How to work with different types of slots video

Slot machines are like a sight for sore eyes for a big percent of modern people. Constant stress, problems at work, personal troubles - all these things have a negative influence on emotional state of any person. Despite the fact that a lot of people think playing slot machines is a gambling problem, online and offline slots may distract player for some time and give him what he wants. On this web portal you can see a lot of gambling machines, which are available to everyone in a free mode. We are not going to speak about slot machines but about videos for them. Some players may ask quite reasonable question: "Why do we need slots video if we can start any slot machine and try it out?" We'll definitely give an answer to this question, but let's stick to the plan. Another userful answers for popular questions you can find on FAQ page.

Types of video records for game slots

Free slot machines video can have several types. Each of them has its purposes and missions. We can distinguish between such categories:

  1. Gameplay videos. As a first step we should analyze what does gameplay mean. Each gambling machine has a list of tools, which help player to spin drums, play bonus rounds and win progressive jackpots. All these things are called gameplay, or in simple words game process. Gameplay videos are the game records of other people and theirs aim is to get acquainted with slot machine's functions before starting to play. Free slots video machinesof this type aren't much popular, because anyone can play them both for free and on money, that lets user to find more about slot's functions on his own without wasting a cent.
  2. Plenty of people use gameplay videos for training. As a rule, such videos are made by experienced players, who are familiar with all advantages and disadvantages of gaming machine. With the help of these records player studies technique, learns specific actions, methods, and in the course of his own game knows what to do in different situations.
  3. Video manuals. This is the specific type of videos targeted at player's learning. The majority of free slots video game use unique gaming techniques, which player needs to know. These video manuals are created to get acquainted with new functions of the slot and its gameplay in general. Experienced gamblers or developers create such videos. This type of videos has a very important aim, that is why it isn't possible for anyone to do this work. We will write about role of video manuals in gaming community and their correct usage a little bit later.
  4. Amateur videos. There are a lot of such videos in the Internet, new ones appear almost every day. We can refer abovementioned categories, not made by professionals, and videos, filmed in land-based casinos, to amateur videos. Process of great winnings or big losses is shown in these videos. In any case such videos won't be placed on this web portal and their varieties are of no special importance.

Work with video and its practical usefulness

Any professional player knows that work with training and gameplay videos is a must and not just an option. Nobody argues that practice is of the high importance, but it is useful and interesting to combine theory and practice. The majority of experienced players know that even during the most successful game it is needed to make a pause, because there is a risk to lose self-control, quick reaction and lose all of your money in a blink of the eye. 

On this portal you will find a lot of interesting free slots video games and video to them. For fuller learning of the information we advise you to break in into parts and find half an hour each day to study them. Fn or players, who would like to play online slots and win money at the same time, these videos will help to increase the probability of victory on any slot machine in a few times. 

But it is necessary to understand that slot machines are devices which contain random number generator. There isn't a single strategy or video, which would be able to give 100% guarantee to the gambler. Training and gameplay videos will help player to get accustomed, learn basic rules of the game and to understand what to do when you win or lose; is it worth to bid up and try to win more money or is it better to stop playing and continue a little bit later? In case of lose will know what way to go and what to do in order not to lose more money.

Plenty of people (in a greater degree these are beginners) mistakenly think that slots for fun video will teach them how to win a lot of money, that is why users spend a lot of time watching videos and almost don't play games. It is necessary to understand that theoretical part should go along with practical one. After watching video manual you'll need to start game and solidify your knowledge in practice otherwise you’ll forget everything in a few days and you'll have to watch that video one more time. 

Summing up we can make an emphasis on some rules, and if you observe them you'll be able to quickly get familiar with any game, you will know how to act in difficult situations: 

  • It is important to devote at least half an hour in a day to training videos;
  • It is necessary to combine theoretical and practical knowledge;
  • It is a must to know when to stop in a course of training, make pauses after each 2 hours of gaming;
  • None of the video manuals won't give you a guarantee for victory, they'll just explain basic gameplay gules, will teach how to react on difficult gaming situations. 

Detailed video instructions and their mechanics 

Video manual of a high quality has to combine all necessary and useful things, beginning from mechanics of the slot machine and ending with game pieces and peculiarities. In good manuals there will be the description of slot's interface in the first place. Player needs to understand right away what kind of slot does he deal with. 

Modern gambling machines are equipped with the following elements of management: 

  1. the start button, which launches single spin;
  2. an autoplay button, which simplifies the launching for the player;
  3. "Gamble" button, placed only in those slots, which have game for doubling the prize;
  4. the "Max Bet" button, which sets the maximum stake;
  5. menu button, where you can adjust the graphics quality and the sound volume. 

It is also possible to refer special windows in video slots mobile casino to the interface, in which the information about current bet, general winning amount, number of gaming lines and the cost of one coin are situated. The abovementioned systems of management are the basic ones, you may find some special buttons in the modern slots, the functions of which are described in their overview. 

Gaming techniques 

On this web portal you can find overview of igt video slot machine games and slots from other developers. In this section there are corresponding training videos and gameplay videos for a part of them. In order for the player to get accustomed to the game as soon as possible we will write about basic functions, explained in the majority of these videos below.

  • Game lines. Game lines are special chains, where winning combinations from symbols are collected. There are slot machines both with active and fixed lines. You can change the number of active lines. The more game lines are involved in a round the higher will be the rate and the bigger will be the chance to get money prize. You can not change the number of fixed lines.
  • The wild symbol is the special slot intended to replace missing links in prize chains. At least it was its initial aim. Modern developers in every way modernize wild symbol, add to it effects of multiplication and freezing in order to make gaming process more interesting. Nowadays, wild symbol may play a lot of roles in slot machines, though its main function is to fill in missing links in winning combinations.
  • Scatter slot is usually paid symbol, regardless of its placement on the screen it can also start prize free spins and bonus games. The conditions of starting of some rounds depend on the slot machine and these conditions are as a rule different for every slot machine.
  • Prize free spins. This type of free rotations is available in most of the modern gambling machines. As a rule, free spins are activated when three and more scatters drop out on the screen. The more scatters appear on the screen, the more free spins player will get. The amount of money, placed on bet, is calculated from the previous bet. During free rotations casino stakes money instead of the player, but it is him who gets the prize. In plenty of slots you can win additional free spins during prize rotations. If you are a lucky one, the chain of free games will last for a long time.
  • Bonus games or free video online slots bonus rounds. Bonus games can be of different types, they may have absolutely different mechanics and start as a result of different combinations. Developers, as a rule, are trying to invent unique prize games to stand out among competitors. Money and additional free spins are considered to be the prizes in bonus games.
  • Progressive jackpots are called in such way because you don't know their sum in the beginning of the game. The amount of such jackpots is determined in the course of a game according to the size and number of placed bets. In the past, to win the biggest prize it was enough to collect a combination from specific symbols, nowadays developers are trying to make gameplay more interesting, that is why they create such crafty variants.
  • Games on doubling and risk game. This is very widespread technique, which lets user to double prize money. It is called in such way because of the particular reason. After successful spin player gets a possibility to double his prize by choosing one of several variants (as a rule there are two of them). If he chooses right variant prize will double, and if it is wrong he will lose his money.  In case he wins he chooses whether he's ready to risk again. The most popular type of risk game is the guessing of card's colour, but there are also other types as well.

As it was already mentioned before, the listed functions are just basic ones among gameplay techniques. There are lot of slots in the whole world, where unique techniques work, their list would take a lot of pages.

All abovementioned functions and also the examples of their usage on some slot machines are examined in video manuals on this website. That is the practical value of such tutorials. The unexperienced player will be able to watch the video and find out basic gaming functions, to get acquainted with classical management and interface of slot machines.

Though we should take into account that progress forges ahead and developers release updated gambling machines with unique mechanisms every month. Separate video tutorials are made for such slot machines every month. That is why you shouldn't think that a few of videos will make you a clever one. It is necessary to follow news, learn something new and watch video tutorials on a regular basis.

Practical usefulness

Practical use from tutorial and gameplay videos about games on slot machines is inestimable. A lot of famous gamblers tell that they've watched lots of tutorial videos before starting to gamble, and the majority of them continue watching them even today. That is why beginners shouldn't be ashamed of their non-acquaintance, they should be glad instead that in the era of digital technology it is possible to learn from other people's mistakes.

Features of the web portal

This website is attractive to the players because they may find here video tutorials, play slot machines in a free mode. As a result, we are having interesting gaming platform, where you can train and advance your skills and then, if you want to, you can place money on your casino account and play for real. The advantages of this way of studying and advanced trainings are obvious.

If you don't see tutorial for some reason, then you will be able to write letter to the administration. The mailbox is checked on a regular basis, and all of the offers and feedbacks will be taken into account.

The conclusions

To sum up it is necessary to say that videos of slot machines are very useful and necessary. People can get theoretical and then practical knowledge, entertain themselves in the breaks between games and to observe games of other gamblers. The videos of a high quality are highly estimated in the gambling community, because they are made by experienced gamblers, who spent years in the front of slot machines. With the help of these videos they share experience, popularize gambling industry and propel forward skillful players, who have the talent, but don’t have enough courage to play serious game. 

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