Risk game types in slots

The risk game in slots allows you to increase your win after the spin; a lot of free slot machines online have this game. With different types of risk game you can increase the winning in two, four and theoretically in the infinite number of times.

The risk-game offers you to guess the correct option from two, four of five ones. If you guess it, you will double or quadruple the number of credits you have received for the spin. The main thing is not to make a mistake, otherwise the whole winning will disappear – the one obtained for the ordinary spin and the one got in previous rounds of the risk-game.

Player can play in the risk-round for several times. In rare cases, the player is given only one attempt. If you’re interested in risk games then it might be interesting for you to visit our Real Money Slots, where you’ll find useful information on how and where you can win real awards.

Risk-game options

All types of risk gameshave the same principles – to choose the proper version among the proposed ones. However, there are many different types of rounds on doubling. The round with a card guessing is the most popular. It is enough to guess red or black card. There are two options of this game: you may have to guess the colour (the prize is doubled) or the suit of a card face down (the winning increases in four times). You should choose your type of hazard before the risk-game starts.

Another version of the risk-tour – playing against the dealer. From five cards face down, the player must choose the one which rank is higher than the dealer's open card:

  • If your card is higher – the prize is doubled;
  • If it is lower – the win is burnt;
  • If the cards are equal, (it also happens) – the winning is not changed.

There are other options of the risk-game, in fact, a lot of them. For example, some free slot machine gamesduring the risk-game demand to climb up the ladder or the tree trunk. Other slot machines offer the player to guess the side of the fallen coin. The bright example can be slot from Microgaming developer called Game of Thrones. After each successful spin gamblers get a possibility to participate in the risk game and try to choose correctly the side of the coin. If the choice is correct the prize will be multiplied, if not – player loses the award for the last spin. There are also such types of slots that offer to climb the pyramid in the course of the risk game. Each new step means the new level and player may lose on any of them.

Most manufacturers of good slot machine games included in the risk game an option, which allows to place not the whole prize received after a spin but only a half of it. The list of variants of rounds on doubling is endless. There are slot machines with unique chance-tours.

Risk game as entertainment

Producers aim to make each of free slot machines no sign up unique. And this rule is true for the risk-game, the principles of which are the same almost everywhere. Therefore, developers are always trying to make them unusual. As a rule, they decorate the cards with the images of the game theme. That can be the jewels in the game called “Diamond” or berries in the fruit slot machine that players were not bored to do “the same as always”.

The second reliable method is to add some humor to the game. However, there isn’t a big number of such games.

In order to get even more information and examples of this type of games visit the Risk Game section of our website.

Refusal from the risk game

Player has always the choice whether to participate in this type of game. You do not have to risk the winning received for the spin. The player can refuse from playing risk game anytime. Just press the “Start” button instead of “Gamble” or “Bet” ones, which launch the risk-game. In that case, your prize will not be increased and will not be burnt. You will get it on your account.

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