Video slot machine myths explained

The slot machine is device with one or more gambling entertainments. The principle of a random number generator is the basis of modern slot machines. Users spin reels and symbols drop out in random combinations. The aim of each player is to try to collect biggest winning combinations. The major target here is to win back your bet and get more points.

In order to do this, players try to find loopholes to easily win and get the guarantee of pleasant result of the game. There are lots of slot machine myths among gamblers how to increase a chance to win. Though, you shouldn't believe them.

Common misconceptions

Let's list the slot machine facts, that are widespread among players and which increase a chance to win. We don't advise to believe them because there are no evidences to prove them.

For example, it is wrong to believe that there are good and bad times for playing on slot machines. The time of the day or year cannot influence the result of a game. There isn’t best time of day to play slot machines. It is also wrong to think that amounts of prizes are bigger in land-based casinos than in virtual ones. Though there are lots of slot machine myths and facts, specialist didn't find any differences between land-based and online slots prizes. The per cent of payments is the same in both of them.

Some players believe that if you put heated coin into slot machine it will definitely give you the big prize. Though, victory doesn't depend on temperature in any way.

Players also blame employees and casino operators for their losses. You should understand that it doesn't mean that casino acts unfairly. If you are afraid of swindlers, choose casinos thoroughly. You shouldn’t believe slot machine myths and misconceptions because solid companies won't risk their name, reputation, client's base and license for easy money.

Some of the players think that it isn't possible to win on slot machine, which gave big prize right before, and vice versa: if no one wins on specific slot machine for a long time, that means that the next player will definitely get the prize. Specialists didn't see connection between prizes.

Note that the victory on slot machines almost on 90% depends on your luck. It also depends on your strategy and tactics in the game. The result of a game last of all depends on weather, time of the day or other common slot myths.

Useful advises

There are several recommendations from experienced players which do not guarantee 100% victory, but they can increase your chances to win.

First of all, choose only licensed casinos with a lot of work experience and minimum of negative feedback.

Secondly, read rules and descriptions of each slot machine.

Thirdly, avoid the minimum and maximum rate levels. It will be better to start from small investment and gradually increase its size after each successful game.

Don't play short and long series of rounds. It is also better to stick to the "golden middle" rule. You should definitely understand when and on which point you need to stop the game and try other type of the game.

Take a break after long and continuous prizes, but it isn’t because you heard about slot machine myths or facts. Victories can sweep even experienced players off their feet. Player may not even notice losing everything.

Do not play risk game very often and fully use your possibilities during bonus rounds. Players are likely to win more in the additional prize rounds with relatively big number of free spins.

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