Video poker slots machines – it is a digital gambling games created on the basis of five-card draw poker. The digital version implies a single player game without opponents. The purpose of free video poker is to collect a winning combination. There are various versions of this entertainment from different manufacturers, some gameplay nuances can vary from game to game, but the essence and rules of video poker are about the same in all cases.

In this article, we shall figure out:

  • how to play video poker;
  • what combinations should be collected during the game;
  • is there a winning strategy for poker machines;
  • are there any bonuses in video poker;
  • who produces popular digital table game.

A wide selection of casino table games you can see in this section.

How to play on a poker machine

The interface of any digital version of poker is characterised by own differences depending on the developer and the design of the game. However, any instance of video poker games has a number of similarities, mandatory for each of them. These include:

  1. Payout Table – often located in the upper part of the screen, to the right, or hidden in the additional window activated with the button Paytable/Pays.
  2. A line showing the user's balance – Credits/Balance.
  3. A display that indicates stakes – Bet.
  4. Buttons controlling the game. In some cases, these keys are fixed on the panel and modified depending on the stage of the game. Other options for video poker online games offer pop-up keys corresponding to the stage.

The course of a gaming session depends on the rules specific to a particular poker game presented in a digital form. However, the mechanics of the game involves a sequence of actions that is common to all variants of video poker. It includes:

  • selecting denomination of chips which affects bets;
  • positioning chips on the playfield (the actual bet);
  • dealing cards to the user and dealer;
  • studying and exchanging cards if necessary;
  • Opening cards and paying combinations.

Payments are given only in the case if a combination on the hand corresponds to the table of multipliers. However, some versions of poker offer to insure your bet at additional costs. In this case, a part of the lost sum is returned to the user. The decision to accept or refuse the insurance is up to the player.

Combinations in video poker

To understand the gameplay and which cards to fold or take, it is necessary to examine the list of possible combinations that occur during the game. To learn more about what cards combine, open the payout table. In this window, in addition to descriptions of card sequences, payments are given.

Thus, the player can collect the following hands:

  1. Royal Flush – the most favourable combination consisting of five highest cards of the same suit.
  2. Straight Flush – a sequence of five cards of the same suit regardless of precedence of cards (this combination can begin with any low card).
  3. Four of a Kind – a combination of four cards of the same value.
  4. Full House – a combination consisting of Three of a Kind and a Pair.
  5. Flush – a set of five cards of the same suit.
  6. Straight – a set of five sequential cards of different suits values.
  7. Three of a Kind – three cards of the same value.
  8. Two pairs – two pairs of cards.
  9. Free video poker Jacks or Better – in the absence of bonus combinations, the user can play High card over Jack.

You should remember, that video poker, as well as any digital gambling games, work on the basis of a complex mathematical function – the random number generator. Each card in the deck is assigned a serial number. RNG selects random numbers from the deck and adds them to a combination, that appears on the hands of the user and the dealer.

The order of cards remaining in the deck is determined by random selection as well. This is why there is no possibility play along with the customer or a casino. Remember, that despite widespread rumours, the bet does not affect the probability of a valuable card combination because this option is not considered in by RNG.

Strategies for video poker

Since all the combinations that appear on the screen are randomly generated, developing a video poker strategy that guarantees the victory is beyond the realm of possibility. As the “behaviour” of a slot is impossible to predict, even the most successful, at first glance, tactics is doomed to have inaccuracies. Nevertheless, there are some video poker tips and tricks that increases the probability of a winning combination.

For example, video poker involves collecting certain combinations of cards, which means you need to constantly analyse the situation and consider the potential combinations basing on the user’s hand. First of all, remember – it is better to collect the most simple combination than not form a combination at all. So, it is recommended to continue the game if:

  • You have at least one combination indicated in the paytable after the deal (in this case, you can not exchange cards but immediately play).
  • You have Straight, Flush, or Straight/Royal Flush lacking one card (in this case, the fifth card is to be exchanged, holding the remaining four).
  • If the above-mentioned combinations are lacking two cards, it is better not to risk and fold or try to keep high cards on hand and draw others in the hope of forming a high pair.

Also, do not forget about the specifics of each individual video poker application. Different games offer special rules and advantages, additional pictures or extra features of standard deck cards. Thus, in some video poker slot machines, collecting deuces is more profitable than aces. Besides, the reward for a hand is determined exclusively by the paytable. So, two pairs consisting of two sixes and two sevens are also paid as much as two pairs formed by two nines and tens.

Bonuses in the digital version of poker

Some versions of video poker offer additional benefits to users in a game session. So, among other offers, there are options for gambling entertainment with a deck of 54 cards – that is, set of cards including a joker. Additional pictures act as wild symbols in slots – replace the missing card in a hand.

These types of video poker provide additional combinations included in the paytable. Thus, Royal Flush can be assembled in two versions – with a wild card and “pure”. Pure Royal Flush is rated higher than the identical combination with a joker.

There are also versions of multihand poker. In these versions, the user can collect multiple combinations in tandem. It’s up to player to decide whether use additional hands or not. However, collecting two or three sets of cards at the same time, you can increase the odds to win a prize for at least one hand. On the other side, if only one of three combinations win, the prize rarely pays off the losses on losing bets.

Manufacturers of electronic poker applications

A lot of companies working in the field of online gambling business are involved in the development of applications for casino gambling games including video poker. In online casinos, you will find the products of:

  1. Playtech (Jacks or Better)
  2. Microgaming (Double Bonus Poker)
  3. Mega Jack (Progressive Video Poker)
  4. NetEnt (All American Video Poker) and many others.

Every developer tries to bring something new to the classic gameplay, that’s why you can often find a video poker machine with jackpots, special features of some cards, original design, multihand etc. Studying casino offers, you will be able to find the best video poker game to play exactly for you.