Playtech slots online & developer review

The developer of virtual slots Playtech appeared on the gaming development market in the early 2000s in Estonia. Since 2001, the company has focused on software development for gaming clubs, bingo halls, bookmakers and virtual poker rooms. At the moment, the head office is located in Holland. There are subsidiaries in the following countries:

  • England
  • Bulgaria
  • Estonia
  • Israel
  • Ukraine

Since its creation, the company has established itself as a reliable partner and a respectable developer. It immediately won a large customer base consisting of several dozen large online casinos. Some customers have rejected their previous main suppliers for Playtech, which caused an uproar. The firm is engaged in software development for gaming clubs, bingo halls, bookmakers and virtual poker rooms.

As a software producer for casinos, Playtech has gained a customer base very quickly and made a lot of enemies in the process. They were accused of creating defective software with a distorted random number generator. However, none of the allegations have been proven and the company's reputation remained clean throughout all the stages. Nevertheless, to this day some players accuse Playtech of adjusting slot machines to the casinos' needs and altering the slots mechanic to the direction of clubs' administration. We'll not pay attention to this because no lawsuit against the company has been won and most of the charges remain in a rudimentary form.

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Games made by Playtech

The company's short story

As already mentioned, Playtech appeared at the beginning of the 21st century in Estonia. The company was actually founded in 1999 in Tartu. The company released its first slot in 2001, causing excitement in the gambling market. The original Playtech team included developers who had worked in other gaming companies before and had practical experience in virtual slots development.  That's why Playtech in just a few years, has become a leader of the gambling market. The company's administration almost immediately secured the support of the major casinos in Europe and the USA, getting a significant advantage over competitors. Some gambling houses changed to Playtech from such companies as Microgaming company and RGT manufacturer.

But the Playtech matters were not always as good as they seemed at first glance. After the fraudulence accusation their stock price fell by thirty percent. The same day the company's founder Teddy Saga made an official statement that the production complies with all the norms and standards. A few months later after the noise abated Playtech sued its prosecutor and won the case. Immediately, the shares of the company began to grow dramatically.

At present, the company is experiencing a significant financial upturn:

  • in the summer of 2014 the firm joined the business group of gambling entertainment
  • in the first quarter of 2015 the firm acquired the YoYo Games company for 10.5 million euro
  • in November 2015 Playtech bought the network currency trader Plus 500. The sum of the transaction exceeded $600 million.

Online casinos with which Playtech co-operates

As mentioned above, the Playtech company works with plenty of well-known virtual casinos:

  1. Eurogrand casino, a large and popular gambling company registered in Gibraltar. The institution's décor is designed in classic dark colours highlighting its importance and prestige.  The gaming club allows free downloads of favourite slots on a computer or they can be run directly from the site.
  2. William Hill is a famous and prestigious casino, although the first impression of it can be quite mixed. The design of this gambling institution is simple and unremarkable, so a lot of people do not notice its scale and scope on their first visit. Players from many countries of the world can play at the William Hill Casino on machines, betting on sports, buying and selling assets on the stock market and even try their luck in video poker and roulette games. The choice of entertainment is enormous. For players who are looking for a reliable institution for constant gaming, William Hill is just what they need.
  3. Europe is a casino, whose design is both simple and attractive. Even a novice should not find it difficult to understand the interface. Dark blue colours dominate the Europe casino web site, there are no manifold tones or vivid animation. Players can choose from a few hundred Playtech slot machines, video poker, roulette and other games.
  4. King casino attracts guests with its reputation and high status. The web site is decorated in a style that makes guests feel important and prestigious from the first few seconds. Every player of casino King is a welcome guest, and therefore everything is done to ensure the guest is pleased with the time they spend playing. In the King gambling club, you can play virtual slots, bet on sports, test video poker, blackjack, roulette, craps and other entertainment with playing cards.
  5. Las Vegas. If you want to enjoy playing games in a casino, it is not necessary to go to Nevada, if you visit the virtual Las Vegas casino you will experience an entire range of emotions and sensations. The game club interior was created with classic dark colours and the title letters are decorated with gold. Due to this visual design Las Vegas casino has gained great popularity among both experienced players and beginners. This casino enables you to play on dozens of exciting slot machines as well as place bets on sports, try your hand at video poker, roulette or other card games.
  6. Everest is another gaming institution. Casino Everest has a unique design made in dark colours which contains virtual walls with a few hundred slot machines, a dozen games of video poker as well as several varieties of other card games such as: blackjack, craps and baccarat.
  7. Betts. This attractive casino, has received its reputation for quality software, cooperation with a lot of famous manufacturers and stable cash payments. A great deal of gambling systems and slots developed by Playtech are available in the platform of Betts gaming club. Players trust the casino and manufacturers, that's why the number of online players grows every month.

Particular quality of slots

There are a few hundred slot machines from this company, each of which has a certain highlight, unique characters and fascinating story. The graphics are the first that catches your eye when running the slot machines from Playtech. The graphic frame is made at the highest level: quality depicted textures do not hurt the eyes, deep and expertly matched colours bring harmony and beauty. Also you should pay attention to the animation of Playtech machines, which is really good. The reels turn slowly without jerky effects or deadlocks. During the bonus games and free spins activation, the animation with lots of special effects and colours all appear on the screen at the same time. Back in 2010 company representatives stated their intention to expand their staff significantly and hire more artists and animators. The latest slots show they have reached that goal.

Practically, all the company's machines have both pay and free versions. Every player can download the client for a game they like on a computer and spin the reels betting with virtual currency. The minimal bet in pais and free versions is one euro for card games and twenty-five cents for virtual slots.

Distinctive features of the games from the Playtech company

Playtech company games are renowned for their replay ability, fun gameplay, decent sound and good animation. Players emphasize an increased cash return, a flexible system of rates and a wide variety of game processes and facilities. The developers update and modify their slots constantly, so players have to follow the innovations and refresh the outdated machines regularly. This does not give a disadvantage, because updates do not allow the slots to become obsolete and fuel public interest and appreciation of the games constantly.

The main advantages of the Playtech slots:

  • quality graphics and animation
  • decent sound
  • exciting and memorable gameplay

Some Playtech company games in online casinos are not available for several countries of Eastern and Western Europe, so players need to check this fact carefully before depositing funds to an online gaming site or before downloading the game client.

Playtech casino developers update the slot game database constantly, adding new and more exciting applications and slots. The company has more than a dozen different kinds of video poker, five versions of roulette and scores of gambling machines. The minimum bet on poker starts with a euro. Slot machines demand twenty-five cents for the start of the game. One of the cons of Playtech video slots, is the need to download every game. When launching a game, it will be downloaded automatically, this can lead to a small computer hang. When the application is fully loaded, the user can start playing without fear of the game freezing.

Playtech's best slots

Below is a small selection of the most popular and beloved games from Playtech:

  1. Cops and Bandits. This slot machine throws the user into the heart of the nocturnal city's dark streets where the brave police fight with evil and greedy robbers. By helping the cops maintain order, the player increases his chances of receiving cash compensation from the city authorities. This slot is spiced with great graphics and quality sound that makes the gameplay more fun and addictive.
  2. Santa Surprise. Christmas is a wonderful holiday loved by millions of people around the world. That's why the lack of slots on the Christmas theme is surprising. Free slot machine Santa, designed by Playtech, will be appreciated by fans of Christmas themes. The slot is equipped with high-quality graphics, decent animation and attractive sound. Also, the machine has an interesting gameplay and high replay ability.
  3. Football is the most popular sports game in the world. Playtech virtual slot developers understand this and provide players with new games on a sports theme. The Football Star slot is a classic representative of that trend. It has attractive graphics, high quality animation inserts, fun gameplay and a nice sound design. The visual aspect of Football Star is the strongest point of the game.
  4. Rocky is a popular slot based on the famous series of films starring Silvester Stallone about the legendary boxer. The Rocky slot is dedicated to the boxing theme, its structure and mechanics are very simple. So, what makes this slot popular? The answer is easy: a fascinating subject, quality graphics and decent sound.
  5. Bison Attack is a captivating slot where the player has to rescue things from angry bison and earn money. Nice graphics, high quality animation and decent sound will assist the player in this difficult task. The slot is equipped with classic wild symbols, scatter slots, prizes of free spins and an auto game. It also has the ability for the player to use virtual currency. Everybody can run the game and play without using real money. Later the player can register in a casino and start playing for real currency.

Playtech free games

Playtech games can easily be found on various online casino web sites. As a rule, casinos entice customers to test the game without requiring a full authorization, but after ten or twenty spins they require authorization and prompt the player to start playing for real money.  Playtech free games operate on such a scenario, the user is tempted by a demo account and after a while he is invited to load real money and start winning.


Playtech satisfies players with its ideas and implementation. The customers like new things and these Dutch developers can offer it in a large volume. Almost from the beginning of their activities, there were a lot of rumours and myths around the company. The accusations of fraud have not been substantiated and the accusers themselves have failed to win any lawsuit. That's why it should be assumed that the company runs its business honestly and all the negative unfair rumours are made by jealous rivals.

Some companies can't accept Playtech and large enterprises have lost a lot of valuable customers due to Playtech activities, and they cannot forgive it. However, do not dwell on bad news, for now the firm Playtech develops and grows steadily. It has several hundred high-quality slot machines and this number is constantly growing.

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