Mermaid Serenade
Mermaid Serenade

Especially for lovers of the sea depths Saucify created the Mermaid Serenade online slot game with simple rules, the ability to rotate the drums in manual and automatic modes and the minimum amount of prize options. The interface unit consists of the reeland 3x3, table of payments and the console.

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Mermaid Serenade online slot game

The game rules

The main purpose of Mermaid Serenade online video slot’s entertainment – to increase the amount of funds on the balance. To do this, turn the drums and collect the prize on the lines from the combinations of identical pictures. To make the reels spinning, the player can use these buttons:

  • Spin – a switch that starts one reels’ rotation;
  • BetMax – a key, that spins the wheels with the maximum rates;
  • AutoSpin – this button starts auto-rotations (the player determines on his own the number of spins).

The reels starting method depends on the personal preferences of the user. For example, fans of the game with the maximum bets may not waste time configuring the settings of the game, and simply press on the BetMax button.

Together with the keys for starting the game there are buttons for setting the parameters on the console:

  • Coins sets a bet on one line, from 1 to 5;
  • Lines determines the number of prize lines, from 1 to 5;
  • Round regulator near the Coins Balance window determines the value of a game piece.

From the size of the parameters set by the user, depends the duration of the game. For example, if the rate is minimal, the gambling entertainment will be longer. If the player sets the maximum settings, he is likely to spend game pieces faster. If the player set the maximum settings, he is likely to spend game pieces faster. It is possible to adjust the lines and rate at any point in the game, but it is important to determine the settings before the first pressing on the Spin key or any other one that activated the reels.

Table of the payouts of slot machine is placed on the right side of the playing field, therefore there is no Paytable button on the control panel. One spin gives the probability that on the active line will land a sequence of 3 pictures. Prizes for the combinations are different and depend on the following factors:

  • Bet’s amount;
  • Type of pictures;
  • The presence of the wild symbol in the sequence.

The characters and their features

On the reels of Mermaid Serenade casino video slot online for mobile are spinning 5 thematic pictures, one of them – Wild in the form of a mermaid with red hair. Let’s consider the features of each image in detail.

White jellyfish symbol sequence can create sequences of three or two pictures. Accordingly, for these two images in combination player gets 9 points, for three – 48. Blue shell in a sequence of 3 characters gives 60 points, a green double shell – 120 prizes, and the purple triple one – 240. Also, on one of the lines there can appear a sequence of one, two or three shells. For such set a player will receive 30 prizes. If you’re interested in playing Mermaid Serenade on real money, you’ll easily find it in [[$whereToPlayLinks]] casino.

The special symbol on this gambling machines is a mermaid with red hair, which in separate combinations gives the biggest awards. If three such pictures fill the first line, the user receives 600 points if the second – 900, third – 1500. Three mermaids on the fourth band give 2100 multipliers. When the bonus symbol creates a sequence on the fifth line, the balance will be replenished with the 6000 game pieces.

Mermaid is also the Wild symbol, that fills in the combinations. One Wild symbol in the prize chain multiplies winnings in two times, and two wild symbols in the sequence multiply the rate by four times.

Mermaid Serenade bonus features

This device contains the minimum number of options. There are no free-spins, risk games and thematic bonus. The only bonus is the function of a mermaid, as we already mentioned before.

Thus, Mermaid Serenade slot machine for android will be great for fans of gambling entertainments with classic elements and absence of additional options. The only peculiarity of the machine – a wild symbol in the form of a mermaid. For more variants of Classic slots and their descriptions find the corresponding page on our website.

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