Slot lines - how they work

The very first slot machines appeared in the late XIX century and consisted of only three reels and a single line, which collected the prize combination. But during its existence, the world of slot machines has been constantly enriched with new more advanced models. Modern players may rotate slot lines with different numbers of reels. If first slot machines have from 1 to 5 bars, the number of current machines’ paylines can be 9, 20, 50, 100 and even more. On some machines the number of working lines can be controlled, while on the others such an option is impossible.

The users need to pay attention to the fact that the more lines are involved in a game, the larger will be the size of a total rate. It also increases the probability to collect the prize combination.

Today there are also so-called slot machines with no paylines. For example, a series of machines from IGT has a special option Multiway Xtra, which allows user to collect the prize combination not on the lines, and in the neighboring columns. Similar solutions were proposed by such popular manufacturers as Novomatic, Playtech, NetEnt. The amount of winnings depends on symbols and their drop on a field when it comes to slots with no lines.

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