3 reels slot machines

3 reel slot machines remain being worthy representatives of famous developers gambling collections. They are maximally handy, have simple rules and stand out among others for their laconism. Such slots were created a few centuries ago and they are still very popular.

Some historical facts

The first prototype of modern slots was created in the USA in 80s of XIX century. Mechanic Charles Fey created unusual machine with spinning reels and bright pictures. 3 reel slot machine was started by pressing on long handle. When there were identical pictures on the line, that meant victory for the player.

It didn’t take a lot of time for this unordinary machine to become famous. A few years later they were in lots of pubs.

Slot machines have considerably changed since those times. Now there are multi-line video slots with 5, 6 or more reels and additional functions instead of old 3 reel machines. Both land-based and online casinos give an access to gambling entertainments. Anyone can play free 3 reel slots for fun in licensed online casino.

Thematic design and symbols in slots

In the course of creating “classic” slot machines, developers are trying to create models, which are most similar to their old father. Symbolism of  contains most of the traditional pictograms:

  • “fruit” images. The most widespread are images of cherries, plums, watermelons, oranges and lemons.
  • bar – image with word “bar” on it. Unlike first versions, modern ones have both ordinary and two-, three- layered bar pictograms.
  • 777 – is a special symbol in 3 reel slot machines. As a rule, combinations with these images give the biggest prizes to the players.

There can be also modern thematic pictures.

The number of lines varies between 1 and 5 and you cannot change it. The table of payments is placed on the slot’s panel.

Deluxe versions differ from other slot machines. They have similar symbols, though they stand out among others because of the high graphics quality and sometimes they have animation.

Additional options

Despite the fact that developers are trying to leave classic design of slots, they still add additional modern options to some slot machines. It makes slots more attractive and process of playing more interesting.

The most widespread improvements are 3 reel slots with such functions:

  1. “wild” symbol. As a rule, players use the simplest model of it, which can replace other pictograms in the combination. That’s the extent of it.
  2. risk round. When there is winning combination on the line, you can activate game for doubling. The most classic variant is specific card game for guessing the suit of the card. The correct answer doubles your prize, the wrong one takes away your prizes.

In rare cases, there are scatter symbols in modern slot machines. They allow to play on 3 reel slots free during several spins. There are no difficult bonus rounds.

Control panel

To set parameters of the game, you can use just few buttons:

  • Bet One – setting of the rate size;
  • Bet Max – immediate choice of the maximum credit size;
  • Start/Take Win – button which starts single spin and takes your payments;
  • AutoStart – activation of the continuous game mode.

As a rule, there is also “Lines” button, though you cannot use it. “Gamble” function activates the risk round, when combination drops out. Table of payments is placed on the control panel and in PayTable section.

Modern version of 3 reel slots online

Nowadays, any type of 3 reel slots has several versions. Modern developers create them in such variants:

  • in flash variant, made for game on PC;
  • mobile version, which opens 3 reel slots free on smartphones, tablets, etc.;
  • slots with “Download” option.

Taking into consideration slot’s popularity, developers often create one game in two variants – 3 reel slots vs. 5 reel slots. It helps each visitor of online casino to choose the most preferable slot.