History and features of classic slots

Classic slots, as a rule, three-reeled with one or more lines and a small number of symbols of fruits. It is interesting that a tradition of placing fruit symbols in cells of gambling machines appeared, as far as we know, at the beginning of the last century. 

The world today is replete with a variety of slot machines but still, classic gambling slots continue their existence at the peak of popularity. Some of them are quite similar to the very first machine with reels –  Liberty Bell – which gladdened the world back in 1881. At that times players were given gums or fruit candies instead of winnings in gambling institutions. Classic slot machines are known also under an old title “one-armed bandits”. This is due to the fact that with time the first mechanical slot machines were equipped with a heavy lever, pressing on which player could start reel spins.

For instance, to get the winnings on classic slot machine, a gambler, as a rule, should collect a winning sequence of three identical symbols (such as three symbols of “BAR”, “777” or cherries). There also may be presented wild or other special symbols in modern slot machines, as well as a special bonus game. Also, if to compare modern versions of classic gambling machines with early 3-reeled slots, we can see, that even modern classical slots may vary by plots and subjects. But, in general, manufacturers try not to overburden these slots by special options. The companies endeavor to preserve the feeling of fans to encourage them to play classic gambling machine.