Casino deposit methods

Find out what the services provide the better casino deposit methods, the advantages and disadvantages of each method, as well as the general deposit rules.

Each site offers various deposit methods at the casinos. Some popular and proven, but slow in the translation process; others are convenient and fast, but require a large fee for their services. About of the most popular, convenient and fast services of deposit at the casino accounts talks this article. Here you will discover more about how you can play for real money.

Deposit with the plastic cards

Perhaps the most used form of payment in the network. It is a plastic bank payment or credit card with the logo of its manufacturer, the name of the service bank and various digital data. The plastic card is intended for the storage of savings, cashless purchases, services, as well as to transfer finances from one bank account to another.

The most common types of cards are Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express. With their help, you can pay virtually in all best online casinos and around the world (Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro and American Express may be the exception in some countries or institutions).

If the player desires to make the payments in this way, he must specify: the amount of the deposit, the card number, the expiration date (located on the front of the number) and the CV2 code (3 digits on back of the card). Then, usually, there is a range of confirmations of the payment in the form of a message with the code to a personal phone number or an email. After the correctly specified data, the deposit amount will be instantly credited to the gambling account at the casino.

The important point is the user awareness of the rules of the safe use of the online casino debit card. For example: never indicates the PIN (password) of the card; not to send a 2-sided photo of the card, without at least partially hidden the numbers (for example, you can hide the 8 central numbers in the photo editor); not provide any card data to 3 persons. The honest casino will never use or distribute the payment details of the player or ask the card PIN. In the case of such a demand, it is recommended not to conduct any transactions through this website.

The advantages of using plastic cards as casino deposit options: this payment method is available in all casinos (except perhaps certain types of cards); the maximum amount of input-output resources are often higher than in other payment systems; using a credit card (especially the named), the casinos cannot require the user any other personal information to confirm the person; the player gets the money directly to the card, which can be immediately cashed.

The disadvantages: a withdrawal takes place over 1-5 days; the casino may request a statement on the card; the withdrawal of the funds may be available with the card on which the previous deposit was accomplished.

Deposits with web wallets

The most convenient and fastest way to financial transactions online is the use of e-wallets. They are certain resources, which have the form of the online savings accounts.

The use of such resources provides a number of significant advantages. For example – the speed of transactions. Is not the most important feature for any web project? But just the online wallets provide the ability to make payments, purchases and receive funds with an instantaneous speed. This is especially convenient, when is necessary a fast withdrawal of the winnings. When the withdrawal from the casino site is direct to the card, it occurs about 3-5 days, the output to an electronic purse – takes 1-2 days. The output from the electronic wallet to a bank card takes place within just a few hours.

To use this type of service of online casino deposit options you need to register and fund your wallet web. Such operation can be done primarily through the use of a credit card. Do not be afraid of losing your money: the high-quality popular financial services are well protected and exclude the possibility of hacking the personal user page (except for the user's fault); when making transactions each web wallets require a proof of identity (specify the received code via SMS, email or answer to your secret question.)

The total of web wallets online is very large, so focus only on the most common.

Skrill – an English electronic payment system is very popular among the fans to play casino games. This is a very simple and convenient service that quickly handles financial transactions without the high commissions. For the deposit, you need to make the entrance to your page Skrill via the Casino website (specify the email address and the password from the wallet Skrill) and enter the desired amount of the deposit.

The advantages: easy to use and the deposit of the funds; the account number is the user's email; a fastest way to get a prize (from half an hour to 2 days); work on all virtually gaming sites; the minimum deposit on the sites is often less than the minimum amount when funding through credit cards; the ability to configure the automatic payment; regardless of the amount of the payment the system commission is not more than 0, 5 EUR..

Disadvantages: the system requires the attachment to the credit card account, while shrinks about 2 EUR which will be returned after 30 days; one account works only with one type of currency; possible difficulties with the verification of your account and personal data processing time; long time solutions of the problems.

Neteller – is a British electronic payment system, one of the most popular among the online casinos. This is a simple, convenient and secure web-based service that quickly and reliably performs all financial transactions. For the deposit, you need to specify the account number, secure ID (personal account code which is given to each Neteller user (no password), and the amount of the deposit.

The advantages: easy to use and deposit of the amount; the fastest way to get the winnings (from half an hour to 2 days); works on all virtually gaming sites; the minimum deposit on the sites is often less than the minimum amount when funding through the bank cards.

The disadvantages: withdraw money with this payment system can only be to the bank account; the commission for the deposit on the account, currency exchange, and withdrawal.

PayPal – the US e-payment system that allows you to instantly send and receive money. This is one of the largest and fastest electronic systems.

Advantages: speed of transactions; great security.

Disadvantages: For registration, you need to have an international debit card or bank account type; restrictions on the use of certain services (eg, withdrawal of funds) for individual countries; It does not work at all casinos.

ECOPayz, Entropay, Paysafecard – one of more common online payment systems which leave the polarity listed above, but is supported by most of the casinos.

WebMoney – the online payment system, widespread in the CIS markets. It is well protected and is not complicated to use.

Disadvantages: the system does not work in many countries around the world; many casinos do not support payment via WebMoney.

Bank transfer

Bank Transfer – refers to financial transactions via a bank account. This method is available in almost all online casinos and allows withdrawal the highest maximum amount. It is a convenient service for those who want to earn money by playing in the casino. But the main disadvantage is the time of transactions: a withdrawal can occur in two weeks.

The amounts and commissions

Before starting the deposit of funds using one of the deposit methods for online casino, you must first to determine the amount of the deposit. Here, the value varies depending on the selected site and the player's currency. Typically, the minimum deposit is equal to 10-20 EUR (rarely 30 EUR), but the amount is not the same for all payment systems. The minimum level of the deposit funds through the electronic wallets Skrill and Neteller are usually lower than in other services.

The minimum withdrawal amount is usually identical to the amount of the deposit. But there are casinos that provide the opportunity to deposit a very minimal amount of resources (10-15 EUR), and the minimum withdrawal amount is 5-10 EUR higher.

The commission for financial transactions varies between sites and payment systems even more. Some casinos take the commission for the deposit only, others just for the withdrawal, and others – for deposit and the withdrawal, and the fourth works without any fees. Typically, the amount of fees will be listed in the window of the selected payment system.

Deposit rules

All the rules of the casino are enlisted on the inside page Terms & Conditions.

The general rules state that:

  • The deposit can only be done by a registered adult;
  • The owner of the payment system used should be the user whose data are specified in the casino profile;
  • The user of the casino has 24-hour access to his gaming account and transaction history.

Some casinos require necessarily make bets on the amount equal to the amount of the deposit. Otherwise, the player will not be able to withdraw their funds.

Most casinos support different casino deposit options and withdrawal of the finance. The way that the user used to deposit may not be able to withdraw the funds. Also, often, the casino allows the withdrawal of the winnings only through those services which were done the deposit.

Before starting the game for the money, it is recommended to read the casino rules (especially the financial section) and inspect all used payment services on the site.

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