Electro Bingo
Electro Bingo

The bingo is one of the most popular varieties of table games worldwide. Despite the fact that changing the card, some of the rules and the number of balls, depend on the region – the game becomes more complicated and confusing. The Electro Bingo online slot with free bonus, developed by the Microgaming company, provides an opportunity to play four cards and try your luck in finding the jackpot. Fill the line, buy extra balls and increase the demo account.

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Electro Bingo slot machine review

Rules of the game

Before starting the first round should be familiar with the gameplay rules. If you want to find out more about the bingo go to this section of casino table games. In the free casino video slot machine Electro Bingo they are in the menu View payments. On our site, you can also read the article of the general rules of interaction with the online casino.

The first step is to determinate the rate – from 0.10 to 2 – on the round and choose the number of cards. The maximum number of the game field is four with 15 cells in each of them. Both of them can be chosen on the control console, as well as directly on the screen clicking to activate or deactivate.

By pressing the Play button begins the distribution of the balls with the numbers. As fall the numbers that coincide with those of the cards they are highlighted on cards. At the end, you can purchase additional numbers, to try to close the game line. The cost of bonus balls depends on the number of lines that must be filled as well as the rank of the line.

You can press "No" and not use this function and to pick up the award and start a new round. If you press "Yes", you can purchase up to ten extra balls. Note that the cost is deducted from the balance, rather than subtracted from the winnings.

The playfield and the console

The main part of the screen is occupied by the playing cards in which appear numbers. In the casino game online free Electro Bingo, you can use from one to four cards and fully interact with them. There is a device in the centre that distributes the balls. The lower part of the screen is occupied by the management console where you can configure the game. The top part contains tips about the rank of the lines, as well as key View payments.

On the control panel, you can find these options:

  1. Rate – assigns the value of a single card.
  2. Cards – allows you to choose from one to four cards before the round.
  3. Change cards – replace all the selected cards. Otherwise, each round will be played on the same cards.
  4. Play – starts the game.

In addition to the console buttons there also are windows that contain information about the selected settings:

  • Demo credits – the player's balance.
  • The total rate – depends on the size of the rate and the number of cards.
  • Winnings – the payment for the active line in the round.

Above the control panel, there is a small window with tips for example, the notification "If a card would be filled by the first 30 balls, you will be awarded the grand prize". During the game, there is always reminded the meaning of the keys Yes/No. Having carefully considered the tips, you can significantly improve not only the knowledge of the gameplay but also change the tactics of the game.

Features of the gameplay in the game machine Electro Bingo

The video casino game free Electro Bingo offers the user not to engage in self-searching and allocation of matching numbers, performing it in the automatic mode. All you need to do is place a bet, select the number of cards, and then click on Play. After the distribution of the balls and if on the cards are lines that can be completed – you will be prompted to purchase an additional number. It is determined randomly, but its value depends on the rank of the line.

A player can get multiple benefits from one card. That is, for obtaining an increased payout must be used different numbers for each line. The payout table in the top of the playfield contains all the options for winning the online slot for fun Electro Bingo.

If after the first hand all the cells on the card will be closed – the player gets the jackpot, which is calculated based on the size of the bet multiplied by 20000.

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