. According to the legend, Edwin lost his toy-selling business in 30s and was almost broke. He was looking for a way to improve his financial situation, when he saw people playing an interesting game at some festival. Each player had a card with numbers, and the player had to cover numbers with beans. When the card was full, the winner announced “Bean Go!”. This word gave game its modern name. Lowe worked on game rules and edited the game mechanics of Bingo. He started the manufacturing of gaming cards and started to spread those around New York, and later – all around the United States.

There are rumors in gambling fields, that Edwin requested one mathematician to create as many unique cards for the game, as possible. The professor was successful, he has managed to create over 6 thousands of unique cards, and then went crazy. It’s unknown if those rumors are true or not, but this story adds some spice to the game.

Bingo has quickly gained popularity in USA and Europe. Despite the fact that some of variations of this game are gambling-based, in most countries this game is considered to be a lottery, so Bingo is legal, and can be played in many countries of the world.

Basic rules

Before the beginning of the game each player gets a special card. There are one-timed cards and reusable cards. On one-timed cards all numbers are being crossed by a pen or a marker; on reusable cards the players have to use special chips to cover the numbers. If thegame is played for money, the players have to buy cards. The drawing machine usually is used for number selection. The game master gets the orb that dropped out the machine and announces the number, the players have to cross or cover the named number on their cards, if this number is present. The winner is the first player to get a certain combination, or cover all the numbers. When it happens, the player shouts “Bingo!”, gives his card to game master for checking, and if everything is correct, he gets a prize. In gambling version of slots bingo, the prize fund of the game can reach quite large amounts of money.

Bingo in gaming clubs

The Bingo usually is not played in offline casinos, at least at most popular and famous ones. But the owners of online gambling clubs love it and include the electronic version of it in their platforms.

Below you can read about the most popular casinos, where you can play Bingo either for real money, or virtual currency.

  1. Europa Casino is a big and prestigious Internet casino, famous for its big prizes and often jackpot raffles, not to mention a big variety of other additional gaming bonuses. In Europe Casino the British version of Bingo is played; it has 90 orbs, and the winner is the person who spent the smallest amount of time to cross out the numbers. The main feature of playing Bingo in the casino is the chance to try out your luck absolutely for free. The unlimited demo balance is given to all users, no matter if they are new to the games on bingo slots, or were playing there for a while. The player can abandon the demo version and start playing for real money at any moment, since thesecond oneshave always been more interesting and breathtaking.
  2. Casino Tropez is a quite prestigious gambling establishment, that has hundreds of various games from best gambling software developers. In this club the same Pop Bingo slot is used, as in Europa Casino, but it has some differences in the technical part. In Casino Tropez the players don’t have to buy the full cards: if they want, they can buy just a part of it. This system increases chances for a win, but decreases the prize for the filled card. Instead of orbs, Pop Bingo uses funny bugs with numbers, which makes a gaming process more interesting and amusing. The winnings of Casino Tropez are a bit less frequent, than in Europa Casino, but they are bigger and better.
  3. 888 Casino offers raffles, various lotteries and bingo slots games way more often, than any of its competitors. In this gambling club the guests can download the Bingo client, or play directly through the website. The version of the online games, offered by the casino, has a high-quality graphics, interesting gameplay and qualitative sound. During the game all players can communicate with each other, using a special chat. This decision made the gaming process way more unique and interesting.
  4. AdamEve Casino is a prestigious Internet casino that pays a lot of attention to Bingo. In this club the game is played on standard cards, but it uses 75 orbs. Also the players can make certain icons on their cards, getting additional monetary bonuses for those in grand casino bingo. The average Bingo prize in this casino is 200-300 dollars. This is pretty good, since most of the other gambling establishments can’t allow themselves to set such high payments.

Gaming tactics

It is well known to the most of the experienced players that gambling has no single winning strategy or technique. If ever occurs the lossless tactic, the main interesting thing in it will be gone. This is not just for Bingo but also for the rest of the games. Nonetheless there is a couple of points to be taken into consideration, as those might simplify the gaming experience and slightly increase one's winning chance. 

Some gambling houses set fixed winning cash amounts. As such it is easier to win if the game is not crowded. It is fairly customary for gambling houses not to publish their return rates, which is nonetheless usually capped at 60-80%. 

In the case of offline gaming, it is important that you choose how crowded should the gambling house be. Whenever there's an excess of players of bingo casino it usually ends up poorly for them due to a decreased attention span. One should also keep in mind that buying lots of cards might end up for them just as poorly as shouting their numbers out loud. 

But the main part of the strategy being used in all of the gambling bingo in casino is the sanity check strategy. One should always keep in mind that the sum of the bet should not be in the 'right' wing of worry – the money being bet must not be crucial to one's survival or personal health. It is also worth noting that 'money' implies 'property'. So don't go around betting your house, saying we didn't advise you against doing so! 

Games variety

Bingo has plenty of variations. The amount of numbers on cards, the number of balls, the presence of extra figures and extra payments. Thegame also has quick-played e-versions that come with chat rooms and plenty of other additions.

Bingo flavors:

  1. British Bingo - game that is very similar to the infamous Russian 'Loto'. The only core differences are that the barrels for the Russian version are taken from the bag, and balls – from the drawing machine. The British version uses 90 balls and cards with three rows nine cells each. The free casino bingo games usually have three victors: the first one to cross out a line (the most modest prize), the first one to cross out two lines, the one to cross out the whole card (the richest prize).
  2. American Bingo. Differs by the number of the balls in play (75), that also have letters on them which will ultimately form a word 'Bingo'. This flavor of bingo features ability to win by crossing out certain shapes alongside the traditional per-line cross-outs.
  3. Russian Bingo. Works similar to the British one and utilizes only two cards that have 15 numbers each (ranging from 1 to 90). There are three prize-winning places in best bingo in casino. Smallest prize is awarded for crossing out a single horizontal line. To become a winner of the far more modest prize one must cross out an entire card. In order to win the grand prize, you'll have to cross the whole two cards.

The work of dealer

Usually the “game master” name is used for a person, who takes orbs out of drawing machine, rather than “dealer”. It happens because in USA and Europe Bingo is quite a peculiar and even somewhat ritual game. The game master not only gets orbs with numbers from a drawing machine, or a special bag; he has to keep joking, entertain the audience and make people less tense. So the game master of Bingo slot no deposit bonusshould not be timid, he must be able to speak in public and to motivate people, otherwise the game will turn into a boring process of number-crossing. Also the game master must be able to announce the numbers loudly and distinctly to avoid mishearing, which is especially important for a big room with large audience.

Fraud and cheating

There isn’t much cheating in bingo games or on slot bingo machines, and there are reasons for that. Firstly, the prizes usually aren’t that big, and the game match goes on for a while, so it isn’t profitable enough for fraudsters to lose their time on prolongedrounds. Secondly, absence of bluff and other ways of psychological pressure deters criminals from this kind of game.

But there are interesting stories in Bingo’s history, related to fraudsters. Let’s start with the fact that a large audience and a big crowd of people can give fraudsters certain advantages, since they can hide in the crowd to pull off their dark deeds.

One of the most popular legends about the Bingo is the story of Tom Harley. One day Tom came into gaming hall in London, where people were playing to get a large Bingo jackpot. The young man bought a dozen of cards and sat in the farthest corner of the room. During the game he sat there quietly, without drawing attention to himself – and then, after a short period of time, he announced “Bingo!”. The organizers checked his card and gave him his prize, since there was nothing wrong with his ticket. But later, after a closer inspection, it became clear that the young fraud had forged his ticket right there, during the game, using a special pen to correct the numbers. Tom was caught in Manchester, and he admitted his fault.

Movies and art

The Bingo is very popular in USA, which can easily be noticed by people, who watch a lot of Western movies or TV-series. In those the Bingo usually is played by pensioners in nursing homes and people who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. This makes it look like only old or addictive people enjoy Bingo, but it isn’t true. The statistics shows that in last few years the young generation started paying attention to this game. There is also mobile bingo casino version. Maybe the popularization through the movies made them pay their attention to this game, or maybe the will to try everything in this life pushed them into Bingo halls – no one knows exactly, but it helps gambling industry to move forward and develop further.

What does the future bring

It’s hard to answer this question, since at this state the game is already full and complete. Maybe, few years later, the rules will become too old and will be altered. Maybe some more variations of Bingo will appear, or the rules of British or American version will be altered. It’s hard to foresee this. But we can be certain about one thing: Bingo will live, develop and will be played by millions of people all around the world.