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The slot machine is a specially made device for gambling entertainment with lots of options for gameplay. The play on such a unit can be made without the participation of third parties – the dealer or croupier. Unlike other casino games, including the table games, users themselves define the pace of gameplay on the slot machine.

The arch-father of all slots casino games is considered to be American mechanic Charles Fey, although his contemporary Gustav Schultze came up with the world's first one-drum slot – Horseshoes. Charles Fey founded his own firm for the production of the one-armed bandits and spare parts to them. Fey Company was engaged in production of slot machines that have five and three reels. Liberty Bell is the famous slot machine that made gambling on the slot machines mass entertainment, and it was created on his factory.

With the development of Internet technology slot machines, along with other casino games began to appear on the world wide web. When the number of laws about gambling industry started growing, the popularity of online casinos began to grow. Currently, online slot machines are not only available in the real money mode, but users can also play all slots games for free.

Types of slot machines

All slot machines can be divided into two major groups: mechanical and video slots. The first group includes land-based slot machines, gambling process on which starts with the lever (in the front of this machine you need to put a coin or token). The first popular gaming machine Liberty Bell was a mechanical slot.

The second category is video slots – these are machines based on computer technology. They can exist in the online form and in the off-line as well, it is usually modern slot machines in land-based casinos. Video slots are operating on the basis of a random number generator programme (abbreviated - RNG). The user presses the start button, thus starting rotation of the reels. When they stop, the symbols on the reels are collected in a random combination, the winning ones or not.

Other categories of all slots online pokies

Video slots in online casinos are divided according to the following attributes:

  • Total number of pay lines. Slot machines can be multiline, single-line and without any lines. In the last case the characters are arranged in prize combination without lines.
  • Number of reels: three or more. The most common machines are five-reel slots.
  • Games’ types. This may be a classic slot machines or video poker, bingo etc.
  • Themed slot machines. At the heart of each interface is a specific plot. It is not always clearly defined, well, in most cases the developer focuses on the gameplay, with a minimum attention on the prehistory. But there are some slots with a very vivid storyline. These include Dracula and South Park from Net Entertainment (NetEnt), Cleopatra by International Gaming Technology (IGT) and many more.
  • The presence of additional rounds – the risk and bonus games.
  • The number of special symbols (Wild, Scatter and Bonus).
  • Jackpot. It may be fixed or progressive. In the first case the sum of a Jackpot can only depend on a player’s bet, because the fixed jackpot is set by the manufacturer. In the second case, the jackpot has no maximum limit, it consists not only from the rate of a particular player, but also from rates of other users, that are using machines in this network (online casino).

On our website you can see all slots free play casino. Here, you will find free trial versions of popular video slots. We collected the masterpieces by the largest world-known manufacturers of slots for online casinos. All interfaces are presented in their original form, the image and sound quality meets the stated requirements of the developers and players. To find the perfect slot machine for you, use the search box.

Principal terms for all slots casino

Slot machines can be different, because the manufacturers use various concepts in their interfaces. But some of the terms remain constant and actually the same for almost all developers of gambling entertainment, and players themselves.

  • Reels. These are vertical columns with symbols. Five-reels slots are the most widespread ones on the website of online casino. Slot machines with three and six reels occur rarely.
  • Row. These are horizontal lines where symbols are situated. There are usually three rows in online slots.
  • Pay line. It is direct or zigzag "strip" on slot rows which comes through all the wheels and determines an order of symbols. In order to win you have to collect all the necessary symbols on one winning line. There may be a few advantageous lines on all slots games free.
  • Spin – single rotation of drums. It is also called round.
  • Symbols or multipliers are collected on drums in random combinations. Symbols can be in the form of fruit, numbers, cards and suits, images of particular territories and people, they all depend on developer and subject of slot machine. Multipliers may be simple (ordinary) and special. Symbols of second category increase the probability of gathering winning combination during the spin or allow to have various bonuses.
  • Wild symbol. It is a special multiplier which exists in the majority of gaming machines. As a rule, wild symbol replaces missing symbols on prize lines and helps to collect an advantageous combination on drums.
  • Scatter is one more special symbol. It opens additional bonus options on the gaming machine to the users. Most often it is a possibility of free spins.
  • Free spin is a rotation free of charge. During such rounds drums rotate at slot machine's cost, player doesn't waste a single cent.
  • Respin is the repeated rotation of one or several drums, other drums stop rotating.
  • Risk game. The additional mode of the slot machine in which the system suggests user to play one more round. It is integrated to risk as player may lose his money or multiply it.
  • Bonus game is one more additional mode of slot machine. There are available free games on almost all slots. Unlike risk game, in a bonus round the user doesn't need to place a bet. He won't lose money during this game, but he may receive additional points.
  • Bet. It is the amount which the player stakes during one spin. The prize amount depends on the size of a bet.
  • Autoplay is an automatic rotation of drums. Having chosen this option in settings or on the slot control panel, user sets the mode of continuous spins. Reels will be spinning until there is money on the account or until player stops spins by himself. On some slot machines it is possible to choose quantity of continuous spins. For example, this option is offered by the NetEnt developer, there you can set 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 250, 500, 750 or 1000 rotations.
  • Multiplayer. It is the slot machine's function to increase the quantity of winning combinations in a few times. As a rule, this mode is activated when the bonus or wild symbol falls out. During the free spins multiplayer may also work and increase your prize. This function is designated by x2, x3, x5, x7, x9, etc. on the slot machine. The number in this case acts as fixed coefficient, the result of received combination will be multiplied on this figure.

General rules of slots

Let's begin with the fact that almost each developer offers two variants of a game: all slots real money and all slots play for fun. In the first case gambling process is made at the expense of rates from real money. In the second one drums rotate due to the gaming credits, which is given by system. You can't withdraw this money but you can spend it on a game. The free variant is especially recommended to unexperienced users. With the help of demo version new players will be able to get acquainted with the slot machine, its rules, details and nuances. When everything becomes clear you can move to the real version of a game, where you can spend time interestingly and win money. The major principles of the game on all slots are: to press start button, rotate the wheels and collect winning combinations.

How to play all slots online free

To get access to the free version of the slot machine it is necessary to find the needed slot on the website. Go to its page, and the interface will be started right away. There is no need to register, download and install additional client programs. You also won't need to place money during the demo version. As for the gaming process management, there are such buttons on video slots:

  • Bet - for rate level management.
  • Line - or adjustment the number of active (working lines).
  • Spin is the major start button; it starts the single rotation.
  • Bet Max. This interface starts a single round on the best possible conditions (taking into account the level of a rate and the number of lines).
  • Auto Play starts series of continuous rotations.
  • Pay table/View Pays. Under this clickable option an important informational table is situated. There is the description of symbols and advantageous combinations, quantitative value of winning combinations. On multiline slot machines users are able to trace an arrangement of winning lines.

The name of these buttons may be different in various games, but in general, most of developers use above-mentioned names of key devices.

Almost on each gaming machine there is a Help button or a badge of a question mark ("?"). Press there and you'll see a window, which contains information about video slot, detailed game rules, the description of special symbols and additional round in a separate tab.

Slot machines can be played not only on personal computers; all slots have mobile login. You can play at any time and from any device, which is suitable for you.

On the majority of gaming machines users can turn off the sound, reduce or increase the volume, improve image quality. In order to adjust these parameters, find button in the form of a wrench and/or a loud-hailer.

On the slot machines with the standard version where game process is based on rates and a real money, users can trace history of their game. To do this it is necessary to press the History button.

How to increase probability of winning on all slots online

Experienced players share their own experience with new users on the website of online casino and make several recommendations about games on video slots. These recommendations don't guarantee an absolute victory, but they can increase chances of winning.

First and the most important recommendation: before beginning a game, read the description and rules of the slot, use information button of the slot machine. During the game process keep up with the history and read Pay Table.

Avoid too low and too high rates. When you start a game choose the higher rate level than was before. Then you should increase them after each victory (or some number of victories).

It is also recommended to avoid short series of rounds. That is how the probability of falling out of special symbols decreases. It is better to choose long rotations, for example, continuous with the help of the Autoplay button.

Do not become addicted with the risk game. As a rule, the chances of victory in this round is 50\50. This indicates a low probability of your winning. You can take a chance and try your luck at small bets – in this case a loss will be insignificant. When you have a big prize it isn’t advisable to play risk game.

If there is a possibility of free spins and bonus games on the slot you should wait for them. There are more chances to win and increase winnings during additional rounds. During standard rotations this may not happen. You will find all slots bonuses in the appropriate section on our website.
In addition, there is a reason to wait for the multiplayer option. It will take a lot of time during usual rotations to win the same prize which you can get with that option.
Make a break after long series of winning rotations. Continuous victories may infatuate even experienced players, and you won’t notice how you’ll lose everything.
One last tip: if you are determined to make money with the help of the gaming machine, choose a video slot with a high percentage of payments, not less than 96%. Usually developer specifies it in the description of the gaming machine.

Myths about the casino all slots

There are some common misconceptions related to both land-based slot machines and video slots on casino websites. These are false rumors, you shouldn’t believe in them.
It is more profitable to play on land-based slot machines than on online ones. In fact, the percentage of payments in land-based and virtual slot machines is the same.

There are good and bad times to play video slots. It isn’t true, winning on online slot machines does not depend on the time of day, month or year.

If it is casino’s fault in your loss this evidences about its dishonest activities. Of course, there can be casinos (both virtual and land-based), whose owners are seeking for easy profit by tricking customers. But do not put all casinos under this category. First of all, the slot machine is extremely difficult to reprogram. This is time-consuming and expensive process. Secondly, the serious casinos won’t risk its details, customer base, reputation and earnings for easy money. That`s why it is important to choose a site with gambling entertainments thoroughly. Online casinos must have a minimum of negative reviews and a high winning percentage.

In most cases, player's victory depends on his own luck. In second place in the list of criteria that affect the winning there are player`s logic and strategy. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is recommended to begin acquaintance with slot machines from all slots no deposit. When you understand the mechanics and the nuances of the game on a particular slot machine, read all the rules and develop your own strategy, you can move to the version with real money.
To find an interesting video slot for you on this website, please use the search all slots full site.

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