Slot reels - how they work

It is no secret that each slot machine is composed of a certain number of reels. As a rule, the majority of online machines includes 3 or 5 reels. Gambling machines that consist of four, six or even seven slot reels occur not so often.

The secret of such regularity can be found, if user makes a small excursion into history. Initially, there were only three-reel slots, that were not so popular as various card games, especially poker. Therefore, in order to attract a greater number of users, it was decided to depict symbols of playing cards on the reels. Such a decision increased the number of fans of the slots gambling entertainment. Although slot machines have become very popular long ago and share popularity with card games now, card symbols «9», «10», «J», «Q», «A» and «K» traditionally revolve on many machines even nowadays.

Manufacturers also have taken into account that poker comprises five cards. So five-reel slots with different bonus functions appeared together with the development of technical possibilities. Modern players who are fond of new multifunction machines, like to spin slots with five reels. But, there is also a significant percentage of users who like classic gaming on a simple three-reel slots, which traditionally include the symbols of fruits, sevens, «Bar» inscriptions. However, modern manufacturers try to diversify such machines by using different bonus options.

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