Jackpot Giant
Jackpot Giant

By playing Jackpot Giant online slot machine you get exclusive chance to estimate its five exclusive deals – wins of Scatters, jackpot with wilds, and separate table of pays for wilds, stacked giants and bonus round. Moreover, you have enormous amount of lines – 50, classical 5 reels and 3 rows for creating endless winning events. Add to the list nice animation, funny giant blowing on the reels and entertainment.

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Jackpot Giant online slot with free bonus

General description

This mythological Playtech Company masterpiece offers its players to hit the jackpot, collect enormous payments with wilds, trigger bonus game and simply estimate the graphic and animation. All these facts create just the general impression about the Jackpot Giant slot games demo, and if you trigger it now, you will see that it has user-friendly convenient interface with fixed amount of lines. Thus, you have just one option to be set before spinning the reels.

As about creating winning chains and calculating the payments, this slot is simple and sticks to the general rules – from left to right on wagering lines. All outcomes are boosted by line stake, except winning events with Scatters, which bring you the total stake multiplier.  

Gaming process settings

  1. Jackpot Giant by Playtech is created with unchangeable amount of lines – 50. Using its huge number of stripes and setting the bet per line you can operate with the total wager parameter in this slot with jackpot bonus. Line bet is arranged with the special arrows + / -, which increase or decrease the stake per spin. You have the following options for regulating stake for one strip: 0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.04, 0.05 and 0.08 pounds. Thus, choosing any of those variants, you should measure the total stake counted due to the equation: line bet x amount of lines.
  2. There is the difference between bet per line and bet per spin. All wins on the winning stripes are multiplied by current bet per line denomination whilst all wins with Scatters enlarge the bet per spin. Also, the Total bet amount shows how many coins will be taken from your online slots gaming balance with each rotation.
  3. Relying on your mood, conduct the game in three modes – auto-play, turbo and manual one. The Auto Play is triggered with a single click on the stone with its title. It expands the various sets of automatic rotations: 10, 25, 50 and 99. Pick up any for making reels running without your assistance. The mode can be stopped any moment with Stop option.
  4. Turbo mode turns off all excessive animation, thus you will see the outcome right after triggering the spin. It can be activated with Turbo button in both paces – manual and automatic.
  5. In manual mode, each new rotation is triggered with Spin button. If you do not use Turbo, you can estimate the impeccable slot machine game design and funny animation, especially, if winning events occur.
  6. Regulate sound effects, gaming process and get the access to detailed rules using the tools (volume button and spanner) placed at the right upper corner.

Symbols and coefficients

This video slot tells the story about the lucky giant and his love to basketball. Once he decided to practice this sport with volcanoes and they exploded with incredible amount of coins. This exciting story is shown in the pre-view to the game and relying on its plot, the programmers added all about giants’ symbols to the gameplay – pictures with giant warming up his hands at the volcano and trying to hide in the palms, pink, blue and orange crystals and card casino slot machine pictures shaped as rocks.

No doubts, the special symbols with peculiar features are added to the gaming process too. They are wild, bonus and scatter. Only Wild and Scatter have the table of pays. Winning events with bonus picture can trigger the feature game only.

There is a single rule for qualifying for collecting pays for assembled combos – all of them must occur on the wagering lines from leftmost to its opposite – rightmost. It is traditional scheme for counting pay-out that is started from the 1st column and goes to the 5th one. All ways for creating winning chains are shown at the Info area. Click on its button to open the window with the slot machine game description. All information about pays, schemes and features is posted on its four slides.

As about crediting and measuring the pays due to each winning event, this process is even simpler: credits x bet per line = won money. For example, by creating the winning chain with three aces you get 25 credits that are multiplied with current stake per line (let it be 0.08 pounds), you will get 2 pounds as reward. This is the principle for calculating payments.

If to divide icons into groups with the highest and the lowest coefficients, crystals will belong to the first group whilst giants and cards – to the second. Five of a kind is the most luxurious winning chain in jackpot giant slot. With five pick, blue and orange crystals you will get 500, 300 and 200 gaming credits respectively. Five giants warming their hands, five giants hiding the palms and five symbols combos with aces, king, queen and jack pay you 100, 80, 60, 60, 40 and 40 gaming credits respectively.

Features and bonuses

By playing this video slot, you can hit the real jackpot, estimate it’s the Giant Bonus as well as catch the stacked colossal images of giants taking two cells on the vertical reels.

As you have noticed, the combos with giant do not pay much, but appearing in its full length they take two cells and one image can act as two independent ones.

Now, let us be more specific about its casino games bonus and features triggered with three peculiar icons – wild, scatter (giant’s hand full of gold) and bonus (the sleeping volcano).

Besides acting as all wilds do – completing the winning events, this wild brings impressive prizes and progressive jackpot, if assembled in five of a kind combo and player qualifies for its jackpot. First, about its regular pays. Collecting at least two wilds on the wagering line, you will get the pays accordingly to the table of pays. Five of a kind with wild reward you with 50000 credits (it is not a jackpot).

As about the progressive jackpot and its rules, we will explain them separately.

Slots scatter pictures – hands full of gold – can bring payments landing on any cell of the columns. It pays the total stake multiplier. Thus, if you play with the highest wager – 4 pounds, and have just collected five hands combo, you will get 500 credits x 4 pounds = 2000 pounds. Three Scatters pay x5 and four – x50 multipliers.

If bonus picture falls on first and fifth column in the same round, the Giant bonus opens. You will see six volcanoes and you can choose three of them. Pick the best! Volcanoes have money prizes and two features – Extra Pick and Win ‘Em All. If you have revealed the first option, you can pick 4th volcano. And another feature awards you with prizes from all volcanoes.

Progressive jackpot rules

  • The Giant Jackpot is slot machines progressive jackpot that includes seed and the progressive part accumulated with each money wager placed in this game (the contribution ratio from each real money stake is 2.98%). For collecting its marvellous prize, you have to qualify and fulfil the following rules: aim to hit the jackpot by selecting the ultimate stake per line – 0.08 pounds and assemble five wilds along payline 1 for getting the prize.
  • If you have played with another wager, but not with the highest one, you will not get the jackpot. In such a case, you get simple payment with 50000 gaming credits for five wilds.
  • Also, if two players managed to hit this online slots jackpot at the same moment, the first one gets seed and progressive part, and another – seed and progressive part accumulated between hitting the jackpot by User 1 and User 2.

If you like it, we recommend you others slots on which you can win a virtual progressive jackpot.

How to trick the slot?

Looking for some tips for winning in slot machines do not avoid reading the critical literature and that one telling about slots, its ‘core’ and other useful things helping you to understand how it works. If you think that spending thousands of dollars on playing the peculiar game you make the machine owe you something, you are wrong. Yes, it sounds a bit tough, but it is true. If slots had been created with the algorithm of paying you at the peculiar moment, it would not have been free internet casino slots or gambling games. Because it contradicts with its main principles.

All video slots are developed with random numbers generator that generates the unpredictable sequences that cannot be counted even if you test it forever and day and write down each outcome looking for sense in it.

The only sense that can be in slots and that can help you to play right is common sense. In order to do this, you should consider the following moments:

  • Have you outlined the amount that can be spent on this slot?
  • Have you learnt all rules, possible winning chains and bonuses?
  • Have you seen its RTP?

If you have reviewed those casino slots tips and tricks, managed your bankroll, read rules and other gaming process details, especially settings, and have weighted all pros and cons, you are ready to put on the test your luck.

Secrets of the slots

Secrets, tips to beat slot, myths and legends: all of them mislead players and make them believe that it is possible to force slot paying you. In fact, all slots use the RNG that constantly creates the sequence of outcomes. There is no secret or legend that can assist you in hitting the prize. Only good luck.

As for secrets of this game – Jackpot Giant, all of them are shown in the Info area. It is possible to speed up the casino online gaming not only with Turbo button, but also – with Stop function appearing instead of Spin during one round. How does it work? You can reveal the outcome immediately without all that animation added to the game play. Not all players know that the sequence for spin is created right after pressing on the Spin button. And those running reels, some slower, another – framed are just luring graphic that makes the game appealing. Thus, play in Turbo mode or click on Stop when it is activated for saving your precious time.

How to win on the slot machine, follow the instructions. It will help to achieve results.

Myths about slot machines  

A lot of hypothesizes about slots and the certain conditions making them pay are roaming around the Internet. However, when they face reality, they are no more but mere superstitions.

Among the most common legends, you can find different ones based on:

  • RTP
  • Hot/cold games
  • Time frames between pressing on Spin button
  • Increasing/lowering wagers

We think that you have already heard about all of them. The first one is based on wrong understanding of RTP. It is just a theoretical ratio that is counted due to audits by third parties. For Jackpot Giant those ratios are the following ones: 91.25% – the minimum theoretical return and 94.22% – the maximum involving jackpot.

Time between spins myth is based on the observations that if to wait for a while between spins, it is possible to catch better sequence, break the losing one and beat casino slot machines. Well, it is odds theory, so do not rely on it completely.

Other players do believe that by lowering or increasing wager they influence slot’s work. RNG is independent from any alterations like coin value or bet per line. Those parameters have impact, but only on your balance.

And the last legend is about land-based machines that were getting hot because of long usage and by good fortune awarded its players with wins. Unfortunately, this trick cannot be taken to the virtual world. And even in reality it works badly.


This game by Playtech appeared in January 2014. It took just few months for it to become incredibly popular among players. It has built-in free slots progressive jackpot with 100000 euros (or its equivalent in other currency) seed and 2.98% contribution from each money wager ratio.

But its jackpot is not the only amenity offered here – bonus rounds, great pays for wilds if player does not qualify for jackpot (just multiply 50000 credits by bet per line, even the minimal one) and good animation impressed players and these software provider devotees.


Cartoon, fairy-tale or mythology – pick what you like the most. Actually, in this game you will find everything mentioned above. Bright pictures and story about the giant playing the basketball, hitting the real three-point shoot that made the volcano erupt with the gold are presented on jackpot giant 50 wagering lines and 5 reels. Do you like it? Check other slots with 5 reels, that are worth being played in.

If you've liked the demo version of this game you may move on to the game on real money. Anyone who decides to do this can visit [[$whereToPlayLinks]] casinos and play on this slot machine and win real prizes.

Game Specs
  • Scatter Symbol Yes
  • Active bonus Yes
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