Golden Tour
Golden Tour

Have you ever been dreaming to participate in golf tournament? So meet online slot Golden Tour by Playtech. This simple five reels and five alterable lines game take you to the course and gives you all special symbols for becoming the real pro in it. Peculiar bonus with multiplier and wild effecting on two icons in parallel with progressive jackpot are the main amenities offered by programmers. Yes, you will not find here free spins or falling pictures, but the calling card for this game is relaxing simplicity and nice theoretical RTP – 97.71%.

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Golden Tour online slot with free bonus

General game description

The game has not only simple design, but also – plain and user-friendly interface. The stake is set with two clicks – just regulate amount of lines and bet per line. Unfortunately, the game can be conducted only in manual mode triggered with Spin. Traditionally, the system calculates the winning events only from the left column and just on the activated reels. 

The main amenity in this slot games no sign in is progressive jackpot that is added to the mini-game looking as small lottery. You just need to make a pick and balls are drawn automatically with each spin.

Gameplay settings: adjusting stakes and technical points

Have a look at the control panel placed under the reels before you start gaming. It involves number of buttons used for adjusting gaming process and setting the preferable wagers. As far as this slot is made with 5 alterable lines, you can activate each of them with the button Bet One. This option adds one coin to the wagering and enables new paying line. Each activated line shows on the gaming screen the way for creating combination on it.

Another criterion effecting on the total stake in casino slot machines is bet per line that is regulated with Line Bet selector. Pressing on its + or – buttons you can pick any amount from the 0.01 – 5 credits range. The set sum is multiplied by general quantity of activated lines and, in such a way, the Bet per spin is counted. There is the difference between Bet and Bet per line amounts. The general stake (Bet) shows the quantity that is taken from your gaming balance with each game round, whilst the Bet per Line multiplies the wins per strips, if they are assembled.

The highest possible wager can be established with Bet Max key. Moreover, it rotates the reels once automatically.

Only manual mode is meant for this free video slot games fun. It is triggered with Spin button. When one spin is ended you can change all settings.

Speed of the gaming process, advanced sound settings and other things are regulated with two special buttons – Volume and Spanner. Open its menu for revealing all possible options to be adjusted.

Symbols and coefficients

The Paytable opens the table of pays and shorten variant of rules. In order to read more detailed information – press on the Spanner and go to ‘Help’ area there.

The table of pays looks differently than in all other slots. How to work with it? For example, if you have collected three of a kind combination with red flag, look for ‘xxx’ line, find the column with the red flag and match them. So, for such winning event in online slots machine games you get 15 credits that are multiplied by bet per line.

As about symbols, thematic and peculiarities, all of them are devoted to golf. In Golden Tour slot, you will not find traditional aces and tens, or other card symbols. On its five running reels, you can catch combos with shoes for golf, beer, flagstick, bag with various golf clubs, golf cart and balls: orange, white and double balls images. Catfish, gopher and duck are special symbols acting as Scatters.

Winning events with simple pictures are counted traditionally accordingly to each wagering line. Only activated lines award you with wins, if you create on them winning event. The amount of prize that is credited to you depends on the set wager per line. For example, collecting 3 golf carts you get 25 slots free credit. Now, look at the set wager per line. For example, you have set 2 pounds. Thus, you will receive 50 pounds as reward. This is how this system works. 

Special features and bonuses

There are two categories of special icons in this slot – Scatter and Wild. They activate the main bonus rounds and have peculiar features effecting on the certain gaming conditions.

Wild is double balls sign. Unlike all wilds do, it substitutes only winning chains with two other balls – orange and white. Moreover, its two balls picture can stand for two missed icons at once. For example, if you have created two of a kind with orange balls and the same with white ones and the double balls on the reels, you will get pays for two winning chains in free slot casino games online:

  • Orange – orange – double balls;
  • White – white – double balls.

Animals are Scatters opening the bonus feature. They are exception from the rule and do not require being assembled on any winning line. The point is that three of the same kind have to be collected for opening the bonus round. For example, three ducks. More pictures launched the feature the higher are amenities that are the following:

  • The bonus round is played with picking your gear – putter, iron and driver (specific names for golf clubs);
  • The bonus prize depends on those picks;
  • Triggering the bonus with 4 Scatters you triple wins;
  • Opening this online slots bonus with 5 special icons, you multiply wins 10 times;

Dollar Ball – the progressive jackpot

The Golden Tour slot involves the side mini-game with progressive jackpot. It can be opened only playing for real cash. Press on the button Enable for activating it. It is designed as a lotto game with numbers from 1 to 49. Pick any five numbers you like. It can be made manually by you or with a Random pick option. The button Activate saves your picks and returns you to slot game.

This lotto involves its own jackpot side bet and it is generated each time you place your own stake for gaming slot. Its amount is fixed and outlined in Dollar ball area. The Disable button breaks the mode.

Now more about the online casino jackpot slots wins and how to hit it:

  • Select 5 balls in Dollar ball area;
  • Each spin reveals five numbers;
  • If any of them matches with your choice, you are awarded with the prize;
  • Dollar ball pays accordingly to Paytable;
  • 1, 2 and 3 guessed right balls have credits pays that are multiplied by jackpot bet;
  • 4 guessed correctly balls bring just 1% from the jackpot;
  • 5 balls – the whole jackpot.

This jackpot is progressive and each new one is started with 10000 credits multiplied by jackpot bet. When player hits it, the amount is reset. Note that all you need to win it is to catch five right balls in a lottery. It does not matter whether you win or lose in slot.

How to trick the slot?

Strategies are favourite theme for all slots casino instant play clients. Some of them do believe that rising/lowering wager helps to cheat the RNG and it gives you more, some think that slots with high RTP surely will pay you asap, another do believe in hot/cold games and that after the long sequence of bad outcomes will be opened the ‘gold mine’. Relying on such misleading statements, they try to trick slot and get wins. Unfortunately, it is impossible to do it. And the reason is simple – RNG.

Random numbers generator is built-in in each video slot for creating the unpredictable sequences. Some players think, if to play it quite long, they will be able to count that algorithm. But, they do not take into consideration the fact that it is not stopped even if you do not play slot games just for fun or reset after you finish it.

As about tricks, they should be called regulations and applied to players themselves. Now we would like to talk about bankroll, that RTP and the game itself. Yes, the game is still random, but learning everything about the gaming process, its pays, other amenities and RTP gives you the general image what to wait from it. And the bankroll or its management helps you to place wise stakes. We offer you to spend the certain sum that you can afford on slot. You may divide in into small bets and start gaming.

In addition, video slots have its own tricks to lure players and they are called simple – animation and graphics. Have you ever noticed that getting two free slots bonus games symbols in a spin on first reels, the two last ones started running slower and are outlined with bright frames? It looks like you are so close to collect the combo, but the result is not victorious. Such trick makes you believe that you are about to win. But it is just the animation. In fact, the sequence has been already created.

Secrets of the slot machine

It is nice idea to believe that slot has some unpredictable and hidden functions. In fact, it is the myth like those statements that it is possible to cheat the video slot and it will start bringing you coins.

There is the one secret – stop playing if you feel the addiction to the free slots games for pc growing. In such state, you cannot make wise decisions which stakes to place and how to control the gaming process and bankroll.

As about special features or other mythological combinations, they are impossible too. Actually, it is even not legal. All possible wins and winning chains, as well as bonus rounds, features, free spins and bonuses must be outlined in rules and Paytable. It enables player to check slot machine fairness when it pays him/her rewards.

So, as you see, the secrets are trivial – learn the info area and stick to reality gaming the slot, so you will not be cleaned out or get the addiction to the gameplay.

Myths about slot

Myths, secrets and tricks go hand by hand in the slots online gambling world. Actually, myths are the essence and background for two last ones. As we have told you earlier, some avid gamblers do believe in such things:

  • ‘Hot’ and ‘cold’ slot machines. It is one of the first myths about slots and goes to those times when people used to play one-armed bandits. Some machines became hot ones because of its working engine and due to few coincidences players identified ‘hot’ from long work machines with paying ones. So when they were receiving hot coins or slot machine was about to explode, they believed that soon will get the pot. ‘Cold’ metaphor does not need to be explain long.
  • Another myth is related to RTP ratio for most popular casino slot machines. Actually it can be regarded as myth with one correction –there’s a grain of truth in it. The point is that it is only the theoretical return that is counted by auditing companies and the data usually is taken during the month or so. So this game 97.71% RTP just shows that in any moment in future or even now you can get such sum. The problem is that nobody guarantees that it happens to you.
  • Also, some players think that if to wait for a while between pressing Start button or playing the slot during long time without any stops they will catch the winning sequence. Well, again, it is odds theory and you can check it with dices and coins for free. And after it make a decision where to place money wagers relying on such statements or not. As you see, it doesn’t help a lot to beat casino slot machines.

History of the game

The Golden Tour software provider is famous for its quality and wide range of themes used for slots developing. And such peculiar and rare topic as golf has founded its representation on its five reels and classical 5 wagering lines.

Moreover, Playtech released its mobile version in 2014 year. It has convenient interface too and saves all traits of its ordinary variant for PC gaming. However, the Paytable area is more comfortable for reviewing all pays and other gaming process peculiarities.

Thematic of the slot

The Golden Tour slot by Playtech belongs to two categories of slots – slots on sport thematic and slots with progressive jackpot. All golf devotees will estimate the gaming process that saves some golf rules, especially in bonus feature.

As about its jackpot online, it is progressive one and created as built-in mini-game. So, you can play not only slot, but also – make a pick in lotto and hit the incredible prize.

Game Specs
  • Scatter Symbol Yes
  • Active bonus Yes