Guide for players - how to win on slot machine

Gambling games tempt a lot of people to try their luck in playing various gambling machines. As a rule, people who start playing different online slot machines have no idea what to do. How to win on slot machine? Where did my money go? To avoid such awkward situations, it is necessary to understand what slot machine is and what are the ways to get money.

What is slot machine?

Gaming machine is the special device placed in gambling institution or is in the form of interactive game in your internet browser, where you can play without dealers. As Internet becomes widespread all over the world gambling games online become very popular and obviously you may ask how to play the slots to win. In total, they do not differ from real but they give an opportunity to play without leaving home.

Depending on the developer, the game panel, style of design and additional possibilities of the slot machine differ, but there are some general functions which will help you to find out how to play slots and win.

  • Bet (Bet Lines, Max Bet) – with the help of this button player places bet on specific number of coins on a game line.
  • Coin Value – this button will help player to set the value of one game coin.
  • Spin (Play) – when you press on this button wheels start spinning.
  • Paytable (Info) – gives information about payment lines, features and coefficients of payments for symbols.

The number of reels, rows and lines of payments are unique for each game. As a rule, player spins five reels with three symbols on each of them. How to win on slots machine at casino? Line, which has few symbols of the same range bring you money prize. If there is wild symbol in this combination, payment will double.

If you don't know how to play, read the main game rules in the corresponding section.

Developers often let to make a certain number of free spins to get acquainted with slot machine. That is why you shouldn't lose such an opportunity before placing real money and find out how to win at a casino slots.

What is the course of the game?

Before making first spin player should replenish his personal account. In online slots you can place money during the game or on the separate page of casino's website. When money is placed, it is necessary to read rules of the game and only then adjust settings.

If you’re wondering how to play to win slots, first of all, you’ll have to choose number of lines, which will be used during the spin (note that some slots don't have such an option). Then you should place a bet and spin reels. Combinations of identical symbols on the pay line bring money prizes. The higher coefficient of payments for symbols and the more of them are on the line the higher will be the prize.

As soon as player decides to stop playing session he can withdraw money on his bank account. The peculiarities and conditions of this transaction are listed in casino bank.

Additional chances to win

As a rule, online casino offers bonuses and prizes for registration or first deposit in order for players to understand how to win slots casino. These may be specific amounts of money, free spins, multipliers. Almost every game gives a possibility to get free spins, multipliers of payments, jackpot or to take part in bonus game which definitely show you how to win at casinos slots.

  • Bonus game, as a rule starts when you collect three or more bonus symbols on the drums (most frequently these are first three). It might be the separate game with its wheels and conditions of spins or a special mode in the main game.
  • Wild symbol has different functions indifferent games, but as a rule it replaces any symbol on pay line (except for scatter and bonus). Its presence increases the amount of prize. This is one of the ways how to win the slots. If it is “expanding” (it moves left with every spin), “sticky” (stays on the same place all the time) or “filling” (replace all symbols on one wheel) your prize will increase.
  • Free spins are given for combination of bonus symbols or scatters. Such spins don’t take money from your account, they multiply payments instead, you can get more from slot machine than you give.


It isn't true that you can't win on slot machine. It is totally possible if you examine its rules, table of payments and specifics of symbols. Sensible approach to the gaming process will help you to take your finances under control, not to pay more than you win and avoid appearance of gambling addiction.

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