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The world of gambling industry moves on. Like any sphere, it is a dynamic, flexible and constantly evolving industry. Software developers and suppliers of gaming invent new solutions and offers for users, new platforms and ways of gambling products implementation. Manufacturers focus on customers more and more, establishing feedback and taking into account the wishes of the audience.

You can follow the news of gambling industry in the news section of the site. It publishes information on new slots, developers offers, the most recent innovations in the segment of the gambling entertainment associated with slot machines. Read the latest publications to keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry.

Yggdrasil_announced_multi_level Yggdrasil announced multi level slot Alchymedes
Yggdrasil developers introduced a new slot machine on alchemy theme. Alchymedes provides a special ability to foresee the appearance of wild symbols and multipliers. To complete a level, it is needed...
Lucky_man_won_USD Lucky man won USD 1 200 000 on the slot machine Wheel of Fortune
According to the IGT representative, the player won the progressive jackpot in the amount of USD 1,2 million on the slot machine Wheel of Fortune in the New York-New York (Las Vegas, USA). This is the...
Gaming_software_developer_Yggdrasil Gaming software developer Yggdrasil signed an agreement with a division of William Hill Casino in Gibraltar
CEO of Yggdrasil Gaming Fredrik Elmqvist commented on the event: William Hill is one of the most respected companies in the world of gambling, it is clear that it’s a great pleasure to see such a...
Software_and-video_slot Software and video slot developer Endorphina presented a new slot machine Chunjie coincided to Chinese New Year
Representatives of the company commented on the release: In January this year, millions of people from around the world come together to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We want to support the...
Playtech_company_presented_two Playtech company presented two new slot machines
During the first month of 2017, Playtech released just two slot machines: Fields of Fortune and Roaring Wilds. Slots are available on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Fields of Fortune – machine...
NetEnt_company_released_a NetEnt company released a new slot Divine Fortune
The new product from NetEnt has five reels, three rows and 20 active lines. Slot machine Divine Fortune is dedicated to ancient Greece, mythical creatures and legendary treasures. The slot is filled...
Microgaming_releases_three_slot Microgaming releases three slot machines in February
Slot machine Secret Romance, as described by the manufacturer, united flirting with luck and will fulfil what player’s heart desire. The slot includes five reels and three rows. Among bonus...
Two_lucky_guys_hit Two lucky guys hit the jackpot of USD 0.9 million in Bovada Casino
A player from Boston hit a progressive jackpot in the amount of USD 800 thousand. The slot machine Food Fight is from the developer Realtime Gaming. The winning combination was made of five symbols of...
Konami_will_release_a Konami will release a new modification of Concerto slot
According to a press release, the new version of the slot machine has a dual-screen 27-inch high-definition. It is vertical, as in the original version, but has a lower profile and implies a different...
Bally_Technologies_presented_new Bally Technologies presented new slot Dragon Spin
Slot machine Dragon Spin on Asian theme was presented by the company Bally Technologies. The game will be available both on PCs and mobile devices with Android and IOS operating...

Urgency of slot machine news

Along with the classic slot machines, gambling entertainment producers for land-based and online casinos offer products with new features and gameplay possibilities. In the news section of the site, you will have access to recent interesting information about the novelties of the gambling business.

Here you will find:

  • Slot releases;
  • Unique developments and innovations;
  • Descriptions and detailed analysis of leading manufacturers’ new products;
  • Reviews and gaming analyst;
  • Discovered game secrets, winning schemes, and more.

Articles and publications of news section are focused on content produced by large developers, proven in the market (Playtech, Novomatic, IGT, NetEnt, etc.), and by young ambitious teams with a pro-innovative approach to classic slot machines. New slots fill up virtual “counters” every day. New casinos run on their platforms popular slots. New game producers present themselves on the gambling market and make an unexpected, innovative game. Reading the news section, you will not miss any of the important events, will be among the first to find out about the latest offers and become a real gambling expert.

The new word in the world of slots

The pace of life today requires being on the go. We strive forward to the development, acquiring new knowledge, territories and skills. What was most popular yesterday, today is called a classic, and the sky of one or another sphere gets highlighted by a new star. All these addresses to gambling industry too and video slots in the first place.

Of course, every experienced player already has a list of favourite slot machines, newcomers have a fallow land ahead – so many things they can try, and everything seems new. But what if a new device is ready to offer even more exciting gaming experience, generous prizes, unusual mechanics and entertaining in-game tasks? What if you were thinking “ it would be nice if…” –  and finally, something that you were dreaming about has been created and released to the market?

Not to miss the video slot of your dreams or to learn about new offers and to expand the collection of favourite slots, read the news section of the site. We publish the recent announcements and information the latest releases every day. 

The old game in a new way

It would seem, what new can offer a game, which does not change over a century. Pull a lever or press a button, watch the rotation of the reels and hope that you’ll get lucky. Collect combinations and receive payments. What else can you think of on this subject? Haven't they already invented everything possible? It turns out, they haven’t. Modern developers – market giants, which have been developing for decades, and young enthusiastic studios have a whole list of functions and features implementable within a single slot:

  • Classic slots get a restart –  many really interesting games, that visually are out of date, can get a new life after the “redecoration”, ie global rework of graphic component.
  • The slot machines gain new functions – risk games or bonus rounds are constantly updated, reframed and can be produced in unusual, new and interesting forms.
  • The work of special characters a constant subject to revision and users note new principle of activating benefits in the newest devices.
  • Games get endowed with additional objectives –  the collecting of pictures, gathering several combinations in a row to activate multipliers, bonus icons attached to the symbols that trigger additional game features. Want to learn about a new slot with a new list of proposals? We'll tell you! 

Fresh concepts

Thematic games are added to the ground and virtual casinos more and more often. A launch of a new game machine is often related to a bright event –  festival, sports championship, a release of a new title in cinemas. If you are a football fan or a fan of “Star Wars” franchise, you sure will be interested in learning about the release of a slot machine on the market, dedicated to your favourite topics!

Moreover, developers are experimenting with mixing genres. So, in addition to the usual spins, the user gets nearly a kind of arcade or a casual game like “three in a row”, which nevertheless remains a gambling entertainment. Keep up with fresh concepts, new offers and thematic publications. Participate in an unusual game. 

How games are created

Before the user gets the game ready-to-use, software companies work long and laboriously. Slots need to be made up, starting with themes and design and ending with the list of benefits for players. How games are created, why developers cooperate, why companies produce collaborative products? What young teams offer and are they able to compete with already familiar to us market giants? You will find this in our news. 

News slots in casinos

If the game on video slots is a matter of practice rather than theory for you for a long time, and you are looking for a casino to play, the news of slot machines in casinos section is designed exactly for you. Active gamblers get recent and interesting information about the opening of new casinos, features and offers of gambling websites with slot machines. If you want to be aware of all the bonuses and promotions and do not want to miss the opportunity to learn about a new platform, terrestrial or online, watch the news. 

In this section, you will learn:

  • News about opening or closing of casinos.
  • For information on lawsuits and legal conflicts involving casinos. It is always useful to know the history of the site on which you run the game. Any casino has its own history, you conclude if it is safe to use the services of a particular casino on this basis.
  • Reviews of new products and services in gambling institutions. Do you want to know where to find the most interesting offers? Where are to expect the longest series of free spins and free plays? You will learn this from publications online.
  • Announcements of promotions, tournaments and other gambling activities conducted by world-renowned casino operators. Do you know that tournaments and competitions are held on video slots too? For example, a slot Gonzo's Quest by NetEnt company was a platform for gambling competitions several times. If you want to try your luck at one of these, find out what casino conducted draws on slot machines. We will find for you all the most interesting information about promotions!

Those looking for a first or new casino, interested in principles of casinos work and innovation and security issues will learn a lot of helpful information in the section. Nuances of the gambling business, best offers, reviews and critique of existing portals will help to make your own impression of the situation in the gambling market and to determine the extent to which you are willing to interact with the world of gambling. Will you be the player, try to create your own casino or become an analyst, this section will provide interesting and useful information that you can put into practice. 

News of the slots and gaming legislation

Gambling market is changing both in the field of production and in terms of regulating the activities of casinos and gambling operators at the legislative level. Over time, many states have come to the conclusion that gambling is a popular and useful phenomenon, which, however, should be legalised and regulated.

What laws are taken in order to make gambling a safe and legal sphere of entertainment? How fraudsters are fought and how to ensure a fair game? What difficulties organisers of the gambling industry, manufacturers and suppliers face in a new market? In what countries you are not limited to access games on your favourite slots in virtual and land-based casinos and where online platforms are blocked by regulatory authorities. These and other legal matters are covered in the news section relating to legislation, reforming of the gambling business and, in particular, gaming machines.

Get an honest and accurate information from reliable sources. Only the latest news, reviews and analysis of markets, legal acts and governmental requirements are published in the daily news section. Explore the world map of gambling business with us. Learn where and how to play video slots, and does the government do to ensure a safe game.

Players and slots

In the news section “Players”, we provide information about the biggest wins and losses, stakes, prizes and awards, competitions and events of the gambling industry. Here you will learn about hit jackpots, won titles, tournament statistics, and successful bets. Secrets and strategies, gaming experience of winners, gambling business insight – this will help to understand how slot machines operate, whether you can beat them, are there valid strategies that lead to success.

Reading news in this section, you will learn:

  • About the most successful gamblers;
  • About the competitions on the slot machines;
  • About the strategies and secrets of success;
  • About games with big wins and statistics of big victories.
  • About manufacturers whose products brought players the biggest prizes.

For those interested in gambling seriously and planning to tie your life and earning with them, articles listed in the section will be helpful and interesting. Having a bright example and statistics, players learn new techniques, strategies and interpretations of certain aspects of the game and, more importantly, realise that they can win. In the context of legal and regulated work of institutions, a win is not a myth but a reality that is achieved by honing skills and having a fortune. 

How can slots news be of help

In fact, it does not matter whether you are a beginner or a pro. If you chose something you like, if you are keen on slots and spend enough time in the game, if you are interested in learning something new and improving your knowledge of the already familiar things, you will find a lot of interesting among the publications on the website.

To have a profitable game, you need to know:

  • Where to play;
  • What to play;
  • How to choose a slot machine;
  • What differences have slots of different manufacturers;
  • How slot machines work and is it possible to beat them;
  • Are cases of fraud noted and do casino insure you against fraud;
  • Are casino bonuses and bonuses of slot machines useful to  player;
  • Why free games were implemented;
  • Is there a winning strategy.

If you are interested in analytics and reviews, secrets of games and statistics of victories, interesting facts about slots and producers, check for section updates. We will find the most interesting news for you. By studying a new information, you will get into the most complex nuances of the game, understand how safe gambling games are and whether it is possible to win during gaming sessions.

Spin the reels with skill! Wonder and any your interest will be satisfied on our website. Only accurate and confirmed data, only the latest information, only the best offers from global developers. Do not miss the chance to evolve in the direction you like as development, awareness and understanding of the process lead to success!

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