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Modern slot machines occupy a vast segment of the gambling industry and have many features and concepts which we shall remind you of in this section. After this article, you can learn more about slot machine game strategies.

FAQ: Slot machines online – basic terminology and principles of entertainment 

Slot machines have a reputation of the most popular and demanded gambling entertainment on the web. We can debate about positive and negative effects of such games as much as we want, but the fact remains. Online slots are used by more than 70% of casino visitors for a good time enabling to relax and get rid of stress. 

At the same time, the subject of slot machines is so varied and extensive that we constantly receive many emails with questions regarding the features of the entertainment. Who invented slot machines? Who makes slot machines? What slots to play? You will get answers on the most essential questions on our website. This resource section, dedicated to the most frequent of them, will provide the necessary information for basic knowledge. Let's start with the relevant, underlying themes. 

What is online slot machines? 

In fact, any online game is a multi-functional software with certain graphics, animation, audio, video settings and control options. 

Visually, online slots are a virtual imitation of terrestrial gaming machines. The exterior interface corresponds to the appearance of traditional mechanical machines. List of all slot machines can be found in section free slots on our website.

With regard to the main purpose of devices, slot machines are a kind of entertainment which allows to diversify the pastime and feel new emotions. 

Main types of slot machines 

Modern manufacturers of game software offer different kinds of slots. But we can distinguish a few basic categories of slot machines: 

  • The classic slots machines. These slots are designed in form of 3-reel devices with a small number of fixed lines –  from 1 to 5. They are characterised by the simplest rules, a small amount or complete absence of bonus features, using the “fruit” symbols. 
  • Video slots. Devices of this kind, as a rule, are endowed with five reels and many paylines – from 9 to 50. A separate collection includes models with 243 ways of winnings. Modern video slots are bright, have a high-level graphics, a variety of themes and a lot of bonus options.
  • 3D slots. These devices are similar to slots of the previous group but endowed with three-dimensional graphics. They allow to better “feel” the game. The entertainment is accompanied by displaying of animations and videos.
  • The progressive slot machines. These slots are connected to the jackpot system. A small percentage of all bets will be invested in the formation of the total prize pool. With the dropping of a certain combination, prescribed by rules of the game, the player receives a stunning payout. The relevant amount of possible winning is displayed in the information window of the device. You can also refer to casino section with progressive slots if any in order to see what slots machines payout the most. 

How do combinations form? 

Let’s see how slot machines work. Random number generator (RNG) serves as the basis for all slot machines, both terrestrial and online versions. The program ensures the transparency and fairness of entertainment. 

The essence lies in the continuous generating of number sequences that determine the location of pictures on the reels in the end of each rotation. The speed of this process is expressed in forming of several hundred and sometimes thousands of different complex numbers per second. When you start the game machine, RNG will be also activated. The last number generated at the end of a rotation determines the arrangement of symbols in boxes. 

How to manage slot machines? 

Contrary to efforts to create tricky plots and non-standard prize winning options, programmers implement control panel in the simplest manner. Allowing to specify most of the game parameters, they provide online slots with a small number of function keys. Their names, location, graphic design are very similar in all models. 

The main control panel buttons are: 

  • Bet (One Bet, Bet Level) – specifies the number of game coins per line. Traditionally, this indicator varies between 1 and 10. 
  • Coins (Value Coins) –  determining the coin value in terms of money. The minimum cost is equal to 10 cents, the maximum can be up to $ 10. 
  • Line (Bet Line) – specifying the number of lines involved in the game. This parameter can be also set by pressing the special keys with numbers shown on both sides of the reels. This option is not provided in devices with a fixed number of lines. 
  • MaxBet – an instant setting of a maximum bet. Different kinds of slots allow either just selecting the size or launching a single spin. 
  • Autoplay (Auto, AutoSpin, AutoStart, Automatic Start) – activating an automatic mode of spinning the reels. Most video slots provide the possibility to specify a particular number of spins, usually from 10 to 1000, that will take place in a continuous round. 
  • Spin (Start) – the key to start a rotation of wheels. It can be designed as a large button in the centre of the control panel.

In addition to this, specifying technical indicators is also available: speed of rotating, quality of graphics and animation, turning on/off the soundtrack. 

Are the slots available on mobile devices? 

The format of the game depends entirely on the preferences of users. The leading casino software manufacturers offer products in several versions: 

  • Flash game machines – models for browser designed to run on PCs;
  • Downloadable and mobile slots – version that allows playing on mobile devices

Distinguishing features of mobile software 

Inexperienced users can have difficulties with identifying features of such software modifications. Meanwhile, each of them has certain advantages. 

The fundamental pros of mobile slot machines online are:

  • Quick access. Users can visit a virtual casino and start launch slots at any time from anywhere. The only condition is to have an Internet connection.
  • Low technical requirements for the gadget. With using slots online, the amount of memory, screen resolution, a number of other properties of the device are not so important.
  • Minimal risk of getting the virus. 

The relevant sections of the online casinos offer versions of slot machines for Windows, Android and IOS. The full functionality, possibility to specify bets and participate in bonus rounds and tournaments remain. Minor differences from browser versions can be seen in the design of slots. 

Mobile models stand out by simplified graphics, elements of layout features. Reels are larger and occupy most of the screen. The control panel, on the contrary, is reduced and takes little space at the bottom of the screen. 

Accessibility is an undoubted advantage of downloaded slot machines. Fans of gambling entertainment can enjoy favourite games even without the Internet. Although the game for real money is excluded in this case, playing for fun it is always possible. 

To minimise the risk of virus threat, you can download software from pages of licensed casinos and thematic portals. 

How to play slot machines for free 

There is an opinion that slot machines attract only for the opportunity to make easy money and pleasure can be gained only with real bets. In fact, a considerable number of visitors of online casinos prefer to play online slots for free and for fun. 

To fulfil such a desire is a piece of cake. To start the slot machine, you simply need to load the page with the game without performing any actions regarding registration or sending SMS. The virtual account will be instantly full of virtual credits that enable playing for free. This amount varies in the range 1000-10 000 coins depending on a slot. 

It’s important to know, that the emulator is endowed with renewable balance. In the case of an unsuccessful series of rotations that reset all your credits, it’s enough to refresh the page to get a new portion of virtual credits. 

Admirers of playing for real money must go through a brief registration procedure in a casino. The specifics of this process are covered in the Instructions for Use. 

Distinctive Features of emulators 

The concept of the emulator (or simulator) term often puzzles beginners. In fact, all is simple. The emulator is an identical analogue of gaming software with one exception. They are endowed with the same pictures, prize-winning features, algorithm, even the frequency of payments. But these models do not provide the option of real interest rates and allow to play online slot exclusively for free. To activate the emulator, you need to press Demo when selecting the device in the casino list of games. 

Simulations are used not only by admirers of risk-free entertainment and rotating reels for fun. Experienced gamers choose demo mode for testing new slot in order to explore slot features, return to player ratio, the level of volatility, and decide which slots to play. 

What is volatility? 

The latter term also puzzles beginners pretty often. Meanwhile, this indicator of the slot machine is an important criterion, that determines the choice of the slot and a game strategy. 

In fact, the term volatility (variance) refers to the frequency and size of payouts. In general, this option allows you to classify the slot machines into the following groups: 

  • Online slots with low volatility. They are characterised by frequent sequences with low value.
  • Devices with the medium variance. These slots provide stable combinations with quite valuable prizes.
  • Slots with high volatility. Which slots have the best payouts? Definitely these.They are characterised by a long series of “empty” spins but bring payments with the highest multipliers. 

Where to see the value of pictures? 

Another basic question. The value of symbols of different devices depends on the multiplier – a parameter that increases your reward several times. Limits of this indicators vary in a very wide range from 3 and up to 7500 coins. 

To know which slot machines payout the most see detailed description of the design and the value of the simple, special and expensive pictures, available in Paytable (Info, View Payouts) section. Here are also detailed rules of the game. 

What are special symbols? 

Traditionally symbols of slot machines are divided into two main categories. The fundamental purpose of simple pictures is creating sequences. Obvious differences are seen in the thematic design and cost. 

The special symbol has the ability to perform additional functions that increase the chances of getting rewards. The main kinds of these pictures are: wild, scatter, bonus symbols. 

What does the wild do? 

Among the special symbols, this picture can be considered a fundamental symbol. It is present in most of the modern video slots, 3D slots, and even some “one-armed bandits”. The main function of the wild is substituting for simple pictures in sequences and the creating independent winning combinations. In the newest devices, it performs a variety of additional functions. 

The most common types of multifunctional wild are:

  • Wild with a multiplier. When joining sequences, this picture increases the size of the payout certain number of times. The indicator varies between x2 and x15.
  • Stacked Symbol and Expanding Wild –  expanding pictures. It expands and covers the whole reel when drops on the playfield. The difference lies in the way of the picture displaying. In the first case, the full picture is saved, merging all elements of the reel into a single sector, in the second case, single icons fill each cell.
  • Random Wild – this symbol randomly appears after every spin of the reels.
  • Extra Wild – this symbol is “tied” to a particular picture. When it drops on the reels, it acquires the ability to replace ordinary pictures.
  • Reel Wild – designed as a vertical sequence that occupies several boxes in a row on the reels.
  • Roaming Wilds – these pictures are permanently present on the display, but they change the location after each spin.
  • Sticky Wild – the picture preserves its position on the reels during a certain number of spins.

Besides this, some symbols have are capable of transforming of adjacent pictures into the wild symbol and attracting the winning pictures. Details are given in Paytable section of each device. Be sure to look through it in order to know what slots payout the most for the wild symbol. 

How to get free spins 

Free spins round gets activated when three or more scatters appear on the screen. The occurrence of such pictures is equal to the win regardless of their location. As a reward, the player is given a cash reward and a round of free spins, that allows playing for free on online slots or getting combined prize. 

A series of free spins is the most common type of bonus options. Its duration depends on the number of scatters, that formed the combination, and varies within 8-50 rotations. Traditionally, this round provides additional multipliers and allows increasing the duration of the session. 

How to start a bonus game? 

The bonus game takes place thanks to special bonus pictures. The sequence is considered winning, with rare exceptions, when it falls on the active line of the slot. 

The most common form of the bonus round is pick & win format. The main goal is to guess what picture hides the money reward. 

In some slots, a bonus game is associated with additional prize options: multiplier, extra free spins, etc. Features of a bonus tour are covered in section Paytable. Demos can be placed in Feature Preview. 

What is progressive jackpot? 

If you want to know what slots hit the most, focus your attention on progressive slots. A super prize – stunning multi-million payout – can be brought by progressive online slot machines that are connected to a single network. The essence of the system lies in the creating of the common prize pool. Each bet made on the progressive device, regardless of a casino, provides a small percentage to the total prize fund. 

The size of the progressive jackpot changes every minute and is displayed in real time. Most slots provide several kinds of a super prize. 

What combination brings progressive jackpot? 

Leading modern producers manage their own progressive slots networks. Algorithm of winning depends on the device model. In general, there are several basic types: 

  • The occurrence of certain pictures. Slot machines, that operate in accordance with the mentioned system, provide specific symbols. The combination of 4 or 5 of them brings the reward.
  • The launch of  the Wheel of Fortune. An additional round starts at random and can be activated after any spin. The screen displays the Wheel of Fortune divided into coloured sectors, corresponding to different types of jackpots. The payout depends on the segment, which was pointed by the arrow.
  • A multi-level bonus game. Often, it gets activated by a traditional combination of three or more scatters. After succeeding in the first stage, the visitor goes to the next level, that allows winning the jackpot under certain conditions. 

Is it possible to beat the slot? 

Last but not the least, this issue is of interest to all new players. Can slot machines be rigged – this is a hard question to answer as there is no 100% guarantee of winning at online slots. 

Experienced users are constantly working to develop strategies that promote an increase the odds to win. Taking into account the volatility of slot machines, return to player indicator claimed by a manufacturer, analysis of payment results after many hours of rotating reels, they offer possible effective game techniques. Most of them imply a special principle of changing the size of bets. See a detailed description of popular techniques in the section Game Strategies, which shall help you to figure out most relevant issues, including when are slot machines best to play. 

As mentioned at the beginning of this section, any slot machine operates on the basis of a random number generator. As a result, it's impossible to forecast the sequence of combinations and ensure ultimate victory. Which slot machines have the best odds remains a philosophical question. Using strategies allows, at best, increasing the chances of success. 

Remember, that playing slot machines is just an exciting entertainment! So, enjoy a good time without the risk of losing extra money.

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