Roman Riches
Roman Riches

Players are hungry for diversity, and they like slots with a random number of cells on the reels after rotations. Online slot Roman Riches from Microgaming is just such a device, that can attract those who are not interested in a considerable number of bonuses.

You can earn a significant amount of credits only by getting images of profiles of the main character – Roman. You are to try to collect his treasures in the free version of the online casino slot.

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Roman Riches slot game review

Game process

The design of this free video slot machine game is a standard template for Microgaming machines, which can be seen by the presence of the distinctive lower control panel with blue buttons. There are different only by inscriptions corresponding to their purpose. For example, the Spin button rotates three reels, which are in the upper left corner.

A small number of verticals makes to reduce the number of cells that are displayed on them. Therefore, the reels can show either one or two pictures. This affects the presence of active lines and payments for them. First, you need to understand how to set the desired number of active strips on this free online slot machine game.

It is worth remembering, that the more lines are activated, the higher the total bet. Setting the number of lines is done using the Bet One button. To see how many lines are active at the moment, you can track changes in colour scheme in the upper right corner.

Five digits are representing the numbers of lines. Unpainted numbers mean that the strips are inactive. Each click on the Bet One button will increase the number of lines by one, as long as it does not exceed 5. After that, the counter is reset to one. You can also keep track of changes in the activation by looking at the Bet window. However, you should take into account that the total bet displayed in this section is affected by another factor.

This is about the bet one line. It is changed by plus and minus keys on the bottom panel and may be equal to 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2 and 5 credits. Multiplication of the bet per line by the overall number of lines will give the total cost. Turning back to the second mentioned parameter, it should be said that you can set five active lines with a single button. It's about the key Bet Max.

Above it, there is a Win box where winnings for the last spin are displayed. Other additional functions are enabling or disabling the sound and the clock in the upper right corner. There is also a Help button, which will allow familiarising yourself with the detailed rules of Roman Riches slot game with no sign-in.

Key combinations

The mentioned feature of the reels has not allowed manufacturers to develop imagination, that’s why pictures are represented by usual inscriptions Bar and red Sevens. All of them are different in payout coefficients. Multipliers of standard cells are distinguished as follows:

  • three single inscriptions Bar will bring ten bets on a line;
  • double plate will pay 40 bets for a sequence;
  • symbols of the three words Bar have a multiplier of 60;
  • Sevens have the highest multiplier – 80 coins.

Besides the free online slot pictures of one type, there is a separate sequence of symbols of any kind associated with the Bar. This combination on the reels will bring the user x4 bets.

We should mention the probability of combinations on 1-5 lines. For example, the first line will exist only when one character appears on all reels. The second and third lines have a probability of forming a combination with two symbols on each vertical. But for the involvement of the fourth and fifth lines, it is necessary that the second reel showed an image, and other two – 2 pictures.


The only bonus present in the free slot machine Roman Riches – it’s a wild symbol which is represented by the stone head of the main character of the game. The first option of the wild is to replace one of any of the main pictures, which can help to get a winning combination.

Also, Roman's head image gives individual payments for the appearance in the number of three on an active payline. This combination brings different prizes, but they are impressive. Details about them can be found by looking at the upper right quarter of the screen. It contains information that user's winnings depend on a line on which three of wild symbols appeared. If this happens on the first line, the payment will be equal to 1000 credits. If the profiles are present on the second line, the player will receive 1500 game credits. Further prizes increase up to 5000 for three Wilds on the fifth strip.

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Thus, the gain of one spin can exceed the initial player's balance 2.5 times because the demo version of the casino slot provides the user with 2000 virtual credits. Find more of the Classic Slots in the dedicated article on our website.

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