Bonus Deuces Wild
Bonus Deuces Wild

The online version of video poker slot Bonus Deuces Wild by Microgaming manufacturer is one of the classic games with several decks of 52 cards. Unlike many analogues, this game offers special advantages that may diversify the ways of getting awards. The machine has a game without multi-hand version, which can also be considered as an advantage as far as it’s easier to control bankroll in such way.

You can learn more about the rules of Video Poker in the corresponding section of our website.

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Bonus Deuces Wild video poker slot review

Management of Bonus Deuces Wild

The aim of Bonus Deuces Wild online casino game is the same as in any other poker game: to get the most valuable combination of the cards, that are paid according to the odds. The paytable is located directly above the gaming field. It is quite comfortable for users, because they can see how many demo credits it is possible to win for the winning combination.

Before player starts a round, he needs to familiarise oneself with the control panel and the main functions of buttons. Thus, in the first place, it is necessary to determine the rate. In this free online slot version of video poker 5 bet levels are available. Rate has an influence on player’s payout for a profitable combination of cards. Player can change the bet with the help of the following buttons:

  • Bet One to increase the number of credits per round;
  • Max Bet to assign the maximum bet immediately.

After the number of coins for one move has been determined, a user can start the game. To do that, a player has to click on the Deal key. Five cards will show up on the playing field of free casino game (demo version). Some of them can be fixed (marked with Hold inscription) if the card can potentially participate in a combination. To replace the remaining cards by new ones, the user needs to press the Draw button.

When you receive the winning combination after the move you can:

  • take the prize by clicking the Collect button;
  • play for the received prize in a risk game using the Double key.

Combinations in Bonus Deuces Wild game

It is worth remembering that the digital version of poker differs from the traditional live casino games on net. Thus, during the session, you can win combinations, which are rarely found in standard offers. While playing a slot machine Bonus Deuces Wild and collecting sequences of cards you can receive the following prizes:

  1. 3 of a Kind – three cards of the same rank;
  2. Straight – a sequence of cards of sequentional rank;
  3. Flush – all cards with identical suit;
  4. Full House – three cards of one rank and a couple of cards of another;
  5. 4 of a kind – four cards of one rank;
  6. Straight Flush – a sequence of sequential cards of the same suit;
  7. 5 of a kind – five identical cards from 6 to King;
  8. 5 of a kind (3, 4, 5) – complete sets of cards with lower rank;
  9. Wild Royal – the sequence of 4 cards of the higher rank and of the same suit + deuce;
  10. 4 Deuces/Aces – four aces or deuces in hand;
  11. Royal Flush – five face cards of the same suit.

Combinations in the list are sorted in sequential order. If you would like to play this game and win real money, you may visit [[$whereToPlayLinks]] casinos and enjoy your prizes!

Bonuses in the game Bonus Deuces Wild

Unlike many other similar versions of video poker, Bonus Deuces Wild offers a unique card – a deuce – which acts as a Joker, replacing the missing card in most combinations. This cannot be applied to Royal Flush and 4 Aces.

Any prize may be placed as a bet in a slot’s bonus game (risk round) and as a result multiplied by two. A mini-game activates on the additional screen by pressing the Double button. Five cards appear in front of a user, one of which is open and belongs to the dealer. A player has to choose one of the remaining 4 cards in a random order. The outcome of the bonus game is calculated next way:

  • If your card’s value is higher than the dealer's card, the payout will be doubled.
  • If the card is equal to dealer's, the round does not count and starts again, without losing anything.
  • If your card is lower than the winnings for the combination in the main game, then it burns.

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