Gonzos Quest
Gonzos Quest

Gonzo's Quest online slot machine from NetEnt slots maker, dedicated to the Spanish conquistadors and the conquest of Latin America. Ancient artefacts, rock art and Aztec gold are waiting for you in this game. The features of this game are making it different from all the others akin to it, making gameplay unique and fascinating in its own way. Big multipliers, non-standard wheels, free spins and a jackpot it's all being served with interesting story and nice visual and sound solutions.

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Gonzos Quest online slot machine

Features and rules of Gonzo's Quest game

Gonzo's Quest is a game with five wheels, played at three lines with 20 fixed gaming stripes. Overall it's a well-known picture for experienced players. But it's not all easy and casual at the South American continent. The wheels here are not presented in classic way. There's no standard divisions between the wheels, and symbols, depicted as heavy stone blocks covered with ethnic bas-reliefs, are falling from the upper edge of playing field.

This video slot, made by NetEnt, is a qualitative game, designed down to the smallest details. Atypical implementation, visual and sound effects and 3D graphics are making Gonzo's Quest quite different from typical “one-armed bandit”, turning it into a gambling adventure, a kind of a quest. This quest can be considered a successful fusion of normal slots and casual Flash games, which makes it even more new and attractive. However, the return rates, declared by the developers, are even more attractive, since they equate to 96%.

How to control the game

The gaming interface is succinct and it has nothing excessive in it. However, even those who are gambling for the first time are going to be able to understand it's indexes and buttons. In the bottom part of the screen the player will see: 

  • Bet: the size of the spin bet.
  • Win: the size of the win for the last lucky spin.
  • A button with arrows, that allows to launch the wheels.
  • Three active buttons:
  • Bet Level is for editing the bet for a line.
  • Coin Value is for editing the coin cost.
  • Max Bet is for playing with maximum bets.

Also, there's a line in the bottom part of the screen, showing your current game balance, the coin cost and your bet for a line. By editing those indexes, you can make your game as convenient as it has to be for you to successfully control your bank roll.

Symbols and coefficients

All the symbols of the Gonzo's Quest game are pictures, fitting the game thematic. Heavy stone blocks depict mythic creatures, worshiped by ancient Aztecs. No playing cards images are in this game. Everything here corresponds to a culture of civilization that no longer exists. There are heads of legendary creatures, stylized at totem animals, carved in stone. Every single one of them has its own price.

One can easily see the coefficient table by pressing the “Info” button. However, this button is absent in some free versions of this game. So we'll describe some of those down below:

 The cheapest symbol in this game is a head of an eagle. Combinations with this image can multiply player's by 3, 10 or 50.

  • A lion's head is a next cheap symbol, which can multiply your prize by 4, 15 or 75.
  • A snake's head, depending on the number of symbols in the combination, can bring 5, 20 or 100 values of the bet per line size.
  • A mask on the yellow plate brings 15, 50 or 500 values of player's bet.
  • A mask with red background brings 20, 100 and 1000.
  • The most expensive symbol is a mask with grey background, it brings 25, 250 and 2500 values of the player' bet.

So by raising his bet, the player automatically increases his payment ratios. Winnings are being calculated according to combination price and the bet per line size. So the pattern is simple. The more money from deposit is charged to the spin, the bigger prize will one get for a combination, or a sequence of those combinations, considering the game multipliers.

Coefficient (5, 50, 100) is a number per which the bet is being multiplied. So, if your bet equals 5 coins, and you're getting the combination that costs 50, your winning sum will be 250 coins. The 10 coins per line bet will bring you a prize that equals 500, if you'll get the combination with the same coefficient.

So by operating the bets in a right way, one can get quite a lot of money. But it's important to remember that the frequency of getting the lucky combinations doesn't depend on bet's size. So the player can either get a large sum, or lose all the money from his account.

Nice bonuses of the gaming process

In the game blocks are falling downwards, imitating the reel rotation. If one of the 20 paylines has a successful combination on it, the stones crumble into dust. During the next rotation all other symbols are staying where they were before, the upper stones are falling down, filling the empty spaces, and there are some new symbols added on the top. This principle reminds of the popular nowadays casual games "three in a row."

The most interesting bit in such spins is the fact that after the first lucky combination the multipliers are starting to work. The game has four of them: x1, x2, x3 and x5. It means that each new sequence will bring 2, 3 or 5 times more winning coins per combination.

Free spins are increasing the win

Gonzo's Quest game has a Wild symbol depicting a question mark. This image completes any combination, replacing the absent symbol with itself. Also the game has a scatter, depicting gold sun, that launches a sequence of 10 free spins. Free spins are called “falls” in this game. This word characterizes the game animation itself more than it characterizes the spin. This sequence is being activated when there's three of such symbols at the wheels.

During the free rotations you not only don't waste your deposit sum (casino pays for all of your free spins), but you're also able to greatly increase your winnings. The multipliers are being increased during the free spins sequence:

  • х1 becomes х3;
  • х2 becomes х6;
  • х3 becomes х9;
  • х5 becomes х15.

So each new winning combination brings three times more than the standard multiplier game. Also one can extend the sequence by 10 more spins if the three suns combo appears again during the free spins.

Risk-game is absent in the Gonzo's Quest video slot, but it is not needed in there. Because the game itself is risky enough. Each new launch can either increase your multiplier, or bring it back to a starting level. The player doesn't lose his winnings for spin, though. So it's either a lucky spin, or a spin that didn't bring any winning combinations.

How to trick the machine

There are gossips among the gamblers about ways to trick one or another slot-machine, to get the bigger and bigger prizes each time without losing. To tell you the truth: it's nothing but a myth. There's no strategy that can promise you a hundred-percent win, because all of combinations are being generated randomly. The game doesn't have a frequency or a sequence mechanism for any combination. In the slots made by a manufacturer (except for unauthorized modifications) everything depends only on player's luck and occasion.

However, there are certain strategies of working with bets, that won't bring much winnings, but will save the player from quickly losing his money. It's called a basic strategy of controlling the bank roll. It applies to all gambling activities, including the video slots.

The basic states of this strategy are: 

  • Determine the amount that you are willing to risk for the very start.
  • Be reasonable while making bets: you shouldn't rush and raise the bets to the maximum, but neither they should be too low. Small bets do not bring any significant prizes.
  • Determine what winning sum will satisfy you. If you were able to get the planned amount of money, it's better to stop the game. You shouldn't try to run after the bigger sum, because the chance to lose everything you've just earned is pretty high.
  • If you're not lucky and there were no winning combinations on the wheels for a while, you shouldn't keep playing for too long. You can get back and try your luck next time. 

The main secret of successfully playing any slot-machine, including Gonzo's Quest, is the presence of the common sense and some luck. If the machine isn't hacked there's no other way. We already told you why.

The slot machine's secrets

Some players are saying that any slot has it's own secrets. It's a wild space for imagination! Any game (especially a very popular one) has a great chance to grow some myths on itself. For example, some are saying that one should look for a machine with last round being a lose, because the white stripe always follows the black one. Sometimes there's even a place for superstitions, like “if you play the certain machine at the certain time at the certain day at the certain casino…”. Which, as you can say yourself, looks absurdly and groundlessly.

Video slots don't keep any special secrets. There's no clear pattern behind them, and if the machine isn't hacked, your luck or back luck is occasional. The only secret of playing the Gonzo's Quest game is a skill of using bets and getting lucky combinations. The last thing doesn't depend on a player in any way. The user can't influence the frequency of getting scatters, Wild symbols or high-prised symbols in any way. The only worthwhile recommendation is to play more. To play and to try – to try changing the bets and the gaming coin cost, to stop the game at the right time and come back again to get acquainted, understand it better and try again.

Myths about the game

Gonzo's Quest, as most of slot-machines, is surrounded by myths and wrong groundless strategies, made up by uninformed players, or establishments themselves as a new marketing move. Here we’ll debunk the most common misconceptions.
Hot’n’cold. There’s a perception among the players that there is a so-called “hot” machines, that are giving the more money the more the previous player has invested into the entertainment. And that there are “cold” ones, that are meager for everyone. In fact, all machines, including Gonzo's Quest, are working on the same principle, and the amount of benefits does not depend on the amount of money invested in the slot by a previous user. Carefully read different myths about slot machines to avoid the common mistakes.

  • Statistics and analytics. They say that if you play for long enough time, you can trace which combination are appearing more often than other, and with what frequency. In fact there’s no cycles, periodicities or patterns in slot-machines. All of the combinations are generated randomly. So if you’re experienced with probability theory, maybe you will be able to calculate the chance of your success. Unfortunately, even this chance is quite low.
  • The secret of the winning strategy. Many players believe that there is a strategy out there that will guarantee a win. This isn’t true. There’s no guarantees in gambling. The only chance to improve your performance on video slots is to chose the maximum benefit machines. Some manufacturers are happy to share a specific percentage that is programmed on the machine. In Gonzo’s Quest it’s 96%.
  • The trigger is more reliable than the button. Some players are saying that the game in the real casino is more fair than in the virtual one. It isn't true. Both real-life slot machines and their digital analogs are developed on the same system, and the generation of combinations happens on identical principles. So there's no difference if you're playing in the casino, or at home in front of the computer.

The slot-machine's backstory

The Gonzo's Quest video slot machine was manufactured by NetEnt in 2010. The slot machine became widely used in the network and now it completes the video slots collection in the most prestigious of virtual gambling establishments. That is not surprising at all, since the unusual performance and generous prizes attract enough players for game to become more profitable and no less attractive for the owners of online gambling halls.

This slot is being chosen quite often for slot tournaments. Unusual game system and the chance to continually multiply your winnings are making the machine more attractive for events.

This, in turn, increases the slot popularity among users. When there's not only gambling, but the competitive spirit too, the joy from playing increases in two times. And you're not only getting good emotions: you're getting good prizes. The maximum sum to win on Gonzo's Quest slot machine was 375,000 USD.

Since 2011, when NetEnt became actively engaged in the mobile games development, Gonzo's Quest became even more widespread. Today, you can play this video slot on mobile devices running Android, iOS, Windows and on a PC running Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Nowadays gamblers can try out their luck on Gonzo's Quest whenever they are, at whatever device they chose, provided having the access to the Internet.

Besides playing for real money, anyone can afford a completely free demo version of the game. Training version of the video slot is easy to find on any of many entertainment and informational resources dedicated to the slot machines thematic.

The advantage of the free games is not only in the fact that user doesn’t have to spend their time on registration and their money on increasing their balance. Demo versions is a possibility to understand the game mechanics, observe and calculate the patterns, develop their own tactics. So when the time of playing the real game with real bets the player comes prepared, knows how does the machine work and has some ideas and personal strategies that will give the desired result.

Game thematic

Treasure hunting, lost cities of ancient civilizations, risky and dangerous adventures are the most loved motives in the gambling entertainment. In the Gonzo's Quest the brave conquistador Gonzo decides to get himself a wealth in a peaceful way; he gets a map and hits the road. Which is quite noble of him, considered how Gonzo's brothers-in-arms were solving their problems with Aztecs.

The hero's main goal is to find El Dorado, the mythical city that contains an unimaginable wealth. And by playing the machine the player gets richer too, by getting the winning combinations and hoping to get three scatters, that are going to grant him the way to the heart of the city, to the incredible multipliers!

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Game Specs
  • Freespins Yes (10)