Real Money Casinos

Real money casinos – are the type of casino where user can get real cash prize. In order to win real money casino for free player has to be prepared. It is necessary to know in which way it will be best to make transactions, where to find real money online casino and in which way the free game is useful and why it is better to choose online casinos real money no deposit bonus. Want to play for real money? Read the casino reviews and choose the casino for playing.

Preparation – Choice of payment system

Before starting to play for real money casinos it is better to decide which payments system will player use. Learn how to make a deposit in casinos and withdraw received prizes.

Due to wide range of paid services of different types on net, it became popular to use electronic money. They are online funds, which perform ordinary function of payment units on web a user can convert them into cash any time he wants. It is possible to keep this money on bank cards, accounts or special services – e-wallets.

There are lots of similar services for keeping money. Each casino has its own list of supported payment service providers, which are indicated in banking section. The most used and widespread among casino services of electronic money are: bank cards VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro – the most widespread type of electronic money usage. These are plastic cards, which belong to certain bank. With their help people can make online transactions and do shopping in land-based establishments or cash out money from them.

If you want to get more information about all kinds of bonuses, we recomed you to visit all bonuses page.

In order to play on online slot machines real money with bank cards, you should replenish gaming account with their help. To do this indicate the desirable amount of replenishment in banking menu, also insert the card number (consists of 16 digits), expiry date (indicated under the number) and CV2 code (3 digits on the back of the card). It isn’t recommended to insert pin-code of the credit card, because it is confidential information, which has to be only accessible to its owner.

The advantages of card way of payments are: its availability in almost all casinos, the bigger maximal amount of withdrawal and deposit and money from the card can be easily used outside the web.  The disadvantages are: the time for money withdrawal takes approximately 1-5 days and sometimes the necessity to give additional data for verifying that it is your card. Skrill and Neteller – British electronic wallets, which are very popular among fans of playing on real money online casino. It is very handy, simple and there are secure services which make quick various transactions on the Internet and don’t take big fee.

In order to transfer money from Skrill or Neteller to casino you should indicate the desirable system into the banking menu. In addition to the amount of replenishment Skrill requires indication of email and password, used for the login on wallet page and Neteller asks for account number and secure ID (personal secure code). Money will be transferred instantly.

The advantages of this services are the speed of payments processing (instant deposit; withdrawal takes 1-3 days), simplicity in usage, they are widespread (are available on most of gaming platforms), access to the minimal deposit. The separate plus of Neteller is the high security level.

The disadvantage of Neteller is the possibility to withdraw money only on bank account. Skrill minuses: the obligatory attachment of the card to the account, the longtime of personal data processing and resolving problems with technical support. Both services allow to create accounts only in one currency.

  • PayPal – one of the most popular payment services in the world. Paypal for real money at online casinos is most widespread among American players.It is one of the biggest and quickest electronic systems, that allows to make any type of online transactions. Its main disadvantages are limitations in usage of some services in specific countries (for example money withdrawal) and obligatory attachment of card to PayPal account.
  • ECOPayz, Entropay, Paysafecard – other popular payment systems among online casinos. Though they are less popular than abovementioned ones, they are supported by most part of big online casinos and work in those countries, where online casino real money PayPal, Skrill и Neteller may be non-accessible.
  • WebMoney – online wallet which is very popular in CIS countries. It is quick to use and is well secured. This system doesn’t work in lots of countries and is accepted only in some casinos.
  • Bank Transfer – the usage of bank account for game in online casino. This way is available almost in each casino, but the time that transactions take (mainly the money withdrawal) up to two weeks.

Choice of casino – Registration

When you have chosen the payment service it is time for the selection of gaming platform. The modern web offers such wide choice of casinos that it is very hard to choose one. Almost each casino is unique in design, types of games and bonus offers such as online casino real money no deposit.

In order not to believe in false ads, vain promises and not to place money on dishonest resource beginners are recommended to visit gambling forums and websites with detailed casinos reviews. On such platforms both editors and users place overviews of gaming websites, describing their advantages and disadvantages. With the help of such descriptions it is possible to find one or several suitable resources.

When player finds the desirable online casino, he should register there at the first place. Registration form doesn’t almost differ on carious websites: user has to indicate real name, age, email, address and select currency. Note that registration on gaming websites is forbidden to minors.

You shouldn’t be afraid to insert personal data and send documents for verification to big licensed gambling resource. The biggest part of casinos promises to protect players’ personal information. If you indicate the false data during the registration your account may be blocked and all placed and won money will not be accessible.

Registered users get an access to all games on website, have personal cabinet, take part in bonus offers and can win real money online instantly or play for free (if the website allows to do this).

Choice of gambling game

When chosen payment system is ready for usage, player is registered on gaming website – he can then move to the most interesting part – choice of games.

The assortment of modern online casino has hundreds of various gambling games on various themes, types and taste. If player is lucky for the first time in gambling and doesn’t know the difference between poker and blackjack it is recommended for him to start from online slot machines real money. These are the simplest games with simple control, they have low bets on the game and lots of possible winning combinations. They will be quickly become understandable, because the slot rules don’t require deep knowledge in games and the control is made with the help of several buttons.

Moreover, their choice is very wide. Lots of online platforms offer hundreds of slots from several developers at the same time. They are very colourful, with different animation effects, musical background and big set of bonuses. All that you need is to set the rate, press on “Start” and enjoy spin of 3 or 5 reels.

Player should choose slots with average number of lines (from 20 to 50) because as a rule, their frequency of wins is average or high and the amount of prizes is quite big. You shouldn’t forget that each line can be winning and form big payout. It is advisable to catch bonus pictures at the first place, because they give free spins. They will provide you with fantastic game and you’ll be able to win real money online casino for free.

In case player won’t like playing slots, he can try other gambling games such as roulette, poker, blackjack, bingo or baccarat. Note that these games require preparation and knowledge of rules. That is why it is recommended to get acquainted with the rules and try playing game on free game-pieces.

Free game

It is the great choice for search for new casino and adaptation to the game process. It offers the game in free money casinos no deposit required where users don’t lose anything.

There are special platforms where is played only free game without registration. There are also real online casinos which give a possibility to play for free. Player can change the accounts, replenish the balance and start the game in online casino and make real money.

Bonuses in casino

All additional funds, loyalty programs, free spins, different inside tournaments and tasks – these are casino bonuses. There are lots of variants of getting bonuses, even real money online casino with free signup bonus. Each gaming resource has its own system of awards for attracting new clients and keep the interest of already registered players.

The most widespread bonus types:

  1. Deposit Bonus – additional funds for placed deposit. Its size differs depending on the website, the number of previously placed deposits or the day, when money was placed. The amount of bonus can be from 25% to 200% from placed amount. Sometimes, apart from bonus funds player gets specific number of free spins. Though such bonuses need to be won back. If player doesn’t want to do this, he should search for instant play casinos with no deposit bonus.
  2. New Game – advertising bonus. When new game appears in casino, website starts promotional offer. The popular conditions for such bonus are testing of free spins, big jackpot or giving back the certain per cent of lost deposit.
  3. Free spins – real free cash bonus no deposit casino on slot machines. Player can get them for placed deposit, award for the time spent on the website or for going through the link, got on email address.
  4. Bonus for the game – award in several free spins or return of certain per cent from lost money after specifically played number of bets.
  5. Club – loyalty program of the website. It has a form of special stocking system of bonuses. Points are got for visits on the resource, game on money, deposits, won places in tournaments. The award can be bonus funds, free spins for certain game level, access to VIP club and bigger bonus for deposit, etc. Such type of bonus allows to play in online casino real money no deposit.

As a rule, all bonus offers from casino are available in “Promotions” or “Bonus” sections. Player will also get mails on indicated email address with promotions descriptions with offer to play in online casino for free with bonuses for certain actions.

No matter how seductive these promotions can be player has to be very attentive. Almost all bonuses have their own nuances. For example, bonus funds should be won back by placing bet in dozens times bigger then the prize sum. Otherwise player won’t be able to withdraw even his placed money. If the withdrawal of deposit money isn’t blocked, the received bonus disappears when player makes the cash out.

If you want to get more information about all kinds of bonuses, we recommend you to visit bonuses page

Casino frequently adds bonuses automatically after each deposit and as soon as player starts the game the withdrawal is blocked until the bonuses will be won back. Here user has to be attentive, because the balance of real money and bonuses might not be divided and he’ll just see the total amount. It is worth mentioning that in general player uses his real money at the first place and only then starts to play on bonuses. It is possible to find out the left amount, on which gambler has to play in the personal cabinet or from the representative of technical support. Consultant can also cancel the receiving of bonus when player doesn’t want to get it.

How to withdraw money

The usage of free online casino games real money presupposes the receiving of prizes. The process of withdrawal is similar to the making of deposit. Player has to go to banking section, choose the desirable service, which he’ll use, insert some data and wait for money transfer.

As a rule, the minimal amount is equal to the minimal deposit. Otherwise player will see the minimal allowed amount in specific field. Sometimes casinos take additional fees for withdrawal – from 1% to 10% or the fixed sum. The time it takes to transfer money depends on the chosen payment system. The quickest are e-wallets, such as Neteller and Skrill – from 1 to 3 days. The slowest is bank transfer, which may take up to 3 weeks.

It is necessary to note that lots of safe online casinos allow to withdraw money only by the same system with which the deposit mas made. That is why player should be attentive with the choice of payment system while playing on online slot machines real money no deposit, and to know that he might not get his money without minimal deposit.

A few words about history

Casinos history dates back to the ancient times. In Ancient Chine, Greece and Rome there were various gambling houses. The first one in Europe became “Ridotto”. In 1638 Venice government opened this club for controlling the gambling games in the town during the big carnival.

The second mentioning about the work of gambling institution takes us to France of XVII century. In order to boost the coffers cardinal opened casino, where roulette game was played for the first time. Late gambling establishments were opened in Britain, Italy, Germany and from the mid XIX century began mass closings and limitations on gaming activities. At the same time gaming clubs in the USA vice versa began to develop.

At first the main centre of gambling entertainments in America was New Orleans and casinos started to offer such games as poker and blackjack. From the beginning of the XX century on the territory of the USA there also began to appear bans on gambling games. In 1946 in Las Vegas was opened the gambling complex called “Flamingo”, which laid foundation for the creation of the most popular centre of gambling activity in the whole world.

As for online casino, the first one was created in 1997 in the USA. Since then the online gambling activity increased and progressed by creating solid competitor against land-based casinos, partly thanks to free online casino games real money.


Modern casinos create the most influential market. Any adult user can find on forums interesting gambling website, register and with the help of bonuses win real money in online casino for free. There are various types of payment systems such as Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, which allow to make transactions.

You should always be attentive and read the rules of bonuses and casino. Though some websites will offer free bonuses, they may have certain conditions. It is necessary to carefully read about amounts for winning back, while replenishing the balance or accept bonuses in games to win money.

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